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How Rainbow Lorikeet Eating Cookies


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  • enchanted unicorn
    enchanted unicorn 2 жыл бұрын

    can you make a video about taming him

    • Graham Hunt
      Graham Hunt 4 ай бұрын

      They don’t need training when it comes to food. I've had a dozen wild Rainbow Lorikeets I’ve been hand feeding outside for a few years fly inside through the open front door into the lounge room where I had just sat down to eat a sandwich and I had one on my head (alpha male), one on my hand eating my sandwich I was holding, the rest in my lap eating the other half of the sandwich on a plate, and the baby they brought along which was too young to feed itself sat next to my knee on the lounge calling out to be fed. They have since come inside and found the kitchen and they will try any food I am eating or drinking. Most things they will take a sip and not touch again as they are used to honey on bread and strawberry jam, but I’ve had them eating my cinnamon doughnut and sipping cold coffee but I only allow a sip as the milk would upset their stomachs I think. When mixing their sugar drink I have one on my hand holding the spoon stirring going round and round as it tries to get to the drink and another perched on the jug with its head inside drinking as I am stirring trying not to hit its head with the spoon. The rest scramble across the kitchen countertop. Unbelievable to have wild birds act like that but the Rainbow Lorikeets seem to like humans with food. Only ever got one Noisy Miner to be hand-fed out of a dozen and never inside. The Magpie was hand fed and would come inside if the front door was open, even if we had visitors. I try keeping them out as if I leave the front door open I have an entire flock of 30 or so come inside.