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Funny Parents Embarrassing Their Kids 🤣 | PRONG KLONG

  • Жарияланды 2021 ж. 4 Қаз.

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  • Kerri Higgins
    Kerri Higgins  Жыл бұрын +9920

    While the kids are embarrassed, all the other kids probably think their parents are cool and wishes theirs were like that... I love this!

    • Min Soo Kim
      Min Soo Kim 12 күн бұрын

      I’m a 45 yo man, and I wish I had parents like that

    • Reborn
      Reborn 12 күн бұрын


    • j-wesley david-west
      j-wesley david-west 13 күн бұрын


    • Handsome Elfo
      Handsome Elfo 14 күн бұрын

      that other kids are probably the worst children parent could have💀💀

  • Demethia Odom
    Demethia Odom 10 ай бұрын +2577

    During my high school graduation, my mom screamed out "THAT'S MY BABY!" so loud 😂😂😂. I was embarrassed AF at the time but now that she's no longer physically with me, I cherish that memory 💕

    • Sarah Mithings
      Sarah Mithings 9 күн бұрын

      sorry for your loss

    • Darskul / Xioth AE
      Darskul / Xioth AE 20 күн бұрын

      I'm sorry for your loss ❤

    • Princess P Marie
      Princess P Marie 20 күн бұрын

      RIP to all our mom's who have died/passed on!💐🥀🌹

    • KT
      KT Ай бұрын

      My dad shouted at my mom "THATS 10$ YOU OWE ME!" implying that there was a bet between them of me dropping out.

    • Shon
      Shon Ай бұрын

      My condolences. But question? Was she black

  • Swade Unkraut
    Swade Unkraut  Жыл бұрын +2391

    Daughter: "These aren't even that short."
    Dad: "Neither are mine."

    • blargg
      blargg Ай бұрын

      @Shon Short shorts are irresistable.

    • Shon
      Shon Ай бұрын

      Notice the son looked up his dads shorts

    • Vicious V
      Vicious V Ай бұрын

      @blargg i agree!

    • blargg
      blargg Ай бұрын +1

      @Vicious V She doesn't have the right to dictate what he wears when he picks her up from school.

  • Bill Ledbetter
    Bill Ledbetter 10 ай бұрын +221

    The girl unbuckling and sliding under the window…”MOM! STOP!” Absolutely hilarious. I can’t stop watching it over and over again.

    • TGod
      TGod 12 күн бұрын +3

      Same with my dad he baits me in by saying isn't she beautiful then when I say yeah he spins the car around and tells them

    • Jack
      Jack 2 ай бұрын +8

      I had a similar experience but with a girl and my dad trying to be my wingman. 🤡😖

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan  Жыл бұрын +583

    That dad wearing the short shorts was brilliant. If I had a daughter that kept trying to wear clothes that weren’t appropriate I think I would do the same thing. Drop them off at school wearing the same thing they are.

    • Noora Ali
      Noora Ali 2 ай бұрын +2

      That defo is my best ever part of the clip... I love dad's that watch out for their daughters' outfits and care how they look when they're out😍🥰
      I would definitely do the same with my girls😂❤️❤️❤️

    • Paulina Directo
      Paulina Directo 2 ай бұрын +8

      Lol, I remember my dad did the same thing when I bought that kind of shorts when I was 13. He told me “anak” if you wear those shorts I will wear them when We both go shopping at the grocery store “ 😅 Now that he’s gone, I will remember this as one of my cherished memories i had with him 🥲
      P.S: anak means child 😊✨

    • Lcky1989
      Lcky1989 8 ай бұрын +6

      Me too id wear a fckin tong

  • Beach Addict
    Beach Addict 10 ай бұрын +360

    18 years ago I would have died of embarrassment if someone did this to me... Now I'm thinking about doing this to all my nieces and nephews 😁🤣

    • Famous5
      Famous5 Ай бұрын +7

      I already told my niece I will be at her Graduation going "Wooooh Yeah" etc. She says she will disown me LOL! She is 8 y.o now, but I will be so proud when she is graduating High School and hopefully College 😆

  • Jessie Bennett
    Jessie Bennett  Жыл бұрын +4379

    The father that said “you can do it” to his son graduating must have really loved him.

    • Steven Ramiez
      Steven Ramiez Күн бұрын

      I graduated in 2011 at high school my dad said that to me as well I’m 30 and I still remember it 😂

    • Christoph
      Christoph 23 күн бұрын

      all them girls mirin as well... the "high 5" just didm't hit the same

    • north
      north 29 күн бұрын

      the parents who yelled out at their kids graduations is a typical "it´s all about me" generation. Instead of letting their children be the center of attention at that moment, they couldn´t, because it´s all about them(the parents).

    • Rainbow Katsuki
      Rainbow Katsuki Ай бұрын

      @Tyler Francis everyone is mad at you but I know parents like that who seem like they love their kids but just want the attention from them. I can see where you’re coming from.

    • Rainbow Katsuki
      Rainbow Katsuki Ай бұрын

      You could tell with the way he said it that he was a good dad

  • Nancy Aylward
    Nancy Aylward  Жыл бұрын +316

    I thought my Friends and I were the only ones who did embarrassing things to our kids when they were young! GREAT JOB PARENTS!!! 😂😂😂😂
    BTW, Our kids are now in their mid-40s.

    • Shannon Bodine
      Shannon Bodine 29 күн бұрын +1

      Thank you Nancy. I'm 46 myself so around your kid's age. Thank for being a great parent, you know your kids are sharing the "love" with their own.

    • Raffalius
      Raffalius 3 ай бұрын +4

      Do they have kids of their own?
      If so, they better be doing a good job embarrassing your grandchildren.
      Gotta keep that tradition alive.

    • Alehlete
      Alehlete 7 ай бұрын +1


  • Amanda Cox
    Amanda Cox 7 ай бұрын +72

    I had a friend who got called to the Junior High school because her son had gotten in trouble for bullying another kid. She showed up wearing her rattiest bath robe and fuzzy slippers, her hair up in curlers and her face was caked with face cream and with the staffs permission she went thru the halls towards the class he was in yelling his name over and over at the top of her lungs, stopping at several different classes along the way, poking her head in the door and asking if her son was in that class (knowing he wasn't). Needless to say she had humiliated him so bad that he never bullied another kid again!!

  • Sara Cantrell
    Sara Cantrell 10 ай бұрын +153

    The dad with the booty shorts is PRICELESS. 🤣

    • Barry Thatcher
      Barry Thatcher 10 ай бұрын +1

      Dad hit the nail on the head with that one. Those shorts were like are you serious.

  • lola rits
    lola rits 10 ай бұрын +133

    The car wash cracked me up. These kids are lucky to have parents with a sense of humour, great memories to be as they get older.

  • Ahmet Uzun
    Ahmet Uzun 4 ай бұрын +43

    The time when the dad embarrassed his daughter at the car wash got me cry laughing 😂

    • Jewels and Roses
      Jewels and Roses Ай бұрын +1

      I would’ve been looking from the window to my dad in shock

  • marcos laureano
    marcos laureano  Жыл бұрын +2380

    The "YOU CAN DO IT!!" guy has me dying right now. That is DEFINITELY something I would do.😂

    • King K. Rool
      King K. Rool 8 ай бұрын +4

      It's a Rob Schneider line if anybody has ever watched a comedy movie with Adam Sandler and Schneider move together.

    • Noxolo Sikaza
      Noxolo Sikaza 10 ай бұрын +1

      😹😹😹😹😹 and the "High Five" one

    • Noxolo Sikaza
      Noxolo Sikaza 10 ай бұрын +2

      I almost** choked on my saliva

    • Noxolo Sikaza
      Noxolo Sikaza 10 ай бұрын +3

      It was really unexpected but very funny hey. 😹😹😹😹😹I choked on my saliva.

    • HyperRaids / AeroFrights
      HyperRaids / AeroFrights 11 ай бұрын +4

      @Joey Smith I was thinking of that tank top dad from superwog

  • Paul Taalman
    Paul Taalman  Жыл бұрын +118

    When my son was a teenager he'd come shopping with me and I'd hit on all the young cashiers - for him. It embarrassed him but he actually loved it as it was always funny. When he was in college he'd come home on weekends and his buddies asked if they could come along because they knew it would be fun. Best years of my life. Even though he now lives on the other side of the country we are best friends and I enjoy every minute we can talk together.

    • Jordan Wheeler
      Jordan Wheeler 14 күн бұрын

      Aww. I'm happy for the both of you!

  • Adhi Seaman
    Adhi Seaman 9 ай бұрын +57

    Kid: these aren't even that short.
    Dad: no. neither do mine.
    Cracked me up all the time 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zgob ermn
    Zgob ermn 6 ай бұрын +59

    The T Rex dad chasing his daughter with all the growling 😂😅🤣

  • 4WL
    4WL  Жыл бұрын +119

    The biggest difference between the time before kids and becoming a parent is perspective. And being a parent now, I see a tremendous amount of love from each of these parents.

  • orbitalsummer
    orbitalsummer 11 ай бұрын +30

    5:09 had me laughing so hard. 🤣🤣

    • Liza Cisneros
      Liza Cisneros Ай бұрын

      I actually did that to my daughter hhaha

  • Two-nine
    Two-nine  Жыл бұрын +2696

    My mom showed up my hockey practise,full gear,skated circles around all of us.
    Embarrasing at the time.Skated till she was 72,gone now,that was the best day of my life.

    • John indigo
      John indigo 5 ай бұрын

      Sounds badass

    • Troll
      Troll 7 ай бұрын

      @Alehlete I really can't remember. It's been five months. And as you can see, I am extremely active in youtube. Can't remember. Sorry.

    • Alehlete
      Alehlete 7 ай бұрын

      @Troll what did he say

    • Olise
      Olise 10 ай бұрын

      @Rohit Deshpande it doesn't snow in heaven

    • Hope James
      Hope James 10 ай бұрын +1

      OMG, these are the funniest videos EVER. No harm no foul. The kids will all need a little therapy but that's OK. LMAO

  • Corey Jones
    Corey Jones  Жыл бұрын +139

    The one with the Speedo & the gold medals had me dying. 🤣 🤣🤣

  • Jennifer Breidenbach
    Jennifer Breidenbach 2 ай бұрын +32

    The dad running in the speedo, with horns honking, was hysterical!

  • Ronelle Patterson
    Ronelle Patterson Ай бұрын +2

    The last one and the one with the Dad in the booty short had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣His son kept looking underneath 🤭

  • Alice Robb
    Alice Robb 2 ай бұрын +17

    Embarrassed at the time but these are memories they’ll never forget & will bring a smile to their heart when they’re grown. Not to mention being proud they had parents with the guts to do it.

  • Richard Benzler
    Richard Benzler  Жыл бұрын +47

    I could NEVER embarrass my daughter…
    And, Lord, how I tried.

  • Mephibosheth
    Mephibosheth  Жыл бұрын +1737

    Imagine living in a world where that’s all kids had to worry about.

    • Back2basics59
      Back2basics59 Ай бұрын

      That would be a perfect funny world.

    • Bobby Rare
      Bobby Rare Ай бұрын

      @TJ getting good grades, getting into college, naughty people, staying up too late and missing school.

    • Zef Davenport
      Zef Davenport Ай бұрын

      We called it "the 90's", at least where I lived.

  • honey hued
    honey hued  Жыл бұрын +56

    This made my day!!!!! I now have sooooooo many ideas on how to embarrass my two boys!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

    • Self Esteem
      Self Esteem 11 ай бұрын +2

      Suggestions if I may...,
      a bit risky, so, maybe at the Mall or Carnival,...wear a dress or skirt with some neon or bright floral shorts or boxers underneath and intentionally yet accidentally have the hem get caught in your belt to expose the bright colors & also, just so happen to be wearing a big colorful hat 👒too.
      Or walk up them in front of friends and have some toilet paper 🧻stuck to you shoe, maybe in a Restaurant.
      Here's one that happened to me, brought some friends home after school, as soon as I opened the door it hit us,... 👃 mom had cooked cabbage, the house smelled like farts.

    • Nightingale
      Nightingale  Жыл бұрын +5

      I'll keep them in my prayers 😭😭🤣

  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson 7 ай бұрын +13

    The first one was so funny. I was in tears. The dad embarrassing his daughter while dropping her off at school. And then she didn't even close the car door. LMAO!

  • Back2basics59
    Back2basics59 Ай бұрын +6

    You can do it in Mexican accent is the most hilarious thing I've heard in a long while. Great dad.

  • Danielle Snyder
    Danielle Snyder 4 ай бұрын +2

    This just makes me want to embarrass my teenage daughters all the more. I was waiting in line to pick up one of my girls from high school when a boy hit my car with a football. When the boy came to pick up the ball he ignored me. I said “Hey, what happened to excuse me?” He ignored me. I asked him for his name, which was Christian. I said, “Well, you are on my list now!” The gym teacher happened to be near by and told him to apologize and to stop playing football so close to the cars. Some other students started saying he made it on my list. I goofed with him and told him he didn’t want to be on my list. He asked me my name and I told him, Danielle (which it is). The other students started up with ha ha you are on Danielle’s list. Now there are students walking around telling rude students that they are now on my list. They weren’t mocking😅 me, they truly believed there would be some sort of consequence by making it on “Danielle’s List”. A few days later my daughter gets in the car after school and asks me what the heck is it with me and this list? She was mortified. Meanwhile other students just enjoyed making “threats” that their classmates were going to end up on my list for being rude. So much fun to be had!
    My other daughter is a ballerina. I went up to NYC to see her perform for the first time in a year (Covid). I was truly excited to finally see her. It was somewhat informal but it’s still ballet. At the end I couldn’t help cheering for her and the other dancers. I was cheering like I was at a sporting event. I saw the evil stare my daughter gave me. It had been so long since they had performed and the next thing I knew other folks were doing the same. Once she got changed and came out of the theater she was so embarrassed. She said, “What’s up with you and just not acting normal like other mothers?”. I told her I was just doing what other audience members wanted to do but were too shy. Besides, life would be so normal and boring. Meanwhile other dancers are coming out telling my daughter that they “loved me”. One of the dancers told my daughter that she wished her mom would do that too. If looks could kill, I would be dead. Life is too short not to embarrass your kids once in a while!

  • Haitian Beautee
    Haitian Beautee  Жыл бұрын +12

    These videos took me out. 🤣🤣🤣 I hope these kids know how lucky they are to have such funny and cool parents with great sense of humors. The “you can do it” had me hollering. Lmao

  • CR1988
    CR1988  Жыл бұрын +1084

    Oh man...hilarious. The sad part is the kids don't know that these parents gave them a treasure trove, these memories will be the first thing they will remember when when the parents are not around anymore.

    • chaim levin
      chaim levin Ай бұрын +2

      @Eugena Stewart 💯! I’m only 18 but I dream of having parents like this! It really shows love and care and is the most amazing feeling to have

    • Eugena Stewart
      Eugena Stewart 10 ай бұрын +4

      That part isn't "sad." Its simply kids/teens being kids/teens. At their age, they're supposed to be more embarassed than they are grateful, but most of them will grow to appreciate this moments long before their parents pass away.

    • Random Guy💜
      Random Guy💜  Жыл бұрын +8

      @MrParkerman6 Wtf bro, I wasn't supposed to laugh at this

    • Bored
      Bored  Жыл бұрын +9

      @MrParkerman6 damn u just went grey to dark my guy…

    • Harish Narayanan
      Harish Narayanan  Жыл бұрын +12

      @MrParkerman6 damn that’s dark ..

  • NeverMindMyName
    NeverMindMyName Ай бұрын +5

    I'll never forget walking through the mall with my mom and commenting to her on how a guy was cute. She WAS NOT supposed to run after him and tell him what I had said and make him talk to me 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  • MeTube Brothers
    MeTube Brothers  Жыл бұрын +51

    That last one at the carwash with his daughter was hilarious and I will be keeping that in my rolodex of stuff to do for my daughter!! LOL

  • Skating Done further
    Skating Done further 8 ай бұрын +20

    7:26 “Nooo neither are mine.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this dude just amazing as a dad.

  • Robin Huff
    Robin Huff  Жыл бұрын +28

    These kids don't know how blessed they are to have dads and moms who care enough to take the time to show up and embarras you for fun

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M 4 ай бұрын +11

    The father with the short shorts was hilarious 😂 and the poor kid with the father in swimming trunks😮😂 I was dying 😆

  • Erendiria SCHUSTER
    Erendiria SCHUSTER  Жыл бұрын +1940

    this is literally pure love my parents embarrass me by giving me discipline in front of the school lmao

    • Mister Sebaa
      Mister Sebaa  Жыл бұрын

      @♡Milk and then you look at the USA having no discipline for their children. The kid would literally destroy everything if you don't give him PS5 or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Do that in Latin America or Asia, you're in for a ride.

    • Follower of Revan
      Follower of Revan  Жыл бұрын

      @ah listo leí tu mensaje y te respondo con este video para que veas que no necesariamente tienes que ser mayor de edad para una escopeta o rifle kzclip.org/video/hbdwVCb0LAY/бейне.html

    • ah
      ah  Жыл бұрын

      @Follower of Revan La ley federal de los Estados Unidos requiere 18 años de edad para comprar escopetas o rifles y municiones. Todas las demás armas de fuego, por ejemplo, pistolas, solo se pueden vender a personas mayores de 21 años.

    • Follower of Revan
      Follower of Revan  Жыл бұрын

      @MossGolem AnimeService si pero te olvidaste decir que en Latinoamérica no venden armas en cada esquina y a cualquier edad. Acá necesitas cumplir requisitos si quieres tener un arma legalmente a diferencia de USA que solo vas a X store y te compras un arma como si te comprarás un chicle. Acá necesitas ser mayor de edad y tener un carnet especial para que puedas usar un arma y no cualquier sino la que te permita el carnet. Y por eso para los niños de escuela les es difícil conseguir un arma, difícil pero no imposible pero vamos a qué es difícil.

  • kookie
    kookie  Жыл бұрын +86

    I don't think this is parents embarrassing their children but it's parents making memorable and unforgettable moments for their children ❤

  • Bonny Girl
    Bonny Girl  Жыл бұрын +10

    I cried from laughter with that dinosaur... I am not kidding you the tears were pouring. I have never laughed like that in my life. 😂

  • Michelle F
    Michelle F 3 ай бұрын +5

    I used to do so many random embarrassing things for my daughter when she got dropped off from the school bus. She still laughs about all of it to this day.

  • Let it Rest
    Let it Rest  Жыл бұрын +17

    The great part happens, when in a few years, those teens realize how COOL, and funny and unihibited their folks taught them to be. That people don't have to fit a definition.

  • Aaron Sneath
    Aaron Sneath 3 күн бұрын

    I remember the day I was embarrassed by my parents. Now as an adult I feel like I can't spend enough time with them now that they're getting old.

  • Daniel Njoroge
    Daniel Njoroge  Жыл бұрын +851

    Guy in the swim suit was like the holy grail of embarassement

    • This Girl
      This Girl Ай бұрын

      The son handled it well, considering...

    • The All Mighty Is Black
      The All Mighty Is Black Ай бұрын

      @gskuani 🌽

    • he who faps last, faps hardest.
      he who faps last, faps hardest. Ай бұрын +1

      Oh yeah. Man I'm in my 30s with nothing that can really embarrass me now and I straight up *died* on that kids behalf. You could see his soul leave his body a yard out bahaha.

    • Irvin Bethea
      Irvin Bethea 2 ай бұрын

      Yes he did, his son probably didn't appreciate that. But that father really loves his son.

  • Bakki World
    Bakki World 3 ай бұрын +5

    I loved the girl who laughed from the heart🤣 10:41

  • Sunshine 💜
    Sunshine 💜 7 ай бұрын +8

    That first parent in the car was such a vibe actually 😂

  • emanuely lucena
    emanuely lucena 9 ай бұрын +1

    na minha cidade tem um festival de pesca pra adolescentes, eu estava pescando e meus primos, meu pai e minha madrasta estavam olhando. eu não pesquei nenhum peixe, mas durante todo o tempo eles ficaram gritando meu nome e torcendo por mim. eles torceram tanto que alguns homens bebados gritavam meu nome também.
    na época foi vergonhoso, todos olhavam pra mim, mas hoje, é uma das minhas lembranças favoritas.

  • Ramey and Lisa Girven
    Ramey and Lisa Girven 5 ай бұрын +1

    Hahaha I laughed so hard!! I would definitely be the Dad who embarrassed his kiddos in high-school too!!! Lol great stuff.

  • MerryMary
    MerryMary 4 ай бұрын +3

    The dad wearing daisy dukes was really clever. Got the point across without yelling, just pure logic.

  • Detroit Finest
    Detroit Finest  Жыл бұрын +3223


    • RexyFan
      RexyFan 11 ай бұрын

      Definitely Not Aussie.
      Sounded more like Nacho Libre

    • Stephen A Smith
      Stephen A Smith 11 ай бұрын

      @Detroit Finest I’m actually the real source for ESPN Stephen a smith his insider

    • Detroit Finest
      Detroit Finest 11 ай бұрын

      @Stephen A Smith You’re kinda cringe Mr. Stephen Fake Smith😆

    • Stephen A Smith
      Stephen A Smith 11 ай бұрын

      Not really. Kinda cringe

    • Adv Amal Stanly
      Adv Amal Stanly 11 ай бұрын

      He literally sounds like the father figure from Superwog

  • black queen melanin1
    black queen melanin1  Жыл бұрын +26

    I remember my brother and I went to camp every summer for several years for 2 weeks. The day we left, all the parents had their lawn chairs in the parking lot with wine in their wine glasses. We were on the bus looking like, what's wrong with them? It's 7am in the morning and they got drinks in the parking lot chilling. They were happy AF to send us off for 2 weeks.

  • Sugar High 1111
    Sugar High 1111  Жыл бұрын +11

    The "that's boy's cute!....*rolls window down*" one was so funny!

  • Taylor Heart
    Taylor Heart  Жыл бұрын +34

    10:44 I'm sure those young guys *LOVED* washing her window!!! Lol😉😉😉💧💧💧🙈

  • Nathalie Duverna
    Nathalie Duverna 6 ай бұрын +1

    These are the type of parent friends I need 🤣🤣

  • Binlinla Ernestina
    Binlinla Ernestina 4 ай бұрын +5

    The Dad wearing only swimming pant to his son's school is the real embarrassment🤣🤣

  • Elayna Terrell
    Elayna Terrell  Жыл бұрын +2372

    My mom once told our waiter that I thought he was cute. I had never blushed that hard in my life. Then my dad when they took me shopping for bras, he skipped through the parking lot singing 'Laynas getting boobies!' I was so embarrassed. Then again I embarrassed myself when I passed out from donating blood and not eating beforehand. I woke up to this really really cute EMT carrying me to the ambulance. I asked him if he was an angel. 🤣 Edit: Holy shit. Thanks for all the likes lol

    • Trae Hutton
      Trae Hutton 6 ай бұрын

      I’m 100% going to store the bra shopping one in my dad data base for when and if I ever get to use it

    • Alehlete
      Alehlete 7 ай бұрын


    • Elayna Terrell
      Elayna Terrell 11 ай бұрын +1

      @Vize Iron ♪ Why does what happen?

    • Vize Iron ♪
      Vize Iron ♪  11 ай бұрын

      Why does this happen?

  • Ashley dgg
    Ashley dgg 9 ай бұрын +5

    it's funny how people don't appreciate this anf think its embarrassing but from me that grew up with parents that didn't show affection and would never do anything like this it brings me joy 😹

  • L A
    L A  Жыл бұрын +7

    I looooved this!! Lmao love when parents especially dads have the best sense of humor with their kids. 😂❤️👍🏻

  • Charlie Renfro
    Charlie Renfro Ай бұрын

    That poor kid getting embarrassed by his dad greeting him in front of school in skimpy swim shorts u can feel his embarrassing feeling that had to be the longest walk to the car 😂

  • kellysong
    kellysong 6 ай бұрын +4

    These are the kind of stunts my dad would pull, but he was well-known and well-loved in our community. I have 3 sisters and when boys would come to our house to see us, my dad would get the garden hose and spray them to make them go away 😂 But the boys actually loved it and would come back to our house in groups, hoping our dad was home! Sometimes when a boy would come to pick one of us up for a date, our dad would say to the guy, "If you can beat me in an arm wrestle, you can take my daughter out". (Dad would always win as he was a big guy, but he would just laugh and tell us to have fun on our date). He's been gone for 20 years now, but my sisters and I really cherish those memories

  • Apollo the Printer
    Apollo the Printer Ай бұрын

    Those kids will not have mental health problems from the happy families I can tell. Love all of them.

  • Pavlova Super Nova
    Pavlova Super Nova  Жыл бұрын +929

    My mother was effortlessly embarrassing when I was a teenager. I would beg her to drop me off a block from school. But, she would refuse. She said there we're hooligan's & roughians about, it's not "safe". Bear in mind that this wasn't some inner city school. It was in the country in a very safe area.
    When she would drop me off it was always right in front of the "cool" kids who clustered together.
    She always said things like "Please make friends today." & "Smile, let the world see your beautiful face with a great big smile on it." Often she would say "Give mom a kiss. Can mom have a kiss?"
    When I would flee from the car she would address the kids standing within earshot & she'd say "Jesus loves you kids!" Or "You all learn real good now!" Or "You kids be nice to my girl! She's a nice girl!"
    They all thought she was a riot. I was humiliated.
    To this day she claims to never have embarrassed me "intentionally".
    Liar. She loved it. She loved every minute of it.
    And now that I am a parent to a teen, I find that it is one of the few joys that make parenting a teenager worthwhile.

    • Pavlova Super Nova
      Pavlova Super Nova 10 ай бұрын +1

      We'll have to agree to disagree on this.

    • Alien
      Alien 10 ай бұрын

      @Lordspalse 006 No, the issue is with you. You don't understand boundaries. I will not become your ideological crusader.

    • Lordspalse 006
      Lordspalse 006 10 ай бұрын +1

      @Alien You're too serious. The issue is with you. Sign up with the Ukrainian forces and vent your sadistic anger on russia

    • Alien
      Alien 11 ай бұрын

      @Kay-C These are one of things that make you realise that there things severely wrong with the west.

    • Kay-C
      Kay-C 11 ай бұрын

      @Alien yeah.... I don’t get it either. It’s weird af to want to watch your kids be embarrassed. Like literally you’re doing something to your kids that then don’t like & ask you to stop & you don’t stop, you continue the behavior & laugh in their faces. I bet if the kids did to their parents at their jobs it wouldn’t be so funny to the parents then. I’m a 31 year old grown adult & I don’t see how anyone could “cherish” this either. It’s so weird. Then to say “it’s one of the few things that make parenting a teen worth it”.... yikes...

  • Nine Lives
    Nine Lives 10 ай бұрын +2

    The dad running with the swim gear had me dead lmaoo

  • Olvia Lee
    Olvia Lee 6 ай бұрын +1

    Ever since I was little, I get nervous when my teachers calls out my name. I didn’t recognize my dad when I didn’t know I was getting an award

  • Irma Kharisma
    Irma Kharisma 4 ай бұрын +1

    they feel embarrassed, but when they get old they will love this and maybe will do same thing with they're kids lol

  • Mark Szawlowski
    Mark Szawlowski  Жыл бұрын +26

    So, so good. Why else have kids? When our daughter was a teen and had her friends around, I loved to walk into her room randomly with an armful of records and say, "OK, time for some cool sounds with dad." Priceless fun.

  • Rhinoceros Chuck Red😴🖤
    Rhinoceros Chuck Red😴🖤 5 күн бұрын +1

    During my first day of college my mom said have a “great day sweetheart” I was so embarrassed 😂

  • Lena Ross
    Lena Ross  Жыл бұрын +495

    I loved embarrassing my kids. Now, they are grown & it's a competition to us..who can be the most embarrassing 😂 it's a lot of fun!

    • Danny
      Danny 8 ай бұрын +3

      Lol thats awesome. Family is everything.

    • TheSeapup
      TheSeapup 10 ай бұрын +2

      @Glory Good on ya :)

    • Glory
      Glory 10 ай бұрын +2

      @TheSeapup found someone 💯🙂

    • My Recipes
      My Recipes  Жыл бұрын +3

      You are the best parent

    • SL
      SL  Жыл бұрын +9

      @Glory Stop wishing and start doing

  • Amenyo B
    Amenyo B 3 ай бұрын

    All these kids must have known before this point that their parents were capable of this level of crazy 😂😂😂

  • Namrata Singh
    Namrata Singh 29 күн бұрын

    My son is 9yr old and even though I always remind him to not tell outsider or guests any family matters, he chooses the time and explain everything in detail.
    Yaaaaaaa now I know how to get even. 🤣😅🤣😅

  • Jack
    Jack 2 ай бұрын +1

    I went into the supermarket with my dad one day and there was a very cute girl at the cash register that was around my age and my dad pointed to her and raised his eyebrow at me. Then we did the shopping and my dad made a beeline towards her and I knew something was going on. She scanned our stuff and I was trying not to look at her cause I was so shy. As soon as she was done and my dad paid for our stuff he said “hey um this is my son and he thinks you’re really cute!” she went awww thank you and smiled at me and I turned dark red with embarrassment then dad asked her what she thought of me and she didn’t know what to say which made me turn purple. She eventually said “yeah, he’s nice!” I basically almost turned black because I didn’t know what to do. He thanked her and said goodbye and she waved at me and I waved back. When we got to the car I punched my dad in the arm playfully and said “you bastard!”

  • Abdullah Alrai
    Abdullah Alrai Ай бұрын

    Hats-off and applaud to that Dad who taught a valuable lesson to his teenage daughter by wearing those embarrassing shorts and said ” I will wear these shorts everyday to your school”
    What a best way to teach your daughter that how embarrassing it is for a dad to see her teenage daughter wearing such skinny dip shortest shorts hopefully, God willing she would never ever wear those shorts again, at least she would be reminded whenever she attempted to wear those shorts for the rest of her life. 😊

  • T Ro
    T Ro Ай бұрын

    LOL I love the mom @5:10 and the car wash dad... but “Speedo Dad” takes the cake!! 😂

  • DUDE EzK
    DUDE EzK  Жыл бұрын +437

    Still fresh in my mind back when there was a meet and greet between parents and teachers at school, my dad always chatting with the girls in my class while using me as a material for his "bad dad jokes"...bcs he knows I never had that much friends especially female friends, no matter how embarrased I was in front of my classmates...he always wanted me to be more openminded and be a little bit more engaged with ppls around. So, thanks to him I was able to make more friends. That was 7 years ago and 2 years ago he left me due to illness, , I missed him so much

    • The Behemoth
      The Behemoth 9 ай бұрын +6

      Cool story and my condolences.

    • Self Esteem
      Self Esteem 11 ай бұрын +5

      Awesome story. You're so lucky.

    • Devin Fane
      Devin Fane  Жыл бұрын +15

      Aww I'm glad you have those memories to cherish. He sounds like he was a real good dad and a true blessing to you. 🫂🙂

  • multifandom
    multifandom  Жыл бұрын +6

    Even though it's embarrassing, it's a good embarrassing because it shows how friendly, fun and supportive the parent is. Plus it can help gain friends and popularity (not that it matters really but usually when you're popular you tend to be a cool person). That aside I absolutely LOVED the car wash one towards the end!

  • Lovenpain
    Lovenpain  Жыл бұрын +1

    The guys washing the car window while the daughter is so embarrassed had me almost fall off my chair laughing!

  • Sammy Natal
    Sammy Natal Ай бұрын

    I wish I had such parents. All I did was laugh the entire video.

  • Douglas Blowe
    Douglas Blowe  Жыл бұрын +13

    This is the kind of stuff I did lol. I was also an 8th grade teacher and did this to my students lol. Now that I am semi-retired, most of my social media 'friends' are former students of mine from years ago lol. I get new baby shots, wedding shots, the works lol

    • Douglas Blowe
      Douglas Blowe 11 ай бұрын +2

      @HotAndSour Soup I loved teaching almost as much as I loved my wife and do love my kids. To me teaching was never a 'job', it was a choice, a lifestyle. I always went in early and left late, extra study sessions or tutoring. I wish I could teach again, but being older and unofficially blackballed means my 3 degrees will keep collecting dust in the closet lol

    • HotAndSour Soup
      HotAndSour Soup 11 ай бұрын +4

      That's means you were an awesome teacher & made an impact on them

    • Self Esteem
      Self Esteem 11 ай бұрын +2

      Awesomeness 👏

  • Daetyme
    Daetyme 5 ай бұрын +2

    that dad in the swim trunks and medals, so cute :)

  • Julia Douglas
    Julia Douglas  Жыл бұрын +208

    The girl that unbuckled her seat belt and slid down in the seat was like an Olympic event speed.

    • Self Esteem
      Self Esteem 11 ай бұрын +12

      Julia Douglas, yeah I had the feeling that mom had done that before LOL

  • SynGoat
    SynGoat  Жыл бұрын +2

    My dad would try to embarrass me. It just made me even more proud that he was my dad. Now that he’s gone I will cherish those memories forever. Appreciate these moments, kids. You’ll miss them when they stop happening.

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon 6 ай бұрын +1

    I was smiling ear to ear the entire time. 😍

  • KNS
    KNS 6 ай бұрын +2

    The energy of that first dad...! 🤣

  • LogeyPerogi
    LogeyPerogi 7 ай бұрын

    God I love the parents who try embarrassing their kids
    My dad dropped me off for school once and he honked his horn and yelled “I SAID I LOVE YOU!!!”
    So I turn around, look him dead in the eye, inhale as much air as possible, and “I LOVE YOU TOO!!!”
    The girl I liked was walking right behind me and she just started laughing

  • Successflowstome V
    Successflowstome V 13 күн бұрын

    The parents are making some strong positive memories their kids will cherish few years later...

  • Joseph Alberta
    Joseph Alberta  Жыл бұрын +529

    The gold medal swimmer was well - GOLD. Busted out laughing.

    • The All Mighty Is Black
      The All Mighty Is Black 3 ай бұрын

      Better Call Sol Everyone keep saying something like that 🤦‍♂️ I'm talking about Bobby Lashley from WWE

    • The All Mighty Is Black
      The All Mighty Is Black 7 ай бұрын

      @Israel Gordlina Oh

    • Israel Gordlina
      Israel Gordlina 7 ай бұрын +4

      @The All Mighty Is Black get outside, touch some grass, breathe in some air and sing "Its a Small World"

    • The All Mighty Is Black
      The All Mighty Is Black 7 ай бұрын

      Should've been arrested

    • Stephen Parrott
      Stephen Parrott 11 ай бұрын +4

      How he was yelling "JOSH" while running lmfao

  • Scott Keane
    Scott Keane  Жыл бұрын +3

    They're all hilarious but I especially like the last one with the girl and all the boys washing her window just hilarious!!🤣😂🤣

  • Payton Stewart
    Payton Stewart 4 ай бұрын +2

    I talked back to my mom once before soccer practice. She made me show up late, pulled me by the ear to coach and explained that my embarrassment was my punishment. I was a little freshman so the varsity coach scared me. He thought it was the funniest thing and made the whole team clap me out on my way back to the car. She wasn’t even that mad, but lesson still learned😂😂

  • meg
    meg 5 ай бұрын +2

    It maybe embarrassing at first but as the children grow up and parents get older, it will be one of the memories they will always remember

  • Richard Robinson
    Richard Robinson  Жыл бұрын +2

    Great parenting much respect to these parents.

  • KyokoQueenx
    KyokoQueenx 9 ай бұрын +1

    even though its embarrassing its still a joy to have parents that make you laugh

  • edmeraan2
    edmeraan2  Жыл бұрын +451

    These are real parents who love they're kids, and raising them right!!

    • Bored
      Bored  Жыл бұрын +5

      @TJ 😂😂😂 u did this on purpose

    • TJ
      TJ  Жыл бұрын +10

      @Teti You forgot the period at the end of your sentence.

    • Teti
      Teti  Жыл бұрын +7

      @dunruden broooo i swear there is always only one person that will correct the other person's grammar

    • dunruden
      dunruden  Жыл бұрын +5


  • Rick Sundberg
    Rick Sundberg 2 ай бұрын +1

    I was struggling with going to government class my senior year and it was touch and go for a while if I'd pass, so when they called my name to walk across my mom was angry and yells "You're lucky" as if I was going to get my butt whooped if it didn't happen....and it might have. In the mid-eighties where I grew up some kids just didn't get called to walk the stage and their families would sometimes be in the crowd not knowing whether or not it was going to happen, kids who knew for sure just didn't show and went to summer school to finish up. Glad I wasn't one of them.

  • SAS
    SAS 12 күн бұрын

    Parents can be real swines. The dad in short shorts with his daughter made me laugh and the dad in his speedos at his sons highschool 😆 🤣

  • Alison Pai
    Alison Pai 4 ай бұрын

    I love it ! That’s the best way to keep a relationship with your child 😂 awesome

  • Mar Marie
    Mar Marie 4 ай бұрын +2

    The more I watched, the harder I laughed. Thank you.
    Also, these are fairy tale parents come true😂

  • Yirisma
    Yirisma 17 күн бұрын

    Todos son unos papás increíbles pero el último me encantó 😆😅😂 la chica se quería meter abajo del carro 😆

  • Shawn Davis
    Shawn Davis  Жыл бұрын +385

    The dad with the cutoff jean shorts was epic and right on point!

  • Slywitt_The_Cold
    Slywitt_The_Cold 11 ай бұрын +2

    Well meaning, and humbling. Awesome parents. Teaching them humility, and rounding out a growing soul.

  • chaim levin
    chaim levin Ай бұрын +2

    Damn! I’m only 18 but I understand that these parents are embarrassing out of love! I wish my parents were like this or at least showed some love and affection even though I know they do love me.

  • Sandra Brown
    Sandra Brown 6 ай бұрын +1

    These kids should be lucky to have parents lol