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Making Mosaic Damascus in Australia, Pt. 1

  • Жарияланды 2020 ж. 16 Нау.

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  • KyleRoyerKnives
    KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын +64

    We made it home safe! The trip was amazing!

    • scott left
      scott left 2 жыл бұрын

      Did you get to see the old Eveliegh railyard with it's Ye olde steam hammer?

    • There's No point
      There's No point 3 жыл бұрын

      A fantastic video so well explained even a idiot like myself who's never forged anything understands what's going on 👍

    • Clyde Cox
      Clyde Cox 3 жыл бұрын +1

      The guys down under are so lucky to have you there, I just bet you could do that here in Oregon. Hint hint... welcome back home

    • Joe Hicks
      Joe Hicks 3 жыл бұрын +1

      Kyle, you are an amazing artist. I would love to someday learn from you.

    • Daniel Moller Handmade Knives
      Daniel Moller Handmade Knives 3 жыл бұрын

      Wow 😳

  • r moka
    r moka 11 ай бұрын +4

    Teaching is a whole skill on its own. You did a really good job communicating your ideas to the class. Nice job Kyle

  • Corin "Like Colin but with an R"
    Corin "Like Colin but with an R" 3 жыл бұрын +6

    Thanks so much for doing this Kyle! Super happy we were able to get it in just before the world went crazy! You and Josh were just awesome and we need to think of an excuse to bring you back... Thanks again guys. So pleased to have met you both!

    IHWKR 3 жыл бұрын +3

    I hope everyone gave you the gratitude you upmost deserve. Yes they paid for your workshop but you didnt have to do this. Damascus is an artwork much like the classic painters we know today. Some may take your knowledge and put their twist onto it. But your willing to teach people this artform and that right there is priceless. Congratulations Kyle!

  • Robert Bogan
    Robert Bogan 3 жыл бұрын +22

    I think teaching people helps take it to the next level. Also getting to use other machines build more "skill diveristy" i think.

  • B H
    B H 3 жыл бұрын +19

    I like the difference in ages of the students. its nice to see such a wide spread

  • theron friss
    theron friss 5 ай бұрын

    You're a real inspiration to me as an aspiring knifemaker

  • F.B. Jeffers0n
    F.B. Jeffers0n 3 жыл бұрын +4

    This was great. I've always been curious about a damascus technique performed by different hands. Excited for part two!

  • Michael Berrett
    Michael Berrett 3 жыл бұрын +2

    Wow that’s awesome! I’m sure they were very honored to take a class from you! 🙏

  • BeeSeeBee
    BeeSeeBee 2 жыл бұрын +1

    I love masters that don't mind sharing their knowledge!!! Great video

  • cal sawyer
    cal sawyer 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Amazing craftsmanship I'm impressed to see you spreading your knowledge and those willing to learn.

  • Kindiah
    Kindiah 3 жыл бұрын +1

    You're a craftsman, you do excellent work! Please don't doubt yourself! You have a gift to share and I bet they felt more nervous than you did.

  • Dave Evader Knives
    Dave Evader Knives 3 жыл бұрын +5

    I would imigine teaching a live class would be a whole new challenge. I use to have people ask me why I don't do live tutorials & my answer was always "because, just sitting there watching me grind bevels or make a knife is pretty boring" it's a whole different ballgame when you can edit everything & make it interesting... Glad to see you made it home safely, was following on Instagram, looked like you had a blast... Hope you & the family stay safe through these next few weeks, take it easy...

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Hey thanks you very much Dave
      Had a great time
      Team Royer

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy  Жыл бұрын +3

    So glad to see u passing on ur skills! Welcome home…u are a master. Remember that! Such talent. Kudos to u Kyle!

  • Mean Mad Mike
    Mean Mad Mike 2 жыл бұрын +2

    Sounds like it was a learning experience for you as well as them. That’s fantastic. Well done!

  • B Trammel
    B Trammel 2 жыл бұрын +5

    You, are an amazing craftsman sir, thank you for sharing your knowledge! Found you from Matt and Ilya's channel!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Thanks Brian
      Glad you found us
      Good to have you here
      Team Royer

  • karma nyngje
    karma nyngje 3 жыл бұрын +1

    Nicely done. Mastercraftsman sharing his knowledge. Good job.

  • Gustavo Guerrero
    Gustavo Guerrero 3 жыл бұрын +1

    Awesome Job! I'm a Football Coach in Texas and it isn't easy the 1st time you try and teach in front of a group. Gets easier over time. Keep up the great work!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Hey thanks Gustavo
      I remember my first class back in the day . Agreed

  • Aleeknives
    Aleeknives 3 жыл бұрын +3

    Excellent Kyle, I watched all the way to the end and can't wait to see the finished product! You and all the other guys did great!

  • Micheal Fastbender
    Micheal Fastbender 3 жыл бұрын +3

    Love your work and love that your teaching your skills! Id love to learn someday how to make knives that are even a 10th as good as yours, amazing work man keep it up

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Thanks Michael
      You may want to consider our online Bowie build course
      Be well and be safe .

  • Old man Spooky
    Old man Spooky 8 ай бұрын +1

    Congratulations on taking the class!!! I can’t wait till life and circumstances make it possible for me to try… good job sir!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  8 ай бұрын +1

      Hey thanks Spooky
      Look forward to seeing you there when you get a chance

  • Matt Green
    Matt Green 3 жыл бұрын +3

    I can't wait to see the patterns on each student's piece.

  • Khial Muhammad
    Khial Muhammad 2 жыл бұрын

    If I were in Australia I would definitely learn from this guy

  • Robert Stoker
    Robert Stoker 3 жыл бұрын +1

    Great job with the teaching and keeping your head thru it 🥳😎

  • yello4banga zuki
    yello4banga zuki 3 жыл бұрын

    This looks like so much fun, I would love a chance on a power hammer one day, also the way you break down the pattern structure is great. Well done mate

  • outbackladas
    outbackladas 3 жыл бұрын

    Pleased you enjoyed your time down under, great class and a great video. I'm feeling a little envious of those that were able to attend the classes, I'm an Aussie from Queensland who makes the occasional knife, it's good to see a skilled craftsman like yourself passing on your knowledge and skills. Looking forward to part 2.

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Thanks outbackladas
      Sorry you weren’t able to make it to the symposium
      Next time

  • lsubslimed
    lsubslimed 3 жыл бұрын

    Looks like such a great time, and with a great setup for everybody to flow from tool to tool without each person having to wait much. That would definitely be heartbreaking to have a student's billet end up as scrap, for both the student and the teacher 😬 lol. From the thumbnail, thankfully it looks like everything went well though, so I'm looking forward to seeing those patterns close up! I'm glad you all made it home safely too 🙏🏻. Hey, did I happen to see Keith Fludder there as well? Thanks for sharing!

  • Weapon Duck
    Weapon Duck 3 жыл бұрын +1

    How awesome ! Would tig welding avoid some of the excess material problem with the dies ? Or is mig just a better way ?

  • Gameco Artisan Supplies
    Gameco Artisan Supplies 3 жыл бұрын +3

    Awesome video guys! Heard so many great reviews about the course, loved Jason's hair whip near the beginning :P

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын +1

      Thanks Gameco
      You guys are great
      Good to have you here
      Be careful and be safe
      Team Royer

  • kevdon269
    kevdon269 3 жыл бұрын +1

    Thanks again Kyle I really liked the video. Big shout out to the videographer he is right on and audio as great as well. I look forward to your new videos

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Hey thanks Ducky
      Josh (videography,brother)

  • Toby, Fire and Steel
    Toby, Fire and Steel 3 жыл бұрын

    It looks like you all had a blast. I've only heard good things mate. So pleased you enjoyed it. Ps your second pt of the podcast is out 👍

  • FourSixTeen
    FourSixTeen 2 жыл бұрын

    In Face to Face classes everybody can learn something from anybody. Thats what its all about.
    Btw: Kyle you need a powerhammer :D

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын

      Hey Four check out our online courses at learnknifemaking.com if you’re interested in leveling up your knife making skills
      Copy that power hammer
      We just ran in a new 320 amp service to the shop. We can finally handle the electrical requirements of more equipment 👍🏻☕️🔥⚔️

  • Gurvinder Kau1eß5w1
    Gurvinder Kau1eß5w1 3 жыл бұрын

    Patterns look awesome. Really amazing👍👍👍

  • augustus tim
    augustus tim 3 жыл бұрын

    Hi Kyle!
    Good Job you did there in DownUnder!
    Please watch your health and your family too!
    Hope this whole corona thing is going to end soon!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Hey thanks augustus
      We are minimizing our contact with others
      God bless you and your family

  • Dale Allred
    Dale Allred 3 жыл бұрын

    Going to be some beautiful work there. Great job on becoming an instructor 👍👍🙌😁

  • Robert Stoker
    Robert Stoker  Жыл бұрын

    If I ever lived in the usa I would love to learn how to do Damascus steel from you 🤘😎

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives   Жыл бұрын

      Hey thanks Robert. We are looking at making another online course just for damascus. Check out learnknifemaking.com
      Keep Forging On
      Cheers from the Ozarks my friend

  • Travis Roby
    Travis Roby 2 жыл бұрын

    Id Love to take a class from you ! Your works Awesome

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын

      Hey Travis you can have hours and days of Kyle’s detailed teaching in our online courses
      Check out learnknifemaking.com
      Keep Forging On my friend

  • PS knives
    PS knives 3 жыл бұрын +2

    Wow, that looks awesome.. i need to fix myself some time in a well equipped shop one of these days... my DIY shop has no powertools

  • Steven Jennings
    Steven Jennings  Жыл бұрын

    Awesome informational educational video experience Y'alls God Bless Ya 🙏

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives   Жыл бұрын

      Hey thanks Steven
      May God bless you and your crew also

  • Texas iron Forge.
    Texas iron Forge. 11 ай бұрын +1

    Truly amazing sir. Keep on teaching and much success & blessings

  • NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere
    NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere 2 жыл бұрын

    👍 = there is nothing more to say! Everything perfect!

  • Guillermo Alfaro
    Guillermo Alfaro 6 ай бұрын

    That's a good thing man that you did in that trip 👏 👌 teaching all the best 👍 ways to make a good knife blessings 🙌 bro 🙏 and it's good to have you 👍 back

  • Victor Dalziel
    Victor Dalziel 2 жыл бұрын

    Hi Kyle, I've had a Kyle Royer Damascus binge watch tonight. With the South African Rand being R17.38 to $1 it will be super cheap for you to come visit us in South Africa and have a working holiday, COVID-19 being a bit of a problem though. I have some ideas, would love to attend a workshop like your Aussie visit, but probably couldn't afford it, but would love to discuss possibilities.

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын

      Hey my friend something to consider .
      Thanks for reaching out Victor.
      Cheers 🔥☕️⚔️

  • Skunkworks Props
    Skunkworks Props 3 жыл бұрын +2

    I love my anyang press. Would love a hammer too though! Amazing to see the class and share in it a little bit though, thanks!

  • wickedtoast
    wickedtoast  Жыл бұрын

    you taught your dad? I totally thought you like had to be a 2nd or 3rd generation knife maker. that is mind blowing you learned all this in one career...

  • Chien Hoang
    Chien Hoang  Жыл бұрын

    thank you very much. Great video ! And you are my teacher online

  • the family_ak
    the family_ak 3 жыл бұрын +1

    Thx , glad ya'll made it back 2 the states , awesome content ❤

  • J K
    J K 3 жыл бұрын

    part 2 is gonna be interesting

  • Mark 'TVC' Turner
    Mark 'TVC' Turner 6 ай бұрын

    Great to see this video. Tharwa is just on the other side of town and where I bought my sharpening stone. Cheers from Oz!

    • Mark 'TVC' Turner
      Mark 'TVC' Turner 6 ай бұрын

      @KyleRoyerKnives thanks mate. I'm seriously thinking of taking a Japanese knife making course there. My daughter and I are massive forged in fire fans and I have a mate who is a bladesmith who pre covid made knives for chefs and restaurants in Japan. Do you reckon I should take the plunge?

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  6 ай бұрын

      Hey Mark glad you’re here. Enjoy the stone. Cheers from the Ozarks my Ozzy friend

  • ryvvyr
    ryvvyr  Жыл бұрын +1

    Maybe try grinding off most of the welds before starting in the forge

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives   Жыл бұрын

      It’s best to leave them on as long as possible
      The tile need all the help they can get

  • fluxb@e
    fluxb@e 3 жыл бұрын

    Appreciate the info! Excellent vid

  • Michael Robertson
    Michael Robertson 3 жыл бұрын +3

    Man that looks like fun, y'all be careful✌

  • MountainBiker
    MountainBiker 10 ай бұрын

    They say, Those that can do, those that can't teach. However occasionally someone comes along that can do both. 👍

  • Assis Lira
    Assis Lira 4 ай бұрын


  • Cak Mat
    Cak Mat  Жыл бұрын

    before other countries recognized this method, Indonesia for thousands of years had known this method before, namely a traditional weapon called KERIS 🙏❤️

  • Thiodor Chalkias
    Thiodor Chalkias  Жыл бұрын

    All these flakes which are coming out via forging are pieces of metal or the oxidation of the metal?
    At the phase with the 4 pieces of the steel (in my fantasy) if you added a stainless steel at the middle and forged again I think than an interesting damascus shape can produced .....
    Thanks and my best regards from Athens / Hellas

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives   Жыл бұрын +1

      Yes metal is leaving the billet
      Glad you’re here Thiodor.
      May God bless Greece, you, and your crew my friend
      Cheers from the Ozarks

  • Brad Glasgow
    Brad Glasgow 3 жыл бұрын

    Hope you guys are safe over there!

  • Chacal Cutelaria
    Chacal Cutelaria 4 ай бұрын

    Good night, I really admire your work, you can send me some photos or send me a link to a video of yours where you show the bilet how you solder so you don't use the borax flux, I want to do it here but I'm afraid of soldering wrong and breaking during brazing thank you in advance master

  • romeo vidal rodriguez
    romeo vidal rodriguez  Жыл бұрын

    hola Y acá estamos... excelente video está muy bueno:

  • ابوحسن قاووق
    ابوحسن قاووق 2 жыл бұрын

    رائع جدا ...انا من دمشق سوريا...الحرب اكلت كل شيء ..
    لكن عملكم الفني جدا رائع ..جدا

  • tim jackson
    tim jackson 3 жыл бұрын

    Still a wee little confusing, you used squaring dies instead of forging on the bias correct? Then rotated 90° and re squared on the bias again? What seemed different is you 4 wayed twice?? Then tiled the billet on a 35° or 33° whatever your cut was. Did you flip the tiles to mirror as shown in the past?
    Doing some cable tomorrow.. forge on!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын +1

      Hey tim after cutting at 35 degree the tile lay out flat ,in order ,next to each other 👍🏻🔥☕️⚔️
      Team Royer

  • madcap magician
    madcap magician 3 жыл бұрын

    pretty awesome =)

  • C.J. Banks
    C.J. Banks  Жыл бұрын

    I would love to be one of your classes

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives   Жыл бұрын +1

      Hey C. J. We have monthly membership classes and online courses where you will have access to hours of Kyle’s detailed teachings. Cheers from the Ozarks my friend

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy  Жыл бұрын

    I’m sure u did very well.

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives   Жыл бұрын

      Our maker brothers in the south are a spectacular bunch of mates

  • Jojoe McGeejoe
    Jojoe McGeejoe 2 жыл бұрын

    What kind of mind comes up with these patterns the first time?
    If I stack it like this...
    Squish it like this...
    Chop it up like this...
    Stack it up again like this...
    Squish it more, but different, like this...
    I get flowers in my metal!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын

      We are getting ready to develop an online course for mosaic damascus
      Check out learnknifemaking.com

  • alslaitini1
    alslaitini1 3 жыл бұрын

    I hope you had a great time here down under!

  • Wayne W
    Wayne W 3 жыл бұрын

    So Kyle tell me when are you coming to South Arica? Soon I hope! Well at least soon after the covid 19 pandemic is finally over.

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Hey Wayne
      Would love to
      Be smart and be safe
      God bless you
      Team Royer

  • Joe Hicks
    Joe Hicks 3 жыл бұрын

    Looking forward to ther next video.

  • Unspoken Fish Keeping
    Unspoken Fish Keeping 3 жыл бұрын

    A true master!
    Only critique i have is you need to see a chiropractor! Or you won't be able to create your works of mastery into your old age.
    A tip is every morning get up and hang of a bar so you feet are off the ground. This will use gravity to straighten your back and stop you becoming the hunch back of Notre Dame!
    Keep on keeping on!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Thanks Unspoken
      Good to have you here with us all
      Team Royer

  • Fnord Fnordsson
    Fnord Fnordsson 2 жыл бұрын

    Was that Jackson Rumble in the background briefly towards the start? He's doing some beautiful Damascus knives.
    Edit: Hah, I should have waited for the thumbs up at the end...

  • Erey _
    Erey _  Жыл бұрын

    up next, Kyler Royer comes to Pennsylvania to teach knife making? lol i wish.

  • Crossman blue V
    Crossman blue V  Жыл бұрын +1

    I been looking for this type of videos ,👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿😎😎😎😎😎😎

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives   Жыл бұрын +1

      Glad you’re here hanging out with us all my friend

  • Cyrano de Bergerac
    Cyrano de Bergerac  Жыл бұрын

    looks exciting

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk 3 жыл бұрын

    Awesome class!...

  • Crossman blue V
    Crossman blue V  Жыл бұрын +1

    Interesting 🙏

  • Anders Nilsson
    Anders Nilsson 3 жыл бұрын


  • Eddy Voidsoul
    Eddy Voidsoul  Жыл бұрын

    God damnit just like cherry coke i thought this kind of thing just took place in america. I wish i was there.

  • Комфі Переяслав
    Комфі Переяслав 3 жыл бұрын


  • Tri wahyu Budiyanto
    Tri wahyu Budiyanto 2 ай бұрын

    Pelatihan yg sangat bagus. By by

  • 梅莊刀劍
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  • Fuller Blacksmithing
    Fuller Blacksmithing 3 жыл бұрын +1

    One of my friends took the class!!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын +1

      Hey that’s great Fuller
      Team Royer

  • Евлоев Джабраил
    Евлоев Джабраил 2 жыл бұрын +1


  • Hungry Bird
    Hungry Bird 2 жыл бұрын

    I would like to take the classes sir .

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын

      We are going to make a mosaic damascus online course. Check out learnknifemaking.com if you’re interested in leveling up your knife making skills my friend
      Keep Forging On

  • Scotty Gregan
    Scotty Gregan 3 жыл бұрын

    Great resalts

  • StrydyrR HellZ RydyR
    StrydyrR HellZ RydyR 7 ай бұрын

    Ahhh.. but isn't that the real sign of a great.. or master craftsman...
    That he can do the job. With lots of different tools lots of different ways.
    Of course it would be easier... If your using the same equipment Everytime you do a certain job.
    And I dare say, your tools aren't cheapy crap tools at home... Lol.

  • ابو عبدالله الهاشمي

    شكراً على جميع المعلومات 😌👍 Am suri no spec anglsh

  • InMyOpinion!
    InMyOpinion!  3 жыл бұрын

    Did they let you ride a Kangaroo yet ? ! ?

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Yeah ,3.7 seconds his name was fu man choo 🤪👍🏻😎☕️. Just kidding
      Team Royer

  • Saeid Baharnovin
    Saeid Baharnovin  Жыл бұрын

    نمیدوستم فولاد دمشقی هم میتونه طراحی بشه جالب بود 👍

  • Thiodor Chalkias
    Thiodor Chalkias  Жыл бұрын

    Sorry i forget ... a stainless steel CROSS ....

  • Бауыржан Аякбай
    Бауыржан Аякбай 2 жыл бұрын

    Can i buy some swords? How many cost it will be? Just good sword!!! I'm from Kazakhstan.

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын

      Hey Arkoan
      You bet, email us at royerknifeworks@live.com
      Glad you’re here hanging out with us all.
      Team Royer

  • Jay Muzquiz
    Jay Muzquiz 3 жыл бұрын

    ROYER RULEZ!!!!!

    • Jay Muzquiz
      Jay Muzquiz 3 жыл бұрын

      @KyleRoyerKnives You know Kyle ever since I watch you make that beautiful sword. I have gone on and built a basic charcoal forge, and have been trying and heating and pounding red hot metal and have collecting and fabricating tools and equipment and now have the beginning of what is starting to look like a bladesmith shop! And though my blades are nothing to what you build. One day my skills will develop to a certain level that will put us at the same place at the same time. Where I will tell you, " TO BE MORE CAREFUL AND NOT MAKE SICK ASS BLADES BECAUSE VERY IMPRESSIONABLE PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF WILL GO OFF AND TRY TO BE LIKE YOU! " You need to be more responsible because irresponsible people like me will stop at nothing to be like you!

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  3 жыл бұрын

      Thanks Jay 👍🏻☕️🔥

  • Adalberto Walther
    Adalberto Walther  Жыл бұрын

    He ground the sheet Offa that billet

    #MECHANIC_MUDA88 2 жыл бұрын

    Apakah saya boleh order?saya dari indonesia

  • Alibaba51214
    Alibaba51214 2 жыл бұрын

    Australia is toooo faaaar for me

  • Kyle Seeker
    Kyle Seeker 3 жыл бұрын


  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz 2 жыл бұрын

    Come to UK yey

    • KyleRoyerKnives
      KyleRoyerKnives  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Would love to mate. Cheers from the Ozarks ⚔️🔥☕️👍🏻
      Team Royer

  • Jordan Marsengill
    Jordan Marsengill 2 жыл бұрын

    9:52 guy just burn his hand?