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IELTS Writing task 1: Bar chart lesson

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    I didn't take any special classes for IELTS just your videos and achieved an overall 7.5 band.. Thank you!!

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    Its sad that you stopped making more videos... We want you to continue teaching in this method... Please do come back with more and more informations

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    2022 Dec, and still watching this. Learnt and cleared IELTS in 2019 by watching your videos,but because of the pandemic my IELTS validity got expired. So I am here again, back to old school, back to your amazing videos. To think of it, it's a paradox that I run out of adjectives while describing your videos. I hope you are happy and content wherever you are and doing whatever you could, but I do wish you to come back!

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    I've never passed more than 6.5 in writing when I took classes for IELTS but I managed to score 7 in writing during my official test just by watching videos on this channel. Thank you very much for uploading these, you don't know how much these have helped me!

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    0:30 Describing a bar chart
    1:46 Band 9 answer structure
    - Introduction (Introduce your chart in 1-2 sentences)
    - Overview (Describe general trends)
    - Feature 1
    - Feature 2
    2:50 Introduction (1-2 sentences)
    - Paraphrase given information
    - Write 2 things:
    1. What your graph shows
    2. For what period of time
    - Synonyms:
    + Shows = provide information about = represents = illustrates
    + Divorce rate = percentages of divorces
    + From 2011 to 2015 = Between 2011 and 2015
    5:27 Overview
    - Describes trends ( should have 2-4 key features )
    - NEVER write numbers, percentages or dates in overview
    - Compare beginning and the end
    - Always start overview with ‘overall’
    - Describing: + Experienced a downward trend. + Showed an upward trend
    + Initially had a lower rate
    - Linking words: While
    9:15 Specific details
    - Group specific features into separate paragraphs
    - Write 2-3 separate paragraphs
    9:50 Paragraph 1 (Details about Sweden)
    - Write numbers ,percentages and include useful details as much as you can
    - Describing: + Was about 45%(use ‘about’ when you’re not sure the exact percentage)
    + Being higher than ..... by approximately 8%
    + Rose to almost 50%. + Showed a gradual decrease
    + Hitting a low point
    - Linking word: However (To show that Sweden’s rate changed)
    - All percentages are not exact ( used ‘around’ and ‘about’ )
    14:49 Paragraph 2 (Details about Finland)
    - Describing: + Was less than 40%. + Decreased in 2012, when about one third
    + Experienced a steady growth. + Rose to approximately 39%. + Increased by around 3%
    + Remained steady for the next year, outracing...
    Linking word: However
    16:57 Full Paragraph

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    I have never seen any other channel like this, which has gained almost 500k subscribers with just seven video's ! This channel is as wonderful as her teaching method ! Thank you 🖤

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      How did you prepare for your writing module

    • Ielts Prep
      Ielts Prep 5 ай бұрын

      In pie chart, overview is shorter. Here, it is longer. What should we choose?

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    I just cannot describe in words how grateful i am for your lessons. The way you elaborate on something i viewed as particularly impossible to analyse is so magical to the extent, where even I, as a representative of graph-haters, managed to comprehend to the explanation impeccably. Thanks a lot! You have a great channel

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      Me me me me me me. Thanks for speaking my mind !

    • yunus emre
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      8:27 why did he said "had some fluctations" cant we just use the past simple and say "fluctuated"??

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    Your instruction is the clearest one among all the tutorials that I have watched.

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      I'm fully agree with you

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      forrest gump u can use past tense but u have to make sure u use the same tense throughout the sentence or throughout the paragraph

    • yunus emre
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      8:27 why did he said "had some fluctations" cant we just use the past simple and say "fluctuated"??

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    One of the best detailed Writing task 1 tutorial ever!! I’ll use this tips for my ielts writing task 1. Thank you!

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    Thanks for this. I got a 7.0 in writing and I watched all your videos. :) I know the score could've been better if I was able to really practice writing under a time constraint/limit. So guys, make sure to do that, practice writing after watching the vids :)

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    Wow this is the best tutorial for ielts, she takes the illustration stage by stage and explains reasons why they should appear that way 👏👏👏👏👏

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    I scored 7.5 in writing and overall 8 in IELTS. Thanks IELTS-up for all the tips.

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      Yoo bruv help a fellow Nepali here. What are your suggestions of a band 7 writing?

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    Dear Lady! If you could read this, please come back and make/upload more videos. The whole world is waiting for you, your methodology and contents are of top quality and extremely useful/helpful. Never saw such videos relating IELTS before.

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    Didn't take any special classes, and you won't believe, didn't even practice Writing. I just watched your tutorials two to three times, appeared in IELTS academic, and got an amazing 7 bands in Writing module!
    While watching your tutorials, i used to say "magic"🌸. Thanks for these magical tutorials lady 😍🌸.

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    Hello everyone,
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