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SURPRISE BEDROOM MAKEOVER for my Brother! *From Start to Finish*

  • Жарияланды 2020 ж. 23 Қар.

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  • Lena Lu
    Lena Lu 2 жыл бұрын +573

    I love that you kept all of your brother’s favorite things on display even if they weren’t super cohesive and cute. I’ve watched a bunch of surprise makeovers where the person just hides all the personal items because they weren’t cute or fit the aesthetic.

    • Karen Lovely
      Karen Lovely 7 ай бұрын

      @Art of Ivan Esparza 6

    • melanie Bishop
      melanie Bishop  Жыл бұрын +6

      I totally agree.

    • Caitlin Coder
      Caitlin Coder  Жыл бұрын +21

      This!! I'm like where's their personality? I don't want the showroom version!

    • Art of Ivan Esparza
      Art of Ivan Esparza  Жыл бұрын +44

      I know right? He made his personal things the focus not random decor. He kept the soul of the room.

  • Joanne Ramirez
    Joanne Ramirez 2 жыл бұрын +213

    I love how attentive to detail all of this was for your brother. You really catered to his style and needs. I’m amazed. Obviously it was your brother but you explained the reasoning behind decisions which it such a strong listener skill. Some designers push their wow factor- in designing but they lose in the functionality that’s really needed by the person who uses that space. Great job!!

    • Lisa Ryherd
      Lisa Ryherd  Жыл бұрын +4

      Yes, very well said!!

  • JustKidding🇵🇷
    JustKidding🇵🇷  Жыл бұрын +107

    Those windows with the arches are everything!
    You’re such a kind soul to do these kind gestures for your family!

  • mtzjotz
    mtzjotz 2 жыл бұрын +155

    Tell your mom, from another mom, she raised a wonderful son!
    You’re so sweet together and it’s lovely that you did this for your brother.

  • Tamra Turner
    Tamra Turner 2 жыл бұрын +34

    As a mother of two boys I LOVE that you did this for him!! Makes my heart happy!

  • April Brown
    April Brown  Жыл бұрын +54

    i love that you can now appreciate how gorgeous those windows are. Before they were so hidden you couldn't see how beautiful they were.

    • no one
      no one  Жыл бұрын +1

      Oh my gosh...yes! Those windows are too beautiful to cover...but I understand the AZ heat is a monster.

  • Vee Leo
    Vee Leo 2 жыл бұрын +404

    My favorite part of this was how Drew kept asking them, “Isn’t this good??” - just a boy trying to please his lovely family. ☺️ you did a great job! And your family is adorable.

  • Lynsey17
    Lynsey17 2 жыл бұрын +51

    I truly don't understand why people are so into designer things but I do love how much effort your brother puts into taking care of them :)

  • Emily Urban
    Emily Urban 2 жыл бұрын +16

    OMG, I found myself getting excited for you're family, especially your brother to see his room. I love his comment, "Now I don't have to worry about my desk falling apart.". It is beautiful & made more beautiful because your family was so appreciative. Love your video of family working together.

  • Monique Walker
    Monique Walker 2 жыл бұрын +46

    Well done! It looks so good and everything was so practical, very clean lines and cozy colours. You nailed the masculine but stylish look!

  • Christine Achille Gunter
    Christine Achille Gunter 2 жыл бұрын +18

    Your love for your family is so evident in this

  • Katherine Dent
    Katherine Dent 2 жыл бұрын +99

    This was so good. You gave him an adult bedroom instead of a gamer boy. It was so nice meeting your family.

  • Amanda Rae Campos
    Amanda Rae Campos 2 жыл бұрын +111

    I love how excited his brother is to have Drew decorate his room. The support there is so heartwarming. He knew Drew would crush it. 💚 Good brother.

  • Lulu R
    Lulu R 2 жыл бұрын +18

    Love how your brother kept looking around, you really made his space one that he can enjoy 😉

  • L Row
    L Row  Жыл бұрын +5

    What a great job making over your brother’s room! Such a wonderful gift for him! And you focused it around the things he loves the most!

  • JasmineRossette
    JasmineRossette 2 жыл бұрын +18

    Your dad opening his eyes before everyone was so cute and hilarious! Also the room came out so so so good! Love the way it turned out, and your family seems so supportive, that is so cool to see! 😄

  • Chrissy B
    Chrissy B 2 жыл бұрын +5

    The room came out great. I love the green color on the walls. Also, the way you accented all the black with the wood chair and the brass end tables. It all blends so well.

  • Rosie Yang
    Rosie Yang  Жыл бұрын +4

    The doggies really make the whole room complete lol LOVE IT DREW!!

  • R i a
    R i a 2 жыл бұрын +311

    Definitely the windows in that room are the focal point! They are absolutely gorgeous!! Another great makeover Drew❣️👍🏼😌

  • Aunt Bee
    Aunt Bee  Жыл бұрын +8

    Love what you did. The green is such a great shade. The dogs are adorable. I’m a new subscriber. I love your work and color pallets. I like how you explain as you are going. You take us on a bit of shopping that’s related to the project, but you don’t turn most of the video into a long, boring shopping trip, as others seem to be doing lately. Also, you don’t spend all your time criticizing everyone and everything else, that gets draining after awhile. Keep up the good work! 👍🏻

  • Soni Yee
    Soni Yee 8 ай бұрын +1

    What an awesome makeover. I love how you took an average looking room that we all have, and elevated it to beautiful and you showed us step by step because a lot of us don't have that talent and need to be shown. Look forward to watching more awesome redecorating.

  • Marie Schmidt
    Marie Schmidt 2 жыл бұрын +4

    This turned out amazing! Absolutely loving your room makeovers. Can’t wait for you to hit 1 million subscribers!

  • GLE E
    GLE E 2 жыл бұрын +1

    You are officially my favorite KZclipr! What a great job you did, and it was obvious your brother was in awe! Also love how your dogs really liked the area rug! :)

    • Lone Fox
      Lone Fox  2 жыл бұрын +2

      Thank you so much!!

  • Rudo Grace
    Rudo Grace 2 жыл бұрын +33

    Can we just appreciate how real the reveal was
    He could have easily had them redo it but he didn't
    Love and respect to you Drew

  • Sami Loft
    Sami Loft 2 жыл бұрын +721

    I love how the bed is directly against the window, feels so chic!

  • Mt.BikeHer
    Mt.BikeHer 2 жыл бұрын +1

    That was A-mazing! Such a small space and you have a great eye for placement and color (I'm a graphic designer). I've watched you for a while and came to look for DIY Pier One stuff but ended up loving seeing you with your fam. You're a great brother and your whole family seems sweet. Can't believe you did that in two days. Great job!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 жыл бұрын +5

    I love the whole family reveal. So wholesome! Your fam seems amazing.

  • Rachel Reese
    Rachel Reese 2 жыл бұрын +20

    I really liked how you kept all the things that were important to him, but still gave him a fresh new style!

  • xo82
    xo82  Жыл бұрын +1

    Ahahahaha! I love how you included the 4 legged family members! They really complete the room!😘

    NONNA STORY TIME 2 жыл бұрын +5

    What a great make over for your brother! The colors are cozy and perfect. Your enthusiasm is like medicine right now. Bless you!

  • Pashosh
    Pashosh 2 жыл бұрын +368

    Drew is the only person that can make a green wall look like it's from a magazine 😌👏🏻👏🏻

    • Miss Chris
      Miss Chris 2 жыл бұрын +1

      I love the green.

    • Kendra Voracek
      Kendra Voracek 2 жыл бұрын +1


    • L̺͆.K̺͆.
      L̺͆.K̺͆. 2 жыл бұрын +5

      Drew's esthetic is gorgeous and what I love about his work is his ability to make high end on a budget (or not: I bet there wasn't any budget for James Charles's room makeove he made, fo' sho 💪❤️😂).
      But seriously, we love your work, Drew 🤩👊

    • Sakshi Chaudhary
      Sakshi Chaudhary 2 жыл бұрын

      I totally agree on this

    • delana scott
      delana scott 2 жыл бұрын +6

      omg that is so true!! He made Joshuas room sooo much better!

  • Shirley Drake
    Shirley Drake 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Bet you and your mom had a great time doing this together, I know I enjoy days with my sons. You favor her a lot! Your room turned out really well.

  • Retired AtLast
    Retired AtLast 2 жыл бұрын +3

    The room looks FAB! The dogs are adorable. You are a great brother and wonderful son.

  • Tessa Fisher
    Tessa Fisher 8 ай бұрын +1

    What a sensational transformation. And how heartwarming to see the whole family come together to help. Your brother’s a lucky man.

  • Amber Kelly
    Amber Kelly 2 жыл бұрын +1

    What an adorable family. Loved how much of your brothers style and practical things you kept and he really seemed pleased. If I wasn’t so old and hated the heat so much I would be begging to be adopted.

  • Tricia C
    Tricia C 7 ай бұрын +1

    Love the doors and trim, and the floors! I love that color paint also! It's all so perfect! Awww those doggies are so cool!

  • The Style Insider
    The Style Insider 2 жыл бұрын +997

    Oh I LOVED this one and your family is SO cute 😊

  • Michelle Angello
    Michelle Angello 2 жыл бұрын +1

    This turned out great lol lol!!! Seriously though it really looks so fresh with the green, wasn't sure but after seeing it yes I'm loving it!!!! Your Mom has such beautiful eyes Drew. She should be on camera more often!!! Glad bro loves the makeover. What a great brother you are!! 💗 Love when you do room makeovers

  • Teresia Naigulevu
    Teresia Naigulevu  Жыл бұрын +1

    I feel so much family love here 💖 You are a good son and brother, Drew 💖 Gorgeous transformation 💖💖 Thanks for sharing 🌹

  • Valerie Ann
    Valerie Ann 2 жыл бұрын +61

    I love when Drew gets excited and his voice goes up several pitches , Lol.

  • 🌟Katz☁️
    🌟Katz☁️ 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Drew, you did it again. Great job! You got your brother’s vibe so well and were so respectful to what was important to him in the room. It was so nice to “meet” your family!

  • Mags H
    Mags H 2 жыл бұрын

    I love the green color and the fact you are doing this for your brother is the sweetest gesture. Hate hanging curtains, I always iron mine fire hanging. They are very nice. The room looks amazing. Well done!

  • TheRomewedding
    TheRomewedding 2 жыл бұрын +500

    Please let your mom know that she did really well on camera!

    • TheMissLexi
      TheMissLexi 2 жыл бұрын +3

      @Delana Scott you were fabulous. So natural and gorgeous

    • 𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙮𝙖
      𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙮𝙖 2 жыл бұрын

      No problem!

    • delana scott
      delana scott 2 жыл бұрын +4

      @𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙮𝙖 wow thanks!!

    • 𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙮𝙖
      𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙮𝙖 2 жыл бұрын +3

      Yeah but its not like she was acting in camera she probably has a really amazing personality even off camera

    • Delana Scott
      Delana Scott 2 жыл бұрын +26

      Omg. So embarrassing but thank u @theromewedding

  • Karen Lindsey
    Karen Lindsey  Жыл бұрын

    It’s amazing how you made the room look so much bigger. It’s gorgeous too…of course. The dogs are adorable!

  • Theresa Miller
    Theresa Miller 7 ай бұрын

    Amazing how simple changes made such a huge difference. I especially love how the change in the curtain rod placement showcases the windows snd the beautiful view. Drew I NEED you to help me makeover my home! ❤️

  • CC
    CC  2 жыл бұрын +1

    CABLE CORD MGMT!!! It's always an after thought. This was so well hidden. Loves it! Also loved seeing Vicki again. Bee-U-Tee-ful bulldog. This was a great video to show you don't need to have a closet filled to the ceiling with shoes, clothes, and other unnecessary wear. Just the basics. As always, job well done!

  • Sally Sampson
    Sally Sampson 4 ай бұрын

    Love this room/decor/colour/functionality/keeping your brother’s vibe and how it all came together. Looks bigger too! Hope he keeps it tidy 😁. Great job Drew!! 👍🏻🥰🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  • Brenda Campbell
    Brenda Campbell 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Another AWESOME makeover. Your brother's room turned out so good. The gallery wall the choice of colors for the paint, the curtains and area rug were spot on. like the reading nook with the chair. I luv the arched windows in the room. The wardrobe was also a great addition. I need one just like that. You are truly gifted.

  • calbear1313
    calbear1313 2 жыл бұрын +48

    Your dad was hysterical when he jumped the gun on opening his eyes. Happy family and very photogenic. Great touches throughout the room. Well done.

  • Halibut 1
    Halibut 1  Жыл бұрын

    Josh is standing there In awe inhaling all the goodness of it!! Very nice of you Drew to do that for your bro.

  • Davana Chase
    Davana Chase 2 жыл бұрын +3

    I love everything you do. Your energy, passion and humor make you a true star! And the dogs are adorable.

  • Rachinspired
    Rachinspired 2 жыл бұрын +2

    Love the end result of your brothers room, and your family are very cool ☺️

  • Fanitopia
    Fanitopia  Жыл бұрын +1

    Thank you for the inspiration. All the color tones in this room are gorgeous. I'll use it for my house.

  • thiskidd
    thiskidd 7 ай бұрын

    Beautiful and masculine without being too dark. The only thing I would maybe add are roller-shades from the window frame down, leaving the arch section open so the curtains don't have to be closed all the time to have privacy and to keep the heat out. Love it! Another awesome makeover!

  • Kate
    Kate 2 жыл бұрын +146

    I loved the fact how mom didn’t expect to be filmed and she has a full make up on. That’s the level for me 😂✨🔥

    • Robin Long
      Robin Long 2 жыл бұрын

      @Delana Scott you’re adorable.

    • oldladytoofast
      oldladytoofast 2 жыл бұрын +5

      @Delana ScottI understand. Used to be my routine too but I don't have anyone to scare anymore so I only do it if Im leaving the house and now with masks a necessity I only do my eyes lol.

    • Delana Scott
      Delana Scott 2 жыл бұрын +4

      I have to or I’m very scary lol

    • oldladytoofast
      oldladytoofast 2 жыл бұрын +12

      I bet mom does her makeup first thing everyday!

  • Joanne Pompilio
    Joanne Pompilio 2 жыл бұрын +2

    Great job! Your brother must be so proud of you. You have your Mom’s gorgeous eyes.

  • Susan Clow
    Susan Clow 7 ай бұрын

    Your brother's room looked amazing. Good job and you kept him in mind when you did things. I love the green walls and the room actually looks bigger now too. Very nice.

  • Taufik Malik
    Taufik Malik 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Love this so much. The room turned out great 😍

  • Sanne
    Sanne  Жыл бұрын +3

    Such a sweet family you have❤️ love how you upgraded your brothers room

  • Keralynn Little
    Keralynn Little 2 жыл бұрын +1

    such a good makeover!!! I would have never thought to add the mirror and hook near the door. This is super inspirational how you enhanced this space and kept everything he liked in there.

  • MayaEJa'Nae Jo
    MayaEJa'Nae Jo 2 жыл бұрын +68

    You, your brother, and father all look alike. I loved everyone's reaction, even the fur babies loved the new room. Great job as usual Drew.

    • Ashlee Mitchell
      Ashlee Mitchell 2 жыл бұрын

      I actually think that Drew looks like their Mom, and Josh looks like their Dad. However, I think both boys have their Dad's chin, and possibly even his nose.

    • Lone Fox
      Lone Fox  2 жыл бұрын +7

      Thank you so much!!!

  • dustbunnieboo
    dustbunnieboo 7 ай бұрын +1

    Great job! I love how the bulldogs hang out with you while you're working, Drew. :)

  • Elizabeth Blanco
    Elizabeth Blanco 2 жыл бұрын +2

    Your happiness for your brother made my day.

  • Hope Noack
    Hope Noack 2 ай бұрын

    I just found this channel and I’m not prone to subscribing to decorating channels but…..I really like this guy and for 1st time watching and seeing him with his family was so warm and inviting. What a great family! And wow! He is sooo talented ❤️

  • Diane Brown
    Diane Brown 2 жыл бұрын

    So I just 'found' you today & viewed a couple of your room makeover videos such as your bedroom, your living room & then your brother's bedroom. ALL OF THEM LOOK GREAT! I'll be checking into your online store, etc. Thanks for some very pleasant & really nice room re-do's.

  • Maria A
    Maria A 2 жыл бұрын

    Wow! What a transformation! Your brother is so lucky to have a brother like you and your family is adorable. ❤️

  • syazwani jalalludin
    syazwani jalalludin 2 жыл бұрын +146

    I love it when your mom look at you and said " It will. It always does" aww.. soo much love and proud 💞

    • alize8605
      alize8605 2 жыл бұрын +7

      Right! You can tell how proud she is! Made me tear up a little lol ☺️

  • Mariah
    Mariah 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Such a lovely gift for your brother! Your family are great; mom and dad (especially dad) are obviously not used to the camera, but it was fantastic - everyone helped in their own way!

  • Terri Oakley
    Terri Oakley 2 жыл бұрын

    You did a great job of styling the room , keeping it masculine but warm and inviting at the same time . You are such a stylish young man well done !

  • MVH
    MVH 2 жыл бұрын +1

    This was one of my favorite make overs! Great job, Drew! LOVE your family. You are so artistic, creative and one of my favorite designers/KZcliprs! The colors you used were fabulous and it was great how you showed shopping at Target and putting your brother's room together. Very stylish!

  • Baroness Elsa von Freytag- Loringhoven

    Fun for the whole family, that's sweet and the room turned out great ❤️

  • connie c
    connie c 7 ай бұрын

    Really nice room makeover. This room went from sad and boring, to uplifting and inviting! Excellent job!

  • Addie H
    Addie H 2 жыл бұрын +255

    Omg I just thought of how cute it would be if there was a little fox that ran across the screen when it’s on the “next day” screen! Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE the windows in his room!!!!
    Edit: lmao wow I didn’t even realize how many likes this has😂

    • Karissa Peterson
      Karissa Peterson 2 жыл бұрын +2

      Little fox making apperances would be too cute!!!

    • Delana Scott
      Delana Scott 2 жыл бұрын +16

      Love that idea telling drew

  • YouGroove
    YouGroove 2 жыл бұрын

    More family home makeovers! They, more than anyone deserve to benefit from your talents!

  • Kristin Lyngaas
    Kristin Lyngaas 2 ай бұрын

    It turned out just beautiful and masculine for him! You gave me some great ideas for my two young adult sons 😊 your dogs are adorable too!

  • Jessica Pinto
    Jessica Pinto 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Yeah, this is really beautiful, well done Drew! Oh and your family seems so cute and nice!

  • jhing bangayan
    jhing bangayan 2 жыл бұрын

    You're very good at picking colors. They are therapeutic colors. I also love those colors especially in pastels, just very calming and they really work for my for my son who has autism. You're so talented and always carry that good energy/vibes❤️

  • Apolonia Tanorita
    Apolonia Tanorita  Жыл бұрын

    You’re such a cute human! I’ve been binge watching your videos, hoping to get my daughter’s room transformed with your wonderful ideas!

  • jackalopeXjackalope
    jackalopeXjackalope 2 жыл бұрын +29

    This is the wholesome cute Thanksgiving content everyone wants now haha, your family is lovely and the room is much more grown up and put together!

  • Sherry W
    Sherry W 8 ай бұрын

    Omgosh what a great job you did! Took your bro a bit to see all the thoughtful changes & upgrades ... could tell he appreciated your attention to detail & loved the makeover. 💕

  • vida pdl
    vida pdl 7 ай бұрын

    It was so nice of you to transform your brother's room. Greatly done!

  • Zory Alvarado
    Zory Alvarado 2 жыл бұрын +1

    This room turned out beautifully.
    You have a gorgeous family.
    xo 💙

  • Blood Honey Sin
    Blood Honey Sin  Жыл бұрын

    Aww this was really sweet, your bother seemed to really love his new space

  • Helene D
    Helene D  Жыл бұрын

    Just seeing this older video from 11/20. It's FAB, Drew!!! Really love what you did to your brother's room. I know it's a love for him. You're the BEST. : )

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 2 жыл бұрын +12

    Aww this felt really wholesome. You did good by your bro and that reaction.. I don’t think you could fake that, he seemed genuinely over the moon with the results. I also loved the sibling energy when you was putting Josh’s clothes in the new closest. Just like patting them like “love you Bro but eww boy stuff”😂

  • step one
    step one 7 ай бұрын

    The shade of green is awesome ! ! The entire room is absolutely incredible. You did your brother well.

  • Queen Vee
    Queen Vee 8 ай бұрын +1

    Small details always counts. Love how it turns out.

  • Beth
    Beth 2 жыл бұрын +1

    It looks fantastic! I love the colour you chose for the walls.

  • Vickie Scholl
    Vickie Scholl 7 ай бұрын +1

    That room turned out amazing. Great job Drew.

  • Janine Biros
    Janine Biros 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Everytime I think “eh I don’t think I’m gonna like this room”, you always come through and prove me wrong!!! Love it, great job as always

  • Ana Cristina RS
    Ana Cristina RS 2 жыл бұрын +406

    Your dad was so sweet when he opened his eyes!

    • no one
      no one  Жыл бұрын +2

      Dad is a cutie....

  • Ashley Sovilla
    Ashley Sovilla  Жыл бұрын +1

    I love that you really took the time to cater to his personality and aesthetic with the design. The space looks great!

  • geryddle
    geryddle 2 жыл бұрын

    I loved the new green color on the walls, and fits perfectly with the dark wardrobe! 👏 And the decor items really bring the room to life 👏 The bed under the window was so weird at first, but now I'm thinking how to put mine like that 😂

  • tasha hunt
    tasha hunt 2 жыл бұрын +6

    I love the windows and the room. You have a beautiful family❤

  • Avi La
    Avi La  Жыл бұрын

    Beautiful family and your brother couldn’t stop looking around, he like his room a lot ☺️

  • Velvet
    Velvet 4 ай бұрын

    Fantastic! Absolutely love the combo of textures and colors, so sleek and fresh. A smaller space with all the right accents and that gorgeous window just pops. Love it!

  • Cheeky Llama Creations 🦙
    Cheeky Llama Creations 🦙 2 жыл бұрын +33

    I love how it turned out, especially the bed. And your family is adorable, including the gorgeous bulldogs 💜

  • Padmavathi Sarvepalli
    Padmavathi Sarvepalli 2 жыл бұрын

    This was SO CHARMING. Your fam is so adorable and your brother was so happy!!!! It just warmed MY HEART. Also you and your brother are basically twins!! So cute. :) This was so perfect.

  • Sarah Morgan
    Sarah Morgan 2 жыл бұрын

    Absolutely loved this, I hope you makeover some more family spaces in the future, it was nice seeing all of you

  • Myra Robinson
    Myra Robinson 2 жыл бұрын

    I absolutely loved this make over 🎊 Good Job 👏🏽