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I Made an Escape Room for my Friends in Minecraft...


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  • Rosie Mason
    Rosie Mason 3 ай бұрын +7835

    My three takeaways from this video:
    - Impulse is the only one who takes it seriously and actually knows what to do
    - Joel has a very warped sense of humour
    - Grian just misses Mumbo

    • ___Meph___
      ___Meph___ 4 күн бұрын

      @A Grapefruit He himself is the clown and he made them kill each other in the end instead of the pandas lol. It was clearly a saw reference as soon as he came out and started talking.

    • Iced
      Iced 3 ай бұрын

      -Grian is really annoying in escape rooms

    • RAE
      RAE 3 ай бұрын +1

      -joel is short

    • mavimiran4
      mavimiran4 3 ай бұрын +2


    • Ethan Campbell
      Ethan Campbell 3 ай бұрын +3

      You found 3

  • Draconic Duelist
    Draconic Duelist 3 ай бұрын +879

    12:10 I absolutely love the idea of Jigsaw getting fed up with someone he's captured failing at the easy part and just smashing into the room to show _how_ easy it is before swooping back out.

    • Ariel C
      Ariel C 14 күн бұрын +11

      I don't put ALL this deadly traps here for nothing!

    • Gongerman
      Gongerman 16 күн бұрын +27

      If SAW was a horror comedy

  • Sarah Uzumaki
    Sarah Uzumaki 3 ай бұрын +930

    I absolutely enjoyed Joels escape room. The voice is just icing on the cake. Made me crack up every room :)

  • Julian M
    Julian M 3 ай бұрын +886

    I’d love to see this concept extend for a few more episodes! Personally, I’d enjoy seeing Etho or BDubs!

  • Mr. Creeper
    Mr. Creeper 3 ай бұрын +820

    The axe thing was so obvious that the tension I felt from seeing the bit start to end was worth it.

    • HushPsycho
      HushPsycho 3 ай бұрын +21

      i agree, i saw it coming instantly but seeing them realise it was great

  • RosileeJe
    RosileeJe 3 ай бұрын +395

    Joel angrily breaking through the ceiling to light the candle for you absolutely cracked me up lol. This is such a cool collab!

  • Kinuwa_K
    Kinuwa_K 3 ай бұрын +9151

    Grian constantly missing Mumbo is the most wholesome thing evah

    • phoebejeebies
      phoebejeebies 2 күн бұрын

      @Costa Xenos there’s this thing called first languages, i always get really angry when people comment on grammar mistakes or spellings that i have made because english is my third language.

    • Italic Muscle
      Italic Muscle 29 күн бұрын

      I'm glad he's still alright though

    • Turqoisechannelkingcomments
      Turqoisechannelkingcomments Ай бұрын +1

      yea lol imissmumboimissmumboimissmumbo

    • Likhin
      Likhin Ай бұрын

      He's fully back now

  • -3V3LYN-
    -3V3LYN- 3 ай бұрын +64

    14:41 when Grian just goes *”IMPATIENTSV”* is golden
    Then 16:02 when they both scream *”WAIT YOU HAVE ONE TOO?!”* just shows how _cruel_ Joel is
    Edit: I watched all 3 episodes of this in one day 2 months ago and questioning my sanity. As Dan Reynolds once said: “they’re just a figment of imagination” because I have schizophrenia but live for Scarian and ID

    • IceyLive
      IceyLive Ай бұрын


    • TÉLÉGRÁM MÉ @Officialgrian0
      TÉLÉGRÁM MÉ @Officialgrian0 3 ай бұрын

      ......................now............🎁🎁🎁⤴️⤴️I have something for you 🎁...

  • Carmen Gryphon
    Carmen Gryphon 3 ай бұрын +399

    Grian: Grumbot just can't let go of Mumbo
    Also Grian: If Impulse wants to relax he can chill in this nice peaceful room full of Mumbo heads.
    I begin to suspect that Grumbot's obsession with Mumbo might have been inherited and not a bug in the system.
    Edit: 4:30 please never let grian figure out how to turn that into a skin, my heart can't take it and neither can Scar's.

  • animeking1357
    animeking1357 3 ай бұрын +124

    I love that Joel put a button that specifically kills Grain because he knew Grian wouldn't be able to resist.
    I'm pretty sure I could understand Joel but I appreciate the subtitles.

    • Fregato Politis
      Fregato Politis 2 ай бұрын

      Maybe it kills the person closer to the command block

    • Clover Arcondas
      Clover Arcondas 3 ай бұрын +9

      Yeah and grian didn't even hesitate to press it 😂

  • Max
    Max 3 ай бұрын +149

    I wanted to leave a comment about the CAPTIONING HERE!!! THIS IS SOME OF THE BEST CAPTIONING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON KZclip!!
    you do not understand how insanely happy this makes me. as someone who requires captions (i have sensory processing issues) it is so incredible for me to see such well-done captions; the different colours for different speakers, capitalised names - everything is done in a perfect standard format to maximise accessibility. but my favourite bit of all HAS to be when Joel speaks with the voice changer and the captions switch from open to closed captions. Usually, the closed captions will continue in captioning, making it difficult to read the text. BUT THE CLOSED CAPTIONING STOPS!!! this means I can still actually read the screen and it doesnt inhibit my understanding at all!! whoever did these captions, i APPLAUD you, and grian too - thank you SO MUCH for this. genuinely incredible.

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 3 ай бұрын +154

    Honestly I haven't watched the other videos yet but I can't imagine an escape room more entertaining than Joel's.

  • SamiTheAnxiousBean
    SamiTheAnxiousBean 3 ай бұрын +4443

    Joel bursting out of the ceiling due to being frustrated at them being incapable of doing the puzzle so he can do it himself is way funnier then it has the right to be

    • Publiconions
      Publiconions 2 ай бұрын +2

      @percy pie hahahaha! I said the same thing then I saw your comment, lol

    • Publiconions
      Publiconions 2 ай бұрын +7

      easy!.. easy!.. simple! He yells.. I put myself into a coughing fit from laughing so hard

      CHANNEL HAS MOVED 3 ай бұрын +22


    • ze cat person
      ze cat person 3 ай бұрын +45

      yes he looked so judgmental and disappointed and fed up xD

    • wolflover1221
      wolflover1221 3 ай бұрын +1

      @mentallyeel true

  • Wodwin
    Wodwin 3 ай бұрын +82

    Feels like a classic Grian build battle. I miss those videos a lot, you should do more like this!

  • CM
    CM 3 ай бұрын +30

    Grian echoes the sentiment of the entire Hermitcraft audience. We miss Mumbo.

  • paloution
    paloution 3 ай бұрын +70

    Really cool, I like that you guys are doing some fun stuff other than just the normal collabs from Empires and Hermitcraft. I don't know how long it took to create these videos, however the idea seems pretty popular, probably worth doing more. Nearly 500k for each of your videos in the first two days. I'd be down to watch more creative content like this. I watch all of you guy's videos regardless anyway. I can't wait for the next season of Last Life. Aloha, happy holidays boys🤙

  • Mia Birmingham
    Mia Birmingham 3 ай бұрын +20

    After watching all three videos, it is apparent that these match your personalities. Impulse’s logic and kindness, Grian’s chaos, and Joel’s Drama

  • Morgan
    Morgan 2 ай бұрын +5

    Joel did pretty well. It could basically be a minecraft personality test. You would rather kill turtles than think of how to use the tools you have (a hoe), you need to think outside the box to light the candles (and pay attention to the information your "captor" "accidentally" gives you), be observant or curious enough to check walls (trapdoors) (in this case, it was just Grian flipping a trapdoor. It's just like levers, really), and finally, would you kill your friend to save a beloved pet, or kill a beloved pet to save a friend.
    Ultimately, it seem like a test that would reward you for thinking outside the box and also for not being violent.
    10/10 Joel did good work

  • Stas
    Stas 3 ай бұрын +1724

    12:09 I lost it when Joel started yelling "I tested it! Look! It's easy!" and came down himself to show how it's done

    • Lucia
      Lucia  3 ай бұрын +14

      The “*sighs* …LOOK!*

    • Kerstin G.
      Kerstin G. 3 ай бұрын +12

      I swear i died MULTIPLE TIMES lmaooo

    • TheGamingTurret
      TheGamingTurret 3 ай бұрын +69

      In Grians defense he was aiming at the wrong candle

  • Lolli_Popples
    Lolli_Popples 3 ай бұрын +20

    Jimmy sure gets a lot of compliments in these escape rooms.

  • Garett Johnson
    Garett Johnson 3 ай бұрын +14

    Okay, we are 16 seconds in and I already find this video extremely funny. Grian and Joel's respective 'G' and 'J' are capitalized for their names, yet Impulse's signature 'i' is still lowercase! Gosh I love these three!!!

  • MrBlbll
    MrBlbll 3 ай бұрын +40

    Props for always making projects that promote fun interactivity from viewers :)
    Nice job, ideas and execution, the three videos were very enjoyable!

  • StarAce
    StarAce 3 ай бұрын +32

    Absolutely loved watching all 3 videos. 😄 They were all amazing and hilarious to watch.
    Particularly Joel's 'I tested it. It's easy.' Moment which was hilarious. 😂😄

  • ExperienceFiordland
    ExperienceFiordland 3 ай бұрын +26

    As someone who works at an escape room, I can confirm that we make our contestants kill turtles in order for them to proceed.

  • He1Io
    He1Io 3 ай бұрын +1484

    I needed this. Feels like a throwback to grian's old videos with colabs. If theres somehow a slim chance grian sees this, I think i speak for everyone that we miss this

    • PenninnaPlays
      PenninnaPlays 3 ай бұрын +1

      @kristenVEVO Maybe they'll make a rustic mumbo mayor? :D

    • Nicole Cook
      Nicole Cook 3 ай бұрын

      Build swap

    • Battle Droid
      Battle Droid 3 ай бұрын

      build swap please 🙏

    • Alberto
      Alberto 3 ай бұрын

      @Brittany Yeah build swap was just great

    • kristenVEVO
      kristenVEVO 3 ай бұрын +5

      @PenninnaPlays if npc grian and grumbot combined into one do you think they'd want to build a rustic mumbo or would they want to make a rustic house mayor?

  • Kawaiitron
    Kawaiitron 3 ай бұрын +7

    Joel, Grian, and Impulse in a situation of struggling to light a candle seems awfully familiar… just needs a murderous ghost and a certain toy.

  • mooliberry
    mooliberry 3 ай бұрын +9

    This collab has been so fun! I'm glad to see more one-off collabs, and I'd love to see more

  • StrangeGamerC
    StrangeGamerC 3 ай бұрын +5

    I'm so glad to see the build battles coming back! Can't wait for more!

  • Dillon Vandergriff
    Dillon Vandergriff 3 ай бұрын +6

    Mad points to Joel though, hitting that candle shot first try like a boss lol.

  • OtterWater
    OtterWater 3 ай бұрын +7

    I loved it! Always great to see different content from you, we're with you no matter what videos you want to make.

  • Anexor
    Anexor 3 ай бұрын +2758

    As a map maker who's made escape rooms before; watching your friends struggle to see puzzle clues that you literally point out to them is pretty funny.

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 3 ай бұрын

      Ugh it's too much

    • Wintergreen
      Wintergreen 3 ай бұрын

      first (jk)

    • Lord Dino
      Lord Dino 3 ай бұрын +11

      Whenever I make a small puzzle it drives me crazy when I overthink a clue and then I get frustrated because they don't have the same thought process as me lol

    • HallowThePumpkin
      HallowThePumpkin 3 ай бұрын +1

      RedStar 123 Bot? he didn't either.

    • Captain Jotunheim
      Captain Jotunheim 3 ай бұрын +50

      As someone who runs escape rooms, it is the same thing with customers

  • Jem Wilkinson Shell
    Jem Wilkinson Shell 3 ай бұрын +3

    being able to do that part of parkour just explains how much of a G.O.A.T Grian is.

  • niros calfon
    niros calfon 3 ай бұрын +3

    Joel is a genius he's underappreciated by far
    That's a shame that you haven't showed us what was in Impulses book when he killed you cause it was so iconic and funny

    • TÉLÉGRÁM MÉ @Officialkriekel
      TÉLÉGRÁM MÉ @Officialkriekel 3 ай бұрын

      Thanks for watching…
      You’ve been selected among our shortlisted winner’s
      Dm to claim your prize☝️☝️

  • tyzzieee
    tyzzieee 3 ай бұрын +7

    i love how they both immediately accepted killing each other to avoid hurting the mumbo jumbo pandas

  • Crest3d_g3ck0
    Crest3d_g3ck0 2 ай бұрын

    I can’t be the only one who screamed at Grian and Impulse for several minutes for not realizing that they both had that goal.

  • minorsecond
    minorsecond 3 ай бұрын +5

    They were all fantastic escape rooms and videos but I have to say this video was the best because Joel is just blimming hilarity personified.
    Also, it was super easy to understand him lol. He sounds like Zedeath and I have watched Zed’s Halloween special episode from season 6 (ep 13) a million times so I’m fluent by now lol

  • Sniper Rat
    Sniper Rat 3 ай бұрын +1988

    ‘He’s smart, and he’s small’
    What a way to describe your friends

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 3 ай бұрын +6

    Hermitcraft is really fun to watch, but I love seeing your group antics on creative worlds with just a few friends as well!

  • Urclues
    Urclues  3 ай бұрын +2

    Absolutely love this building challenge. I'd love to see more

  • Beef Meister
    Beef Meister 3 ай бұрын +2

    This made me so nostalgic for the old Grian build battle videos!

    • TÉLÉGRÁM MÉ @Officialkriekel
      TÉLÉGRÁM MÉ @Officialkriekel 3 ай бұрын

      Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 you have a giveaway package 🎁🎁🎁. Add up ⬆️⬆️⬆️ to acknowledge prize..

  • ForeverLaxx
    ForeverLaxx 3 ай бұрын +3

    It's funny that Grian accuses Joel of not knowing what an escape room is when Grian didn't make an escape room either.

  • teacolouredink
    teacolouredink 3 ай бұрын +1210

    Joel’s panicked movements whenever he gets caught peeking are golden :’D Also him talking about turtles in that voice is too good! He sounds so evil yet so pure at the same time! Would love a full length demonic voice nature documentary hahaa

    • Lucy
      Lucy 3 ай бұрын +1

      I would watch it

    • Jaewol
      Jaewol 3 ай бұрын +21

      But specifically about the life of the turtles and how they got into that situation

  • oStarzy
    oStarzy 3 ай бұрын +1

    Its nice to see Grian make new content like this. keep it up Grain!

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Ай бұрын +1

    Love how half of Grian's course is just Mumbo brain rot.

  • Goat
    Goat 3 ай бұрын +7

    “He’s smart, He’s small.”
    Grain, 2022

  • Ikar Aviator
    Ikar Aviator 11 күн бұрын

    I was kinda expecting Grian to ask Imulse "So... you got that axe too, aren't you" before entering the Mumbo Pandas room. Joel did the most expectable thing in the world and they fell for it

  • gferrol118
    gferrol118 3 ай бұрын +7

    12:12 OK now I really want to see a Saw parody where the guy who set it up just keeps getting annoyed the people can't solve it, so he does it himself

  • GarryLarry890
    GarryLarry890 3 ай бұрын

    I like this type of content and it’s good to see something non-hermitcraft once in a while, and this video was really cool!

  • Roger Wang
    Roger Wang 3 ай бұрын

    Honestly I would love to see more collabs from Grian to mumbo. they're such good friends

  • Blysteryx GD
    Blysteryx GD 3 ай бұрын +1

    its been a while since I've seen this type of collaboration between grain and friends, and it is still epic!

  • denlix cutix
    denlix cutix 3 ай бұрын +1

    Grian's first room sounds like the story of the turtle and the bunny. The bunny goes and relaxes and does other things while the turtle just slowly wins the race

  • Gothic_Analogue
    Gothic_Analogue 3 ай бұрын

    Grian’s cries for help (wanting Mumbo back) genuinely bring a tear to my eye.

  • Sarah Dougall
    Sarah Dougall 3 ай бұрын +426

    Joels escape room is actually super fun and creative, even if it does revolve around the brutal slaughter of innocent animals.

    • Apple_100
      Apple_100 3 ай бұрын +2

      Reminds me of the saw movies

    • TheCamillaRose
      TheCamillaRose 3 ай бұрын +11

      Soooo on brand with Joel lmao

    • Deku Kitty
      Deku Kitty 3 ай бұрын +38

      Which to be fair, very on brand for Joel.

  • Isla Guerreiro
    Isla Guerreiro 2 ай бұрын

    I love how much Grian comments about Mumbo - they're the most iconic duo really it's adorable :)

  • SwankierSpy
    SwankierSpy 3 ай бұрын +1

    The immersive portals mod would have been perfect for the most mind bending escape room ever.
    They should also add immersive portals to bedrock edition.

  • CurseAndy
    CurseAndy 3 ай бұрын +4

    4:51 “It’s not a secret, it’s just me diarrhoea Mumbo Shrine” Now you can’t unhear that.

  • Mystic-Malevolence
    Mystic-Malevolence 3 ай бұрын +4

    Joel's escape room reminds me a lot of the classic Escapecraft adventure map.

  • Cat Lover 1606
    Cat Lover 1606 3 ай бұрын +1

    I love the last challenge Joel made. It's just the Prisoner's Paradox "Which I Love". I'd bet he would have rewarded them if they just killed the pandas.

  • Connie Smith
    Connie Smith 3 ай бұрын +218

    Alternative title: Joel and Grian annoying each other the whole time whilst Impulse is the peace maker

    • nyom
      nyom 3 ай бұрын

      Impulse be like: let's see if ANY of them survives

  • Nasis Kahn
    Nasis Kahn 3 ай бұрын

    This was a fun collab! You sure love your infinity rooms! This one is my favorite! I miss Mumbo too. I loved watching all the videos.

  • Will Phoenix
    Will Phoenix 2 ай бұрын

    This was amazing. Especially the end.
    I hope there's a second Crack at these.

  • TheLittlefurnace
    TheLittlefurnace 3 ай бұрын

    I love when you do these kinds of videos Grian! you should do more like these! (Maybe bring back build swaps? :>)

  • Robert Weeks
    Robert Weeks 3 ай бұрын

    The winner was us! Infinite shenanigans for everyone! This one brings back the build swap joy with a dark twist. Lovin it!

  • Dynasty0612
    Dynasty0612 3 ай бұрын +601

    “These are my friends, Joel and Impulse. He’s smart(Impulse) and he’s small(Joel).” What a way to start the video.

  • pelahnar4
    pelahnar4 3 ай бұрын

    I appreciate the subtitles a lot. Thank you Grian.

  • ed smith
    ed smith 3 ай бұрын +1

    Great video idea! Making people go watch the 2 other videos as well … brilliant! Keep the content coming!

  • Iz-the-Best
    Iz-the-Best 3 ай бұрын

    I am excited to just see Grains reaction to whenever Mumbai comes back in Hermitcraft

  • Emily C
    Emily C 3 ай бұрын +1

    I feel like this is like a summoning for Mumbo to come back officially.

  • yeet
    yeet 3 ай бұрын

    I think I have NEVER laughed out loud more from an MC vid... I'll definitely gonna start watching Joel now. When Grian pressed the random button that kills him .. and he laughs.. comes back, then the little Joel evil laugh after is soooo freakin funny!!!

  • Jaewol
    Jaewol 3 ай бұрын +871

    God I love the use of the prisoner’s dilemma. Very clever on Joel’s part.

  • Quero jogar um Jogo - com Andre Miles

    This was incredibly wholesome... Mumbo really is Grian's best friend.

  • johnny6
    johnny6 3 ай бұрын +1

    This definitely gives off old school build swap vibes, amazing video

  • Stanalarplays
    Stanalarplays 2 ай бұрын

    I love the whole “I miss jumbo” vibe this gives off, and to be honest, *i agree.*

  • yeet
    yeet 3 ай бұрын +1

    Snot, drool and tears dripping from my face from laughing so hard -- this may have been the funniest bit of content since the NewsRadio when AndyDick gets tripped up by the cable and pulled against the door to Andy's office and he doesn't know what's happening to himself

  • Bonus Vir
    Bonus Vir 3 ай бұрын +1

    As soon as he said "'The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma'.", I liked the video immediately.

  • İnci'nin minişleri
    İnci'nin minişleri 3 ай бұрын +186

    "The nicest fella a Grian could ever know"
    Sounds like the best compliment a man can get

  • SayDays
    SayDays 3 ай бұрын

    What a nostalgic video! Feels like watching classic Grian again

  • Light'em Up
    Light'em Up 3 ай бұрын +1

    These are my favourite people together and I'm always so happy to see them hangout together

  • emo haralampiev
    emo haralampiev 3 ай бұрын

    that was cool and fun. Just a slight downside was how much Joel was telling you. I feel a more subtle approach would have been more interesting (with bigger hints if you really struggle). Also the 2 axes in the end were quite obvious NGL...

  • Corwin Alexander Gaming
    Corwin Alexander Gaming 3 ай бұрын

    I'm so shocked that Grian didn't spot a prisoners' dilemma when offered the axe.

  • Lucid Lullaby
    Lucid Lullaby 3 ай бұрын +1

    Now this is some classic Grian content

  • impulseSV
    impulseSV 3 ай бұрын +32

    I miss Mumbo.

  • PixelPotato
    PixelPotato 3 ай бұрын

    Very nice escape rooms, guys! Grians would be so hard to get out of though. :/

  • Mrdollyman567
    Mrdollyman567 3 ай бұрын

    im glad to see this type of content from Grian again!

  • Akos Horvath-Risko
    Akos Horvath-Risko 3 ай бұрын

    I saw what Joel did at the and there, and I love it! And Impulse masking it and telling Grian to go first made it so much better!

  • Emmy
    Emmy 3 ай бұрын +1

    Thank you for the subtitles: the voice changer made everything Joel said 10x funnier

  • Ailani H
    Ailani H 3 ай бұрын

    The fact that like almost every episode he says he misses mumbo is sad and wholesome at the same time.we miss mumbo to though.

  • SuperBatBoy33
    SuperBatBoy33  3 ай бұрын +123

    Man, it’s really been a while since Grian uploaded a video like this. I really enjoyed it!

  • The Godseeker
    The Godseeker 3 ай бұрын

    What bothers me about Grian’s situation is that Grian misses Mumbo so much and thinks Mumbo’s still out biking while Mumbo has been back for months and has not told Grian yet

  • KeyCard17
    KeyCard17 3 ай бұрын

    The more Grian mentions how much he misses Mumbo, the sadder I get.

  • Micaihla07
    Micaihla07 3 ай бұрын

    I remember, making my sister an escape room, it's a massive one and after that she told me she enjoyed it. Took me months to finish, sadly I accidentally deleted the world

  • StarNanny
    StarNanny 3 ай бұрын

    Grian’s experience in creative shines! So fun!

  • MusicByOK
    MusicByOK 3 ай бұрын

    I kinda wanna use the Portal texture for some of my build. I feel like theres some really cool stuff to be done.

  • Shannon H
    Shannon H 3 ай бұрын +40

    I'm really expecting Mumbo to just....appear on the server like nothing happened and with no warning. Cant wait for it!

    • Timemaster111
      Timemaster111 3 ай бұрын

      @Shannon H ah ok, you made it sound like he had a falling out or something

    • Shannon H
      Shannon H 3 ай бұрын

      @Timemaster111 MumboJumbo hasnt been on Hermitcraft for a few months. I was half expecting him to show up in this vid, and I'm fully a expecting him to just Appear on Hermitcraft

    • Timemaster111
      Timemaster111 3 ай бұрын

      I’m confused on the context of this

  • almost human
    almost human 3 ай бұрын +2

    I'm so grateful for the life series for introducing me to Joel

  • Thunder Shadow
    Thunder Shadow 3 ай бұрын +1

    I absolutely love how this video has turned out, but it does give me one question... does this variety content mean potential build swap in the future?

  • Moris DarkSea
    Moris DarkSea 3 ай бұрын +1

    Actually, it would be very interesting to see how the escape room built by Mumbo would look like.
    So I joined Grian's "obsession"

  • Lindy Nichols
    Lindy Nichols 3 ай бұрын +1

    I would die for a whole series of Demon!Joel leading people through 'escape rooms'!

  • BuddyWolfe
    BuddyWolfe 3 ай бұрын

    i miss these build battles, and stuff the OG stuff, still love the hermitcraft vids tho. thanks for the entertainment. good to see these videos every once and a while.

  • Emma Porter
    Emma Porter 3 ай бұрын +351

    It’s so fun to see you making videos about something other than Hermitcraft!