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Things I learnt as a care assistant that helped me in nursing UK

  • Жарияланды 2020 ж. 9 Қыр.

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  • Katy  Cain
    Katy Cain   Жыл бұрын +19

    I have a interview tomorrow for a care home, I am wanting to get into nursing but my grades aren’t the best I really hope this helps me get into nursing. This has made me feel more confident knowing this helped you into nursing, I’m feeling nervous for my interview tomorrow fingers crossed 🤞🏽 thank you for this video! ♥️

    • TajLalaMorocco
      TajLalaMorocco  Жыл бұрын

      can you send to me the questions please

    • Naima Abubakar
      Naima Abubakar  Жыл бұрын

      I’m the same 🙈

    • Manpreet Kaur
      Manpreet Kaur  Жыл бұрын

      did you pass the interview

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын

      Morning!! Aw amazing news!! Well done and a huge good luck 🙌🏻❤️

  • Forlocsake
    Forlocsake 2 жыл бұрын +13

    I'm a care assistant too and it is true that the 6c's are everything in this role. I've become emotional watching your video. I share the same passion for my job, I'm in a care home now but I was doing home care before. So rewarding. I love my elderly people. If I ever become a nurse I'd love to continue working with them.

    • anumol m
      anumol m 2 жыл бұрын +1

      hai sis can you help me for serching senior care assistance job in uk

  • FollowingAmanda
    FollowingAmanda 2 жыл бұрын +15

    I love this video because I’m applying for the next Health Care Assistant course in my local area. It’s a Pre-Nursing course. I’m looking forward to it. All of a sudden at 38 I’ve decided to do this. I have a degree in Business Tourism which I’ve never used and since college I’ve worked on several places, neither related to my degree. I thought I was set in a career for life when I got a job in media but I used to spend 6 hours a day in the car getting to and from work so I had to give that up after 11 years. I took some time out to have a family and I’m working again in a shop but I’m really hoping to get in the next course that becomes available.

    • Cj Moonlight vlogs
      Cj Moonlight vlogs  Жыл бұрын +1

      Where did u do your course how to apply please help

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Morning! Aw that’s amazing :) well done for going for it! I had so many students in my year who were mature students too ☺️ and I was 36 when I qualified so it’s definitely possible 🥰
      That’s a shame about your media role :( 6 hours! Blimey! I thought almost 2 hrs travelling was bad haha. Bless you. I really hope you get this course! Fingers crossed for you and a massive good luck!! ☺️🤩 xx

  • TianaGiang
    TianaGiang  Жыл бұрын +4

    Thank you for all the advice! I’m starting my Health Care Aide program in January and I hope to work for a year or two and upgrade to a Licensed Practical Nurse! So nice for you to show appreciation to all levels of the nursing staff.

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын

      Morning! Aw that’s amazing! Well done 🙌🏻 good luck with everyone 🥰 x

  • George CR7 FAN
    George CR7 FAN 2 жыл бұрын +5

    I have just been offered my dream job as a HCA at the hospital. I cant wait to start my career in nursing. I was looking for training videos on KZclip for when i start and this has really helped me ☺️ thank you!! Xx

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын

      Whoooop!!! Well done Lauren!! This is fantastic news 👏🏻🥳 go you!! I hope you love it. If you need anything, just give me a shout :) xx

  • E P
    E P  Жыл бұрын +1

    Been working as hca since 2008. I wanted to do nursing since I started working in hospital in 2010. Now I’m a student nurse. My dreams came true! I’m so happy I know what I want to do in my life. Can’t wait to finish and start my journey as a nurse ❤️

    • E P
      E P  Жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael Studying hard and in the meantime watching your channel Claire👍 very informative❤️🌺

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын +1

      Aw that’s amazing!! Well done !! Good luck to you 😭 x

  • shemo_jimmy
    shemo_jimmy 7 ай бұрын +2

    Came back to say thanks Clarie.
    6 months ago I started searching and getting to know about care job.
    This video of u was so inspiring for me, and I got sure, yes I want this job. 🥰
    I'm a care assistant now and I do love it …

  • kerry bonney
    kerry bonney 2 жыл бұрын +5

    I have recently just started my role as a care assistant after 15 years in retail. This is my 3rd week and so far I have only been shadowing due to COVID so I haven’t been able to attend any training so your videos have helped me especially when I have felt doubt and worry! Thankyou so much xxx

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын

      @JASS DEEP BEER you don’t need a course to be a care assistant. Maybe call the home you applied to and ask for feedback? ☺️ see what they say x

      JASS DEEP BEER 2 жыл бұрын

      Which course do we need to do for this job. I have applied but not selected

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын

      Morning! Aw bless you. There’s loads of stuff being put on e-learning for healthcare now! Maybe have a look on there :) I know a lot of our mandatory training was moved over there. Also the QNI website is a great resource : www.qni.org.uk

  • Life with Lou
    Life with Lou  Жыл бұрын +2

    Great video! Ive done HCA role for about 6 years now, community care, home care and now I'm going into the NHS to hopefully further my skills and hopefully I can do a fast track nursing degree. I loved that you included the 6'c of care, its sad that a lot of people heading into care do not share these core competencies which are vital when heading into care, especially when you mentioned about phoning in sick and being late affects the home, 100% valid and is one of my pet peeves in care. If you don't care then its not the job for you is what I say. Great video x

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын

      Morning! :)
      Aw that’s amazing!! I hope you can fast track too! You should be able to with that experience 💙 xx

  • Caroline Beatley
    Caroline Beatley  Жыл бұрын +3

    I'm studying to be a healthcare assistant Claire and this video has helped me so much thanks for making this video it has giving me a lot of insight 😊

  • Michaela3899
    Michaela3899  Жыл бұрын +1

    This is a great video, thank you for sharing this. I am an appreciate in care and I want to go into nursing when I finish my course, it's a never ending learning experience and it's great xx

  • Nicky B
    Nicky B  Жыл бұрын +1

    Thank you so much for this video I too was a chef in the catering industry and now want to become a carer assistant you truly are an inspiration ❤️

  • Shell Pullar
    Shell Pullar 2 жыл бұрын +4

    Loved this vlog Claire. Every word you say is so true. That was the hardest thing I had to do was last offices. As a team leader I had to call family, Drs and undertaker and it was hard. The first time was horrible because of the nurse that was on that day. He was so horrible, it was my first time and when I got out the room I had tears in my eyes and he told me to stop been so emotional.. I wasn’t even full crying just experienced my first deaf for goodness sake!

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын

      Shell Pullar Oh gosh that’s awful of them to say that! :( sorry you had that experience. 💔 x

  • PhoenixSuki
    PhoenixSuki  Жыл бұрын +1

    So glad you made this video Claire. I’ve got an interview in a care home next week so this video is perfect for me to watch right now. Hoping to gain experience with adults so I can 100% decide which area of nursing I want to go into in a few years time.

  • Claudiu Aicoboae
    Claudiu Aicoboae 6 ай бұрын

    I used to work in Uk for 5 years as a care assistant and now I’ve started my nursing degree in Romania. I’m planning to move back to UK once I graduate. Do you have any advices or tips on how to apply for NHS?

  • Frantisek Saleh
    Frantisek Saleh 9 ай бұрын +1

    Dear Clair what a lovely honest and professional speech. I was a carer in the UK also CSW2 now living and working in Italy in a care home . Working to do my OSS training in Italy. Like you I have felt in love with my job, and I am working on my dream job to be a qualified nurse. Thank you very much indeed for your clip. All the very best in the future.

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  9 ай бұрын +1

      Thank you ☺️ I hope you’re are doing good over there too :)

  • Jakeyplayz
    Jakeyplayz  Жыл бұрын

    This is so helpful. I’m starting a care assistant job in the next few weeks and this is such a supportive video and to be able to prepare me.

  • Holmes as in Sherlock
    Holmes as in Sherlock  Жыл бұрын

    Hi Claire, I’ve been in hospitality all my life and currently a GM In a large hotel.
    I am leaving the industry for good in 3 weeks to start as a community care assistant. Great video really helpful.
    Thank you

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын

      Hey! Aw amazing! Well done 🥰 I loved my time as a care assistant so much. I hope you love it too x

  • Heidrun M
    Heidrun M 2 жыл бұрын +9

    This video is so so helpful, I have an interview for a care assistant in 45 minutes. I have watched so many videos on KZclip but this video has been the most helpful!

    • Sharma Wadey
      Sharma Wadey  Жыл бұрын +2

      Yes how did it go? What questions was asked

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Omg good luck!! How did it go?! Xx

  • ScopingScurri
    ScopingScurri  Жыл бұрын

    Watched this before my final exam for skills today to help! Thank you so much for the perspective and information 💜

  • Rebecca Johnson
    Rebecca Johnson  Жыл бұрын +1

    I'm studying health and social sciences, This is brilliant and loads of tips for my course thank you.

  • January Moree
    January Moree  Жыл бұрын +1

    I am going to start my new work as a care assistant very soon ,i don’t have previous experience but watching your video it really gave me courage and of course gained lots of knowledge.Thankyou so much ! I will do my best ...

  • Vielka Beitia
    Vielka Beitia 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Thank you for this educational video ... I will start this new adventure next week and I am very happy to have been lucky enough to have found this video, It would be very good if we apply these 6C's in everything we do in this way the world would be more wonderful .

  • Jordan Paige
    Jordan Paige 2 жыл бұрын +2

    Hi love! I have a random q.... I'm currently studying Psychology at the University of Liverpool. Hoping to eventually become a clincal psyc. I wondered if you know of any psycs in your workplace who took a job such as a healthcare assistant after graduation? We must do atleast one year in a clinical based profession. Whilst and AP (assistant psyc) would be the best one, it's HIGHLY competitive. Support worker/healthcare assistant/wellbeing practioner seem to be the next 'alternatives' to gain relevant clinical experiance.

    • Jordan Paige
      Jordan Paige 2 жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael I will look into it, thank you! We have to do one year before we can apply for the PhD. So I'm just trying to figure out which one would give me the best experience with patients. I like how much one to one and care with patients a HCA seems to have. Thank you for your reply!

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Hey! I don’t see why not? Have you tried sexual health services and SARC? They would be great places to get experience too :)

  • Noemi Tatar
    Noemi Tatar 4 ай бұрын

    I do not afraid of death at all. I saw my grandmother when she was dead and it was lovely. It was very exciting 🥰

  • Simo Moon
    Simo Moon 2 жыл бұрын +2

    You are such a beautiful passionate being! Thanks for this inspiring and teaching video... I will start this amazing new adventure next month and I am so happy, you really have me the idea 🙏🏻☀️🌈💐🥰

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын

      @Simo Moon aw you’re far too kind to me ☺️ I hope you’re doing ok? Yes definitely keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing ☺️🌈💗🌻 x

    • Simo Moon
      Simo Moon 2 жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael thanks Claire! Wow it’s the first time I get a reply from a KZclip Hero! 🙏🏻 😊🌈 I would love to keep in touch with you once I start 🌷

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Aw thank you!! That’s great news. Congratulations 👏🏻🥳🌻

  • Lunah Vibes
    Lunah Vibes 2 жыл бұрын +2

    This video is really helpful, thankyou Claire 😇🙏😊 it gave me more confident and encouragement to go for nursing .. looking forward it.. thankyou

  • Anne shogo
    Anne shogo 4 ай бұрын

    You are such an amazing soul Claire. Much love from 'Kenya'

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  4 ай бұрын

      Aw thank you! All the way from Kenya! Lovely 🥰❤️

  • Marta Walker
    Marta Walker 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Thanks for the amazing and informative video. Could you tell me, is there an opportunity to develop in the HCA role please? Or I must have a certain degree and years spent at a University to apply for Band 3 job?
    Another question would be about shift. Do you think is that possible to start work from 8:30 or 9am plus eight hours on five days a week as a Health Care Assistant in a Hospital? Your answer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Hi Marta, no you don’t need any extra qualifications like university to become a band 3 :) they can train you on the job for this. You might be asked to do an NVQ level 3 health and social care or equivalent to this though. But they would fund this and train you if you had that job.
      I’m not sure about hours, it’s down to the managers - sorry x

  • Sunday Segun Moses
    Sunday Segun Moses  Жыл бұрын +1

    You are good in your expression. God bless your intellectual capacity. I just start care support job last week.

  • Caroline Mendoza
    Caroline Mendoza  Жыл бұрын +1

    Hi! I moved in the UK 7 months ago from Italy because I want to pursue a career in the NHS. I don't have any experience in the healthcare but I really want to be one of them, I've been applying for a lot of vacancy... seriously like 30 vacancies?... i've got also an interview but I failed the interview as a bank hca and got another one as a nursery assistant but didn't go well too... so i'm a bit discouraged right now as I don't know how can I start this career I've been dreaming for almost 10 years, I'm 24 now, I know I'm young but I'm a bit lost also with what path I have to take. do you have any tips?

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын

      I would call / email the places you had interviews with and ask for feedback on your interview. They can give you some good advice on where to improve ☺️ but keep going and keep trying! You will get there x

  • Demi Foster
    Demi Foster  Жыл бұрын

    Watching this 1 hour before my interview, thank you for this it’s a huge help

  • Tej Kumari Thapa
    Tej Kumari Thapa 2 жыл бұрын +2

    I have an interview for care assistant next monday. This video is really helpful ❤️❤️

  • Karl Donatella
    Karl Donatella 2 жыл бұрын +4

    I have a Care Assistant interview tomorrow and I’m bricking it hahaha, but this helped out a lot thanks!

    • AfgBeauts
      AfgBeauts 2 жыл бұрын

      @Karl Donatella hi girl, give us some info on what you did and how it went thanks a lot

    • Karl Donatella
      Karl Donatella 2 жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael thanks Claire! Hahaha I’m so excited!

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +3

      @Karl Donatella omg that’s amazing!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻🥳🥳🥳🥳 whooop!!! Aw I really hope so too! Xx

    • Karl Donatella
      Karl Donatella 2 жыл бұрын +4

      @Claire Carmichael thank you! I got the job! They hired me on the spot and they told me they never done that before! Your vid helped so much thank you!
      I hope I learn a lot here like you did to prepare for nursing. 😁 have a nice day!

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Whoop!! Good luck!!! X

  • amaka Topaz
    amaka Topaz 2 жыл бұрын

    Were you at any point as a HCA or student treated badly by a fellow colleague or senior colleague, if yes, how did you handle it and how did it make you feel

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Hi! As a student, there was one person who used to speak to me badly. So I killed them with kindness and carried on 🤷🏻‍♀️ I did also report it but not much got done about it and I wasn’t confident enough at the time to do more about it.
      I also witnessed a HCA abuse a patient once! They never did it again! I reported it, and other people came forward too and they were sacked ❤️ xx

  • sky black
    sky black  Жыл бұрын

    I have an interview soon, thank you this was a really great video!! :)

  • Jonna Lou
    Jonna Lou  Жыл бұрын

    I have been a carer for a year and now i just applied for a team leader and nvq 2 for health and social care. I just want to ask what should i be expecting for my nvq?

    • Jonna Lou
      Jonna Lou  Жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael thank you for your video and your reply. ❤️

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын +1

      I think it’s probably all changed now to be honest. I did mine back in 2008! Haha!
      But we had a portfolio we had to fill out with different bits like care, quality, equality, diverts, respect, dignity, personal care and hygiene etc. We just had to write in each section the evidence that we have done it and give examples of what we’ve done with our patients. Then someone signs it off for you :)

  • Magdalena Zacharska
    Magdalena Zacharska  Жыл бұрын

    Thank you for this video, tomorrow I'm going to an interview, fingers crossed!

  • Yadwinder Kaur
    Yadwinder Kaur  Жыл бұрын

    Thanks for sharing this lovely video , I am going to have my HCA interview tomorrow k hope this will help me in the future .

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын +1

      Good luck for your interview! You’ve got this 💙🙌🏻 x

  • Safeer Ahamed
    Safeer Ahamed  Жыл бұрын

    Hi i am a hospitality professional but now i want change my job as caregiver. Would you recommend online course from UK. I truly value your advice.🙂

    • Safeer Ahamed
      Safeer Ahamed  Жыл бұрын

      Thank you for your immediate response.💙🙏🏼

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын +1

      There’s many different courses now for health and social care :)
      Some people do this online with different companies. Just make sure the company you pick online is an accredited company and an official qualification 💙


    Absolutely correct

  • 🙏🙏
    🙏🙏 6 ай бұрын

    Nice information ☺️

  • irene muthui
    irene muthui 8 күн бұрын

    Thank you so much. 😊

  • Ootesh Purgaus
    Ootesh Purgaus 7 ай бұрын

    Hello Claire!! I would like to communicate with you by video call!
    I am from mauritius! I am a nurse aspiring to join the NHS!!

  • peter townley
    peter townley 4 ай бұрын

    started in care 7 years ago worked every weekend for 7 years worked threw covid 19 have weakened immune system dont drink smoke parents aunt died in hgv smash at 18 pregnant women lived my son is transgender sister flipped car with neice & been on 2 crash sites 1st on scene tried to be a doctor but my age is against myself so now i am applying for nurse degree learned so much from care work longterm also pallative care last ops

  • Bhavika Patel
    Bhavika Patel  Жыл бұрын

    Im working in nursing home over five years as a care assistant im not that confident and expressive my self .i have interview end of the month at nhs but completely blind what kind of questions they ask should i able to give ans .

  • Elma
    Elma 2 жыл бұрын

    Hi, I have a care assistant interview nextweek I'm quite nervous, but watching this video, I'm a little bit confident..., good luck me.. Give me some tips please. Happy new year

    • Elma
      Elma 2 жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael thank you very much

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын

      Aw you’ll be great!! Good luck for it.
      I did a vlog somewhere about care jobs / interviews that should help you 🥰 fingers and toes crossed for you! Xx happy new year!



  • damaris abdullahi
    damaris abdullahi 7 ай бұрын

    Thank you so much

  • Mathew
    Mathew 11 ай бұрын

    How I get care assistant job in UK?

  • Charmaine Coote
    Charmaine Coote  Жыл бұрын +1

    hi l take care of the elderly and I would love to get a job as a care assurance in UK can anyone help me please

  • Devi Puspitasari
    Devi Puspitasari 2 жыл бұрын

    Hallo, thanks for your video,,l love it..
    I have training on Tuesday,, please give me luck.☺️🙏

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын

      @Devi Puspitasari aw how exciting!!! 🥰 good luck to you. I’m sure you will do amazing! :)

    • Devi Puspitasari
      Devi Puspitasari 2 жыл бұрын

      thank you, this is my first experience applying for a job in the uk,,I'm happy because after the interview they called me for a test swab,and the result is negative..Tuesday I will do training. i am so excited and nervous too,this is the job i want😊

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +1

      Fantastic!! Good luck! 👏🏻🤩🥳

  • Mercedes-BenzBentleyRangerover
    Mercedes-BenzBentleyRangerover 11 ай бұрын

    I want to be a nurse but I'm nearly 50, is that too old? I already have a degree in a different discipline though.

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  11 ай бұрын +1

      That’s never too old. We had loads of people over 50 in my year at university and they did amazing :) go for it and be happy! X

  • Lily El
    Lily El  Жыл бұрын

    Thank you

  • Cj Moonlight vlogs
    Cj Moonlight vlogs  Жыл бұрын

    Where did u do ur health care assistance course

    • Cj Moonlight vlogs
      Cj Moonlight vlogs  Жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael ty for ur reply much appreciated

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael   Жыл бұрын +1

      I worked in Cheltenham originally so did my NVQ level 2&3 health and social care with learn direct and then Cirencester college for NVQ 3 ❤️

  • montelo flora
    montelo flora  Жыл бұрын

    Yes teach us

  • Alec P
    Alec P 6 ай бұрын

    Why I was crying listening to you?

    • Alec P
      Alec P 6 ай бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael Yeah, but every your vlog brings back memories, not always happy ones, I feel stronger, with your advice.

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  6 ай бұрын

      I don’t know 🙈 are you ok?!

  • Ben iam 100
    Ben iam 100 2 жыл бұрын

    OMG... you are just a genius... absolutely succinct and clear.
    Pls You single ma'am?

  • Racheal Aryeetey
    Racheal Aryeetey 2 жыл бұрын

    Claire I am a care assistant and I need ur help urgently pls

  • 🙏🙏
    🙏🙏 6 ай бұрын

    My health care assistant interview 10 th October 2022

    AMANDEEP SINGH 2 жыл бұрын

    Can man work as a care assiatant

    • evi1pau1
      evi1pau1  Жыл бұрын

      @AMANDEEP SINGH I just started with no prior experience, but will be gaining a “Care Certificate” qualification as part of my induction / on the job training, classroom and e-learning provided by my employer.

      AMANDEEP SINGH 2 жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael what are the qualification for this job required?

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +2

      Of course ☺️ I have friends who are men and working as a care assistant :)

  • R A
    R A 2 жыл бұрын +1

    Do you have to clean poops?

    • evi1pau1
      evi1pau1  Жыл бұрын

      Yes. First week on my own, and thats exactly what I had to do when an elderly gentleman went in his pads on his way to the toilet... I thought Id be repulsed by this part of the job, but you get on and deal with it, and help the patient/customer.

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +5

      @R A as a nurse you have more knowledge on the human body and how to treat conditions, how to prevent deterioration etc. I can also do more clinical skills out there

    • R A
      R A 2 жыл бұрын

      @Claire Carmichael Thank you! But you are nurse now. What is the difference between nurse and carer?

    • Claire Carmichael
      Claire Carmichael  2 жыл бұрын +7

      Absolutely! I would never leave a patient sitting in their own faeces, when they can’t help themselves. X

  • Bridget Parsons
    Bridget Parsons 5 ай бұрын

    Thank you