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Pawn Stars: TOP 5 GOLD & SILVER DEALS | History


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  • Cpt. Mac Millan
    Cpt. Mac Millan  Жыл бұрын +6337

    The $111,000 worth of silver was the most honest and most realistic pawn shop deal so far

    • Gavin -
      Gavin - Ай бұрын

      @porterhouse416 lmfao kind of like how everyone has the freedom to choose between homelessness and starvation or wage labour

    • J
      J Ай бұрын

      howd it get there englehards is in the uk

    • Jett Capson
      Jett Capson Ай бұрын

      3:24 baby EAT IT BABY

    • Braulio Garcia
      Braulio Garcia Ай бұрын

      @Paul Kemezis
      Why do they haggle.
      They did haggle right on this video

    • ventiphobic
      ventiphobic Ай бұрын

      You are acting like you are pro in these types of jobs
      Kid get some milk
      Just enjoy it

  • B. Z
    B. Z 11 ай бұрын +1898

    Gotta love the way they educate the sellers before shattering their hope by giving half price they ask for.

    • gyela
      gyela 20 күн бұрын

      Sometimes it is way even lower than the price

    • pappi
      pappi Ай бұрын

      @Bindu Tiwari to state that's it's unnecessary. Your point?

    • Bindu Tiwari
      Bindu Tiwari Ай бұрын

      @pappi necessary enough for you to comment

    • Victor Lara
      Victor Lara Ай бұрын

      This program is fake go Vegas and visit the store 😂😂

    • yeahman
      yeahman Ай бұрын

      It's definitely not already scripted lmaao Americans have no idea what to believe anymore hhhh

  • The Casual
    The Casual  Жыл бұрын +2716

    That gold bar was so amazing! Actual ship wreck treasure, I'm assuming his grandparents found during the time it was illegal to own. Amazing

    • Roachee
      Roachee Ай бұрын

      @L. Kennedy you can’t tell a soft from hard metal off of visualization, it is real gold, he’s prolly melted it into other stuff and back into a bar somewhere down the line.

    • MyRegardsToTheDodo
      MyRegardsToTheDodo Ай бұрын

      @A M Not really. It has no special markings, which means it would be pretty hard to match it to the cargo of a special ship, especially considering that those cargo lists (if they even survived) weren't neccessarily complete. Sometimes crewmates from these ships bought gold cheaper in the harbour where the ship was loaded, then sold it once they got home, which generally wasn't allowed, but kind of tolerated. So this might have been a captain's or officer's private treasure, making it hard to prove it's from a Spanish/French/English or any other nation's ship.

    • Steven Baker
      Steven Baker Ай бұрын

      @L. Kennedy lmao yeah soft you’re crazy dude you think real good is like dough

    • DrewPro
      DrewPro 4 ай бұрын

      Some of these comments 🤦‍♂️

    • Threezy's World
      Threezy's World 4 ай бұрын +1

      @Random Guy LOL it was made like 600 years ago and has been underwater that long, of course it's not gonna look pristine like a gold bar made today with modern technology.

  • FDC 1
    FDC 1 6 ай бұрын +204

    Like Rick said, silver is the best conductor of electricity available. What he failed to mention is that silver is extremely effective against vampires and werewolves.

    • MrSirFluffy
      MrSirFluffy Ай бұрын

      @Joe Blow Not really, Silver has a spot price at any given moment. The Seller likely got Spot price, possible even with a bit of premium. Considering he is literally timed the market perfectly, that guy got a great deal. He bought at the deepest valley and sold at a recent peak, that Silver dropped to 69k and is now worth 90k-ish today.

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow 2 ай бұрын +2

      It must not work on vampires cuz those bloodsuckers still sucked every penny out of the seller!

    • Ken Mohler
      Ken Mohler 3 ай бұрын

      Silver is actually the best conductor, but gold is most often used in electronic parts because gold does not tarnish. Ever. Silver will tarnish in air and contacts made of it will become less conductive.

    • SereNation
      SereNation 3 ай бұрын +3

      He misspoke. Gold is actually the best conductor, but obviously it is rare to be used in that regard because of how expensive it is.

    • Jay S
      Jay S 4 ай бұрын +1

      If their leash is silver.

  • encepurdy68
    encepurdy68 8 ай бұрын +619

    Crazy that silver sale almost marked the exact top of silver it has never been back to that price level. That silver investor timed the market perfect

    • the second silvereich
      the second silvereich Ай бұрын

      @Carl carl gold and silver did lose value in the muslim world. And the Spanish empire brought back silver and gold thus inflation they was poorer because of it and the great depression all money lost value food and water are far move valuable then anything

    • Carl carl
      Carl carl Ай бұрын

      @the second silvereich yes mali empire experienced inflation increasing gold supply but gold never lost its value compared to any fiat that it outlived

    • the second silvereich
      the second silvereich Ай бұрын

      @Carl carl the Mali empire king mansa musta would like a word with you also inca empire called

    • Carl carl
      Carl carl Ай бұрын

      @kitkat47 Chrysalis yes where does gold stand now, where are all the fiats from the past, either destroyed or in museums, all central banks hold it, the top 1% hold it, majority of nations hold it, it's traded for other commodities, gold and silver has never and will never hit 0, any fiat and paper currencies all go back to its true intrinsic value....0

  • J1111B
    J1111B 9 ай бұрын +302

    The show isn't quite the same without the Old Man may he rest peacefully.

    • Adamirishconundrum
      Adamirishconundrum Ай бұрын

      Q.L. Wynn he just successfully trolled 6 people 😂

    • WilliamBigBills-
      WilliamBigBills- Ай бұрын +5

      @Damien L

    • RixyZ
      RixyZ 2 ай бұрын +6

      @Damien L child

    • Jay S
      Jay S 4 ай бұрын +12

      @Damien You are fly in the soup.

  • Oh Sniff
    Oh Sniff  Жыл бұрын +7680

    I love how Rick smiles when people’s dreams get crushed seeing their prices increasingly drop.

    • Heroic FlawzYT
      Heroic FlawzYT Ай бұрын

      It’s business noting personal

    • Jonny Weber
      Jonny Weber Ай бұрын

      Do you enjoy wearing a mask??? 🤣

    • Chris Presley
      Chris Presley Ай бұрын

      @Echo yeah people don't understand they'll believe anything.. A lot of people actually believe a munchkin hanged himself on The Wizard of Oz lol

    • Daniel Vladoi
      Daniel Vladoi 2 ай бұрын

      @New Balance 2020 the guy with the gold bar came in wanting 24k and left with 35k. Yes, he got punked...🤣🤣

    • Echo
      Echo 3 ай бұрын

      People think when they see prices online that’s what it’s worth but that’s only what people are ASKING for

  • Chris Kline
    Chris Kline  Жыл бұрын +965

    I love how people go to a pawn shop expecting to get top dollar for their 'precious' and are confused when they don't get their asking price.

    • Zhanu Cong
      Zhanu Cong 4 ай бұрын +1

      Best tactic in selling your precious is saying that you want way more than you actually want that way you have higher chance of getting more money

    • Christopher Anderson
      Christopher Anderson 8 ай бұрын +1

      Spoken like a true former pawn shop employee 😎

    • Furydeath
      Furydeath 10 ай бұрын

      Even better when the comments are all up right about it xD

    • Jose Ochoa
      Jose Ochoa 11 ай бұрын

      I WANT 48

    • Tacomaguy458
      Tacomaguy458  Жыл бұрын +5

      my favorite from this show is someone coming in and asking 5,000 for something. Rick calls in the expert and finds out its worth 50,000 and now they wont take 40,000 for it... people are greedy AF

  • jr p
    jr p  Жыл бұрын +380

    The grin the old man had when he got up and saw that cart rolling in! True silver stacker!

  • Frank
    Frank 8 ай бұрын +617

    "I don't know where the expert came up with that value."
    He told you 50 times it was from a public auction.

    • Lyubomir Tolumbadjiev
      Lyubomir Tolumbadjiev Ай бұрын

      The comment i was looking for :D

    • Robin vSdK
      Robin vSdK 4 ай бұрын

      They are worth 100K easy

    • Thomas T
      Thomas T 4 ай бұрын +13

      @Squirelockholms what you guys should know about coin grading: a MINT one, meaning 100% undamaged, at MS+, sold for 370k. This guy brought in an AU53 which means almost uncirculated--it has been handled, has visible defects and scratches up to 5% damaged, and is at one of the lower grades in the AU (50-59) category. It's a day and night difference. While it is indeed very rare (~30 in existence), the fair market price at auction as of today is around 30-33k. He was delusional trying to pawn it off (literally) at the value of an uncirculated coin.

    • Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife
      Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife 5 ай бұрын +4

      I always think it's funny when the experts shake Rick or Corey or Chum or The Old Man's hand and kinda glance at the unsatisfied seller like maybe I'll shake his hand but quickly turn the other way

    • Gary Ugarek
      Gary Ugarek 8 ай бұрын +5

      @Chelsea968 just did some research, can't remember the article, but I google searched the coin and auction value

  • rex
    rex 2 ай бұрын +9

    that was cool how rick didnt just take the gold bar for face value but actually told the customer that it’s way rarer

  • Dee Snuts
    Dee Snuts 9 ай бұрын +97

    I love the guy with the gold coin’s laugh when said $40,000

    • Jalal Karimov
      Jalal Karimov 26 күн бұрын

      @Ehri Chan He didn't, the bail was 50,000.

    • Ehri Chan
      Ehri Chan 3 ай бұрын +1

      Because he doesn’t want to go to jail and got his money worth

    • Matt
      Matt 5 ай бұрын +3

      The seller erupted with laughter

  • Yambammer
    Yambammer  Жыл бұрын +2078

    I love how the guy walked in with a random block of gold he knew nothing about and walked away with 35 grand

    • MrSirFluffy
      MrSirFluffy Ай бұрын

      Geez, people. He didn't get scammed, the gold was literally worth 24k. Melt price is standard, there is no scamming beyond that. Guy would have likely accepted melt price, but Rick informed him it may be worth more and paid him more.
      Maybe today it may be worth more with the melt value, but that is the nature of gold, it changes. Guy got a good deal for the time.

    • Cheldo Sarmiento
      Cheldo Sarmiento 4 ай бұрын +1

      He got burned

    • Christian Helmsworth
      Christian Helmsworth 5 ай бұрын

      @Harry Wienee if you have no conscience

    • David Ortiz
      David Ortiz 8 ай бұрын

      @Harry Wienee Ain't splitting anything.

    • So much BS
      So much BS 8 ай бұрын

      @Harry Wienee Wow, that reveals a lot about the kind of person you are.

  • Brent Paredes
    Brent Paredes  Жыл бұрын +63

    I wonder how much Rick actually knows about the coins that come into the shop and how much they have to research and memorize for each episode.

    • Cesar Ortiz
      Cesar Ortiz 8 ай бұрын +6

      Not much one time he melted a bag of gold coins for melt and lost like 50-60k and some coins where worth thousands

  • Tuckster132
    Tuckster132 8 ай бұрын +288

    Expert: This is worth $1,000,000
    Rick: Best I can do is $30,000 and I’m really giving you a deal here

    • WilliamBigBills-
      WilliamBigBills- Ай бұрын +2

      I always wonder why the sellers don’t look around and try to sell it to the specialist or try to sell it themselves and then come back if it doesn’t sell.

    • luigi 74
      luigi 74 2 ай бұрын

      @Brian Fallon 😆

    • Gogo the labrador retriever
      Gogo the labrador retriever 3 ай бұрын +3

      100 dollar bills hard cash

    • Brian Fallon
      Brian Fallon 8 ай бұрын +4

      I mean..I’m taking all the risk here. It’s going to take a ton of floor space..

    • Roger L. Copenhaver, Jr.
      Roger L. Copenhaver, Jr. 8 ай бұрын +3

      And he is giving him a deal, real pawn broker would have offered half that much!

  • DelbertStinkfester
    DelbertStinkfester 5 ай бұрын +4

    It never ceases to amaze me that people are so willing to part with valuable precious metals for so much less then what they're worth...WOW!!!

  • jonas the producer #jojoONdabeat
    jonas the producer #jojoONdabeat  Жыл бұрын +41

    Rick is lowkey a legend. It’s takes a man like that to be the face of a TV show

  • Kingdom man Heavenly minded
    Kingdom man Heavenly minded 8 ай бұрын +50

    I love how quickly the expert (the guy) comes in to give his quote. It’s almost like they are waiting all day just for that call lol.

    • adrian
      adrian 3 ай бұрын

      The expert is in on lowballing the seller

    • ShesMyRushmore
      ShesMyRushmore 5 ай бұрын

      There's always a thing called editing

    • AJ
      AJ 6 ай бұрын

      @benry007 they don't get paid from the show. Their business gets free exposure and in turn their business gets more customers, and in turn get paid that way.

    • benry007
      benry007 8 ай бұрын +1

      I always wonder how much they pay those people

    • Cj The Gun Man
      Cj The Gun Man 8 ай бұрын +5

      @That Won Dude staged not scripted, there’s a difference

  • Reda Mehdi Hassan
    Reda Mehdi Hassan  Жыл бұрын +9

    Greetings from all my heart to all the experts in all the specialties that you host. I wish them health, safety, success and progress in their work. With great thanks and respect.

  • saul890
    saul890 8 ай бұрын +8

    I love this episode, me myself being a Gold and Silver Collector 👍🏽

  • Jamie Patterson
    Jamie Patterson 10 ай бұрын +51

    That $111,000 was around the absolute peak of the silver price… silver lost more than half its value over the next few years and stayed that way for another 5 years.

    • Jeremiah stone
      Jeremiah stone 22 күн бұрын

      All precious medals go up and down. Was alot silver mined in south america thats why the $ went down but silver is used more in technology than for jewelry(like gold). If they suddenly found a bunch of gold in south america it would go wayyyy down, because gold isnt really used in alot of applications other than jewelry

  • SpookyVibessTv
    SpookyVibessTv 6 ай бұрын +9

    That first guy seemed like a really nice guy. Happy he got more than he expected

  • Thomas Van Horne
    Thomas Van Horne 8 ай бұрын +7

    I love it when he is making regular and big purchase. That he looks over at his father at the end of the bid and says. What do you think. Priceless.

  • V -
    V -  Жыл бұрын +1997

    The guy with the silver bought and sold at the perfect times. That silver is worth close to $40k less today.

    • Tristin Smith
      Tristin Smith Ай бұрын

      @V - hey bro, I buy silver almost daily. He paid 32.49, that's what people are buying for RIGHT NOW. One dollar of those dimes or quarters are selling for 19-23x face value 😂😂 but go ahead bud.

    • V -
      V - Ай бұрын

      @Tristin Smith Nope. Worth around $66k now. Silver hovering just over $22/oz.

    • Tristin Smith
      Tristin Smith Ай бұрын

      That silver right now is worth the same it was then.

    • William Withers
      William Withers 3 ай бұрын

      ​@EC. George o7I invest in old lego sets lol. Bought an unopened set from 2003 for 500$ and the unopened version is worth 1000$ today so I doubled my money.

    • Squill
      Squill 4 ай бұрын

      @V - regular joes still thinking the game isnt rigged 🥱 keep losing money & giving to your masters

  • Anders Andersson
    Anders Andersson  Жыл бұрын +79

    "If you can get coral to grow on it."
    "I got a fishtank!"
    Hoss can be so clever sometimes! Great sense of humor!

  • The Evil Ascot Company
    The Evil Ascot Company 10 ай бұрын +9

    I always admired the old man for his love of commodities.

  • Christopher Anderson
    Christopher Anderson 8 ай бұрын +27

    Dang, the only time someone actually got a good deal selling something at this Pawn shop was the first guy. I don't think that has ever happened or will ever happen again with Rick.
    Lol watching the expert try to low ball the rare silver penny was such a blatant example of Rick and his expert trying to get a cut

    • Andromeda
      Andromeda 8 ай бұрын

      Read somewhere that the old guy auctioned that silver coin and got 42k

    • NOT ME
      NOT ME 8 ай бұрын

      @MineCraving one had sold in 2008 for over 300,000, bet the guy could get a better deal if he looked

    • #IncognitoNegress
      #IncognitoNegress 8 ай бұрын

      @MineCraving idk...I'm surmising on the prev posters comment. I'm not tryna offend...

    • MineCraving
      MineCraving 8 ай бұрын +1

      @#IncognitoNegress How is that a set up? If 2 of the 30 coins in existence sold within the past two years at $30,000 at auction that is how much the coin is worth.

    • #IncognitoNegress
      #IncognitoNegress 8 ай бұрын

      Yup. That looked Iike a clear setup

  • Ruben Kogel
    Ruben Kogel  Жыл бұрын +29

    I appreciate that they are not trying to penny pinch or take advantage of unsuspecting sellers but always trying to get a fair estimate.

    • adrian
      adrian 3 ай бұрын

      @Christopher Anderson yeah its terribly obvious😁

    • Michael Parkin
      Michael Parkin 4 ай бұрын

      On camera at least..

    • Idk
      Idk 8 ай бұрын

      @Christopher Anderson yeah I was abt to say that I couldn’t tell if they were being sarcastic 😂

    • Christopher Anderson
      Christopher Anderson 8 ай бұрын +10

      Hahah, I can’t tell if this comment is sarcastic or not but those experts almost always give them a low ball figure so the pawn shop can offer them even less, then Rick and his buddies can give them a cut for helping to rip the guy off.

  • Antonio Kastro Carlisle De Melendez Y Tenerife

    The old man got up quicker than the Flash when he heard about that silver...i really miss that guy

    • Zulu Zolo
      Zulu Zolo 4 ай бұрын

      wait, did he passed away?when does it happend

  • The Knight of Awesomeness
    The Knight of Awesomeness  Жыл бұрын +2877

    For the old man asking for 102k for the steel penny, the sites that he was referring to are indeed offering 80 to 110k for that coin, BUT they want that coin in "MINT" Condition. PCGS rated his coin AU53, which is below average to average at best.
    Also, little interesting fact, PCGS actually has that coin (with the same grade) in their records, being sold in auction for 34,500k.

    • Bully Hunter
      Bully Hunter 4 ай бұрын +1

      Excellent comment. That’s what I was curious about

    • nsc217
      nsc217 6 ай бұрын

      “They sold at auctions… That doesn’t mean anything… I can get 5x what something sells for in auction!”

    • SagearuYtGaming
      SagearuYtGaming 7 ай бұрын

      @Crappie King Dre that coin is rarer than any rare quarter cuz all pennies now are brown not steal, u will never ever find a coin like that in your life so it's super rare

    • Melgjorge6
      Melgjorge6 7 ай бұрын

      I got a 1944 steel penny. Should I go for the 35k??? Any recommendations

    • John Xina
      John Xina 11 ай бұрын

      @JB what video?

  • Jackson Liszte
    Jackson Liszte  Жыл бұрын +16

    It’s funny how the party with the guy with the load of silver is probably the single most interesting segment in this entire show

  • jakebrakebill
    jakebrakebill 11 ай бұрын +6

    I enjoy hearing everyone telling the boys how easy it would be to sell what they brought in and how much money they can make. But you're in a pawn shop trying to sell it. Do yourself what your telling them to do.

  • Sohaemon
    Sohaemon 8 ай бұрын +26

    12:31 my man in the background grabbed the best item in the store😂❤

    • Dell Rae
      Dell Rae Ай бұрын +1

      That but grab?

    • GM Blunder
      GM Blunder 5 ай бұрын +1

      The best silver.

  • _Winchester_
    _Winchester_  Жыл бұрын +6

    Rick’s knowledge is mind blowing, this man knows history like no other

    • Lewis Miller
      Lewis Miller 9 ай бұрын

      @Oneofdazzz yep, but knowing all these history stuff after dealing with a lot of things over the years is understandable

    • Oneofdazzz
      Oneofdazzz 9 ай бұрын +2

      That or he knows how to read a script.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 10 ай бұрын +3

    I absolutely love the sound of silver coins

  • Justin81King
    Justin81King  Жыл бұрын +416

    I love the look on Rick's face when he was talking to the second customer about the gold bar and his son interrupted 😆

    • BetosGarage
      BetosGarage  Жыл бұрын +1

      @FlameMage2 🤣🤣🤣👊

    • FlameMage2
      FlameMage2  Жыл бұрын +20


    • LLC
      LLC  Жыл бұрын +4

      @Dan S indeed
      _”they talk, when they should listen.”_
      _”Never tell anybody outside the family what you’re thinking.”_ *-Don Vito*

    • Dan S
      Dan S  Жыл бұрын +4

      Didn't the son see the Godfather 1

    • timex
      timex  Жыл бұрын +1


  • Alex DuWaldt
    Alex DuWaldt  Жыл бұрын +6

    14:49. When they talk about the 1944 cent it's quite important to mention the grade of the coin because that will effect the value of it multiplicatively. It's received a pretty average grade, but on such a rare coin that basically means it receives a comparable amount of money as whatever the auctions have brought for one of the same or finer grade. I'm dissapointed they didn't go through this aspect with the coin, although I realize on this particular variety grade matters far less than almost any other coin, due to it's fantastic story and time period.

  • Jacob Gross
    Jacob Gross  Жыл бұрын +7

    “My dad always taught me to invest” takes it to the worst place ever to sell anything

    • cbernier3
      cbernier3  Жыл бұрын +3

      That doesn't apply to silver at melt prices. Everyone offers the same deal.

  • Ralph Yznaga
    Ralph Yznaga 7 ай бұрын +8

    "I want the absolute best price for my item." Takes it to a pawn shop.

  • Learner Account
    Learner Account  Жыл бұрын +6

    I appreciate all that can be learned on this program. Rick is quite knowledgeable.

    • 4ced2Wype
      4ced2Wype  Жыл бұрын +2

      The writers are bro

  • Dana Clark
    Dana Clark 10 ай бұрын +59

    It is crazy how he valued that coin at such a low price when they pulled it up in 2008 it valued an over $300,000

    • Maruchan
      Maruchan 4 ай бұрын +2

      People can't accept that it's fake, literal children.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 5 ай бұрын

      @Maruchan 🤓🤓🤓

    • Sidney Ayers Young
      Sidney Ayers Young 8 ай бұрын

      @Al As 57 oh I assumed it was real

    • Maruchan
      Maruchan 8 ай бұрын +1

      @Al As 57 🤓

  • Jams Ward
    Jams Ward  Жыл бұрын +65

    I love this show so much. It's an amazing comfort at times

  • Keith Robicheux
    Keith Robicheux 10 ай бұрын +14

    What’s crazy is when the items are actually super rare and valuable, but the people still want more cash

    LA_GALLADA_RUIZ 11 ай бұрын +3

    Love this show 👍💯

  • We Serve Movies
    We Serve Movies 4 ай бұрын

    I liked that last seller..From expectation of quarter of million to some grands..but still he is happy af of getting something instead of nothing😂

  • Shawn Sumida
    Shawn Sumida 11 ай бұрын +11

    You really learn a lot of stuff from these guys.

  • JOE M0MA
    JOE M0MA 9 ай бұрын +2

    as a coin collector that would be my dream to own that bag of silver quarters and dimes

  • kasa
    kasa  Жыл бұрын +463

    That head of Caesar should 100% be sold in auction by the owner. I mean it just looks all around so sellable. It's 100% silver, with solid historical background, it's freaking Caesar, and it just looks very good. Overall, it's just something even wealthy non collector could easily buy as decoration.

    • Mrodgt
      Mrodgt Ай бұрын


    • adrian
      adrian 3 ай бұрын +2

      @TY Harris bet they would have gave him 200k for it.

    • utubedestroysmytime
      utubedestroysmytime 5 ай бұрын +1

      I bet Caesar’s placate would but it!

    • Adam Seidel
      Adam Seidel 8 ай бұрын +1

      100%. That’s an incredible and beautiful piece of art and history. Any art auction house would be thrilled to be called up and offered it.

    • TY Harris
      TY Harris 8 ай бұрын

      @AltruisticWarrior Great minds think alike.

  • greengo
    greengo  Жыл бұрын +3

    Gotta love how quickly The Old Man got up as soon as he heard silver

  • Alex P
    Alex P 3 ай бұрын +112

    To this day, that guy still doesn't understand that auctions are the benchmark for prices.

    • Mr squidward
      Mr squidward Ай бұрын

      He could've got around 80j for it it had scratches and dirt on it

    • bliczy
      bliczy Ай бұрын +1

      @Coolfwipthat wasn’t pristine and websites won’t always give u correct info

    • MyRegardsToTheDodo
      MyRegardsToTheDodo Ай бұрын

      @jon smith And it's not worth half of what a pristine coin would be worth. Pristine coins are one-of-a-kind items (or atleast very, very rare), circulated coins aren't. A pristine coin might be worth 10 times what you'd get for a circulated coin, sometimes even more.

    • jon smith
      jon smith Ай бұрын +2

      @MyRegardsToTheDodo yeah that's why he was asking 100k half price ..derrrr.

    • MyRegardsToTheDodo
      MyRegardsToTheDodo Ай бұрын +2

      @Coolfwip It isn't in pristine condition, it's been circulated, has scratches and grime on it.

  • Mystery Buyer
    Mystery Buyer 6 ай бұрын +1

    What people are missing is those are high premium Engelhard bars. They are no longer being made. That is not just junk silver!
    I like how Rick just puts everything on one of those kind of scales you weigh aluminum cans on. Wonder how far off it is set.

  • Kaisa TV
    Kaisa TV  Жыл бұрын

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    Jim Hicks  Жыл бұрын +49

    Enjoyed the view of the episode! I like the way the owner was so trustworthy! Great job of being ethical! Thanks for being honest!

  • ian Whitehouse
    ian Whitehouse  Жыл бұрын

    He actually gave him a very very good deal on the silver

  • AllForGodSake
    AllForGodSake 8 ай бұрын +3

    Legend says the bondsman is still rubbing his hands together anytime he says the phrase "worth a lot of money".

  • Mind Ya Businesses
    Mind Ya Businesses 2 ай бұрын +4

    00:30 his dad thought to him invest but didn’t teach him to stay away from pawnshops 😂

  • Rohit Tattu
    Rohit Tattu 7 ай бұрын

    The Dad is an absolute Rockstar!!!

  • Smoke Darg420
    Smoke Darg420 6 ай бұрын +2

    Old bald patch guy was the best refused 25k and wanted 75k now had me laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Juan Gallardo
    Juan Gallardo  Жыл бұрын +84

    This never gets boring. I've watched it like 6 times.

  • Daniel Domínguez
    Daniel Domínguez  Жыл бұрын +68

    I love how the “expert” just happens to be free everytime they call lol

    • Jemas Adobas
      Jemas Adobas 8 ай бұрын +1

      Imagine if this wasn't scripted and was actually filmed on spot.
      "I'm gonna have to call in an expert are you okay with that?"
      "Yeah sure"
      *expert comes in 3hrs later and tells the owner his valued possession is worth 2 cents and a used condom*

    • Joshua Durney
      Joshua Durney 9 ай бұрын

      Almost like he makes this scheduled free when they know the days the show films episodes...

    • Jarod Crazy Indian
      Jarod Crazy Indian 9 ай бұрын

      Retainer contracts.

    • Byron Davidson
      Byron Davidson 10 ай бұрын

      They break the experts off 😂 lol

    • Mouthwash
      Mouthwash 11 ай бұрын +11

      @C rooftop Show’s not necessarily “fake”, but it is staged in a sense. People come in with cool items, Pawn Stars get the item appraised, agree on a deal, and schedule the filming at a later time. They have the “expert” come in, do some fake price haggling, and sign a disclosure to allow them to film the transaction. The store isn’t actually open when they do the filming. Everyone in the background are extras that have signed disclosures. But it is a real store, but all of the high ticket items they buy go to auction/private buyers. There isn’t really anything of value in the store.

  • The Erotic Barber
    The Erotic Barber  Жыл бұрын +90

    Imagine being offered $111,000 and negotiate for $112,000

    • Foxtayle
      Foxtayle Ай бұрын

      Imagine getting taken on something that has a set market value.

    • Bill Lumbergh
      Bill Lumbergh 2 ай бұрын

      Silver is market rate so there’s a max on it

    • Burgr2
      Burgr2 6 ай бұрын +2

      1k is still quite a bit of money

    • M- Nice
      M- Nice  Жыл бұрын

      That comes out to about $0.30 per ounce difference.

    • Nick Henriksen
      Nick Henriksen  Жыл бұрын +18

      You don't think about 1% of the price is worth negotiating about? You much be some kind of salesman...

  • Matt N
    Matt N 8 ай бұрын +2

    25:36 - that laugh, one of the funniest moments of Pawn Stars

    • kodaph
      kodaph 6 ай бұрын


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    OG Barcode 11 ай бұрын +3

    I love how he was bargaining 100k+ 😂😂

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    Wal 7 ай бұрын +1

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    Julius Belmont  Жыл бұрын +839

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    • John Xina
      John Xina 11 ай бұрын

      DIAMANATARAPATHA no it's supposed to be "Rick wasrn't a gokd mood"

    • OTGbaby
      OTGbaby  Жыл бұрын +3

      Igneous Zepuloon sorry Ms. English teacher, my apologies I forgot we were in class.

    • ihawms
      ihawms  Жыл бұрын +1

      @lostboynotfound That is punctuation.

  • Alex Glaser
    Alex Glaser  Жыл бұрын +4

    When the guy with the scale came in and tried to get some more money for the gold because of historic value, Rick Harrison says "at the end of the day gold is gold" and then in the next clip with the shipwreck gold bar he's saying the exact opposite of what he just said.

  • Darksay83
    Darksay83 8 ай бұрын

    I love how people try to argue with the professional appraisers like they know better

  • Just Doing It Jim
    Just Doing It Jim 2 ай бұрын +5

    After seeing so many episodes of grand kids selling off the items their grand parents left them for pennies on the dollar, I think I'm just going to spend that inheritance and they can collect their own personal treasures!

  • Faust
    Faust  Жыл бұрын

    It's the mini history facts that always gets me.

  • OMightyLegend
    OMightyLegend Ай бұрын +1

    I would take the gold bar over that steel dime 😂

  • Jimmy Gillard
    Jimmy Gillard  Жыл бұрын +1503

    Expert - "The last two of these that sold at auciton went for 30k." Owner - "I don't know where that expert got that number from."

    • Sean Secker
      Sean Secker 3 ай бұрын

      Interesting how the "expert" knows off the top of his head what a steel penny went for at a public auction

    • Andrew
      Andrew 9 ай бұрын +1

      Yeah @Troy D, there was an episode that showed Rick going to an auction in California where he sold many items like a guitar from Vic Flik and other high priced items. Every one of his auctions were lower than the price the experts said he would get for an item. I think he probably lost around 100,000 dollars. So knowing what the public would pay for an item is knowledge that is very much needed. Also in general it may not fully determine value, but it does help since if someone paid 30,000 for it in an auction recently, chances are not that many people who have really really big pockets aren’t looking for the coin at the moment, so it does give a general idea of what the coin could be priced at in the given moment.

    • MIKE
      MIKE 9 ай бұрын

      @Troy D what people will actually pay for an item 100% determines its value, public auctions are the most realistic determinations. He did end up selling this on auction for $32k but only made around $25k after fees.

    • Snerd Terguson
      Snerd Terguson  Жыл бұрын

      @Troy D
      😂😂😂😂😂 bringing gold into it? Do you not understand how the price of gold and therefore its value is set? Its not experts in the field determining the value and updating it constantly. Its what the gold is selling for. If at the end of the day, gold is selling for 1200 an ounce, then its value is $1200 an ounce. Just as a painting that sells for $500,000 is worth half a million, even if an expert appraised it at 1 million or $100,000. Because financial value for literally everything is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it.

    • jort93z
      jort93z  Жыл бұрын

      The value is right.
      100k you'd maybe pay for a mint state coin. His coin is Almost Uncirculated 53/AU53(AU goes from 50-58).
      The lower AU grades sell for 20-35k.

  • Daxis Perry
    Daxis Perry  Жыл бұрын +4

    It amazes me how many people expect Rick to pay a collector's price for items. It's a PAWN SHOP, they Sell this stuff.

  • Closed Loop Music
    Closed Loop Music  Жыл бұрын +1

    my favorite part is where the person pawning is just blankly staring at the pawn shop guys as they go through their lil history lesson, the people must be thinking "Ya ya thats nice just give me the money and ill be on my way"

  • Yahweh_418
    Yahweh_418 2 ай бұрын +5

    A 1944 steel penny sold for 1.1 million dollars and Rick was trying to buy it for 25k 😂😂😂

    • Tidbits
      Tidbits Ай бұрын

      @bliczy MS63 grade (currently highest) are valued at 1.1M, according to usacoinbook

    • bliczy
      bliczy Ай бұрын


  • The Replication
    The Replication  Жыл бұрын

    I'm gonna have to disagree with the steel penny deal, since these public auctions are, well... public. Those aren't the set prices for any and all collectibles like the steel penny.
    Unless however, it's an auction being held by the city/state or a corporation then the low ball starting price would be an expected standard.

  • Chase
    Chase 8 ай бұрын +1

    That silver Caesar bust is one of the coolest things ever

  • Tigerguy 101
    Tigerguy 101  Жыл бұрын +77

    I love the Old Man’s reaction looking at that giant brick of silver “move your hand”

  • Craig
    Craig 8 ай бұрын +13

    Funny how they always give an estimate that’s about 30% less than what the person wanted

    • Hugh. G. Rection
      Hugh. G. Rection 4 ай бұрын

      most people get their asking price from the current valuation. dont take it to a pawn shop if you want the current valuation

  • chillbest♈
    chillbest♈ 9 ай бұрын

    funny how in the first seasons of Pawn Stars people thought this was like the Antique Road Show 😆

  • DDH
    DDH 2 ай бұрын +1

    The old man buying that double eagle I thought I was going to see him smile

  • Samoon
    Samoon  Жыл бұрын +8

    Would absolutely sell a penny for 25k. 😂 Having something in a case that I can’t use doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Sam Mason
      Sam Mason 10 ай бұрын +1

      Missed a golden opportunity to make “Cents” work here Mark lol

  • Durn Julio
    Durn Julio 4 ай бұрын

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    CBXX B  Жыл бұрын +80

    It would be interesting to see where they go with these things and how much they make on them. Especially the ship wreck gold bar.

    • Sijdns D
      Sijdns D  Жыл бұрын +6

      I’m pretty sure the silver from the first clip is used to make the old man coins featured later on in the series

  • Steven Johnston “Shadowlord1329”

    My mom jokes that these guys should hire me to just say “HA!” At every ridiculous price asked by customers.

      NUBLADO 8 ай бұрын


  • Dust Devil Stacker
    Dust Devil Stacker Ай бұрын

    That guy with the 3000 oz of silver did really good. It’s not even close to that with today’s prices.

  • Gman
    Gman 4 ай бұрын +2

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  • rockettony101
    rockettony101  Жыл бұрын

    Both my dad and I search through our change looking for wheat pennies and we found a lot of copper ones and one steel one.

  • David Chavez
    David Chavez 4 ай бұрын

    Didn’t know Edward Norton was a coin expert 😂

  • Internet Troll
    Internet Troll  Жыл бұрын +21

    I'm really surprised that Rick didn't measure the specific gravity of the giant silver bar as well as drilling it.

  • Faoline Varcius
    Faoline Varcius 8 ай бұрын

    Rick is a master negotiator

  • Tim Campbell
    Tim Campbell 9 ай бұрын +9

    When Rick told him the gold bar was worth 48K, and offered him 35K, and stated he didn't really want to pay that much, the guy should have took the bar and started walking out the door and Rick would have went up to 40K as fast as he could because he knws he wouldn't need an auction to sell it. Plus he probably sold it right away fro 50K.

    • Threezy's World
      Threezy's World 8 ай бұрын +1

      If it's worth $48K who in their right mind would pay $50K? Come on man. Do you think somebody with $50K to spend in one shot on gold is not gonna know what they're getting into? Rick had to get it for less than $48K. Not only less than $48K, but enough under to make it worth his time. The most I'd pay is like $2-3K less, so $45K. And keep in mind that's without factoring in the idea that the silver could drop considerably in value overnight. You also have to think it's not like there's a line of people around the corner ready to drop $48K on a piece of gold. You're going for a really small market there. Those people know they have the leverage and they're gonna want to haggle a little bit (I know I would).
      I do think the $40K you suggested was pretty fair, $35K is low, but no clue where you got the idea that someone would pay over meld for it. It's not like some piece of jewelry made by a famouse artist or something.

  • John
    John Күн бұрын

    I just love it when the owners aren’t happy and have no clue.

  • Jim Killgrove`
    Jim Killgrove` 10 ай бұрын +3

    Loved Cory's comment, "I've got a fish tank."

  • Poop dog
    Poop dog Ай бұрын

    My dad always told me to invest “and now I’m here to cash out on my investment”.
    Shoulda listened to him. Cashing out 😂

  • Panda Arts
    Panda Arts  Жыл бұрын +171

    10:34 The way Corey delivered the "I got a fish tank" line killed me!

    • Trevor A
      Trevor A  Жыл бұрын

      Was thinking the same all time line as far as the show is concerned

    • Palm
      Palm  Жыл бұрын +6

      @Elias okay Mr good vibes

    • Elias
      Elias  Жыл бұрын +2

      Wasn’t funny to me just kinda lame

  • Earl Archibald Campbell of Argyll

    I love that this video has 102 thousand likes! The original asking price of the 1944 steel penny!

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    Dhruvil Shah 8 ай бұрын +2

    At 12:30, the hand of the buddy in the background is going places 😂

    MIC-ON-MIC 6 ай бұрын +2

    Who else be wishing they ever run into this kinda luck 😂 a Family Heirloom , Hidden Coin 🪙 , ancient Treasure etc