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Battle of Lepanto 1571 - Ottoman Wars DOCUMENTARY

  • Жарияланды 2020 ж. 1 Ақп.

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    10 thousand likes in the first 24 hours will open up an extra video in February. More videos on the way, press that bell button! :-)

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      I guess I'm kind of randomly asking but does anybody know of a good site to stream new movies online ?

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      Necesitamos subtítulos en Español!!

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      Correction < Actually Ctpr8us belongs to the UK ~

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      @Kings and Generals
      After 8 months... maybe you're talking about Feb, 2021

  • Dio
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    just think of how crazy it was that Spain was able to defend all his territories around the world for centuries fighting Ottomans, the British , the Dutch and the French! sometimes even at the same time! truly fascinating.

    • Reynold Tanto
      Reynold Tanto 12 күн бұрын

      @Justin Account but we should admitted that the major caus to winning there, belong to venetian that being fought single handedly almost 2 century,with their own expenses. At final phase pope ,spanish ,austrian ,etc comes for help

    • Justin Account
      Justin Account 12 күн бұрын

      @Reynold Tanto damn i wish i faught for spain back then. Sounded fun

    • Reynold Tanto
      Reynold Tanto 13 күн бұрын

      @Justin Account well venetian were most beyond ur wild thoughts. They fought ottoman almost single handedly.s for like 1 and half centuries froom 15th century. Till sosme more european havae more opportunity to help them around 16th century.almost no help from Popes french, etc.even they funded by their own expenses

  • sebastian bravo
    sebastian bravo 3 жыл бұрын +2058

    Fun Fact: The author of "Don Quixote of La Mancha", Miguel de Cervantes participated in this battle and was wounded in the left hand, after which he was known by the nickname "Manco de Lepanto" (the one-armed of Lepanto).
    His opinion about the battle in the prologue of the second part of Don Quixote : "
    The highest occasion seen by the past centuries, those present, nor expect to see the coming" and about Don Juan de Austria: "
    Son of the ray of war Carlos V, of happy memory"

    • Prasanth Thomas
      Prasanth Thomas Күн бұрын

      He was a part of the Spanish Marines, the oldest Marine corps in the world.

    • i don't need a name
      i don't need a name 8 күн бұрын

      @Beyza Nur19 great saga, anyway, as Italian i respect Turkey, i have many Turkish friends in Swiss, we have a lot in common

    • Beyza Nur19
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      After the burning of our navy in Inebahti, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha told the Venetian ambassador Bruno the following words: We cut off your arm by taking Cyprus, and you cut off our beard by burning our navy in Inebahti.The amputated arm will not be replaced by a new one, but the trimmed beard will come out more bushy.

    • i don't need a name
      i don't need a name 2 ай бұрын

      the Venetians were a real superpower, for it's size!!!

  • Loyal94
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    If I recall correctly, the Ottoman fleet was quickly rebuilt. That means the loss in ships was no problem, but the loss of experienced crews was.

    • EmisoraRadioPatio
      EmisoraRadioPatio 7 ай бұрын

      Similar to the loss of the Spanish Armada. Spain rebuilt the ships quickly but she lost a great many skilled sailors and soldiers.

    • José Antonio Lavilla
      José Antonio Lavilla  Жыл бұрын

      And they didnt try to conquer Europe again

    • J Gappy
      J Gappy  Жыл бұрын

      @Artemis Entreri-Isaacs did someone say the ottomans defeated the spanish empire? LMAO!!!!😂

    • N R
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      @CipiRipi00 This fight technically was the last major sea battle ..

    • N R
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      @ABC DC It seems you are living in your own Turkey, not the actual Turkey were ISIS thrived just south of their border and was Turkey was their hub to get their gathering ..

  • Podemos URSS
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    During the XVI century, the Spanish galleys were each to have a detachment of marines ("Tercios Navales") by instructions issued under King-Emperor Charles. These marines were professional soldiers akin to those of the land Tercios but also specially trained to fighting inside ships and in landings.
    The writer Miguel de Cervantes served in this battle as a marine sergeant on board of the galley "Marquesa". He was wounded in the arm and in the chest, losing the control over his left hand and receiving the nickname "manco de Lepanto".

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      William Ewart Gladstone otra vez tú pero que chiste de persona 🤣🤣🤣

    • Jean Bethencourt
      Jean Bethencourt  Жыл бұрын

      Yes, they were also on Venitian ships and they had to put up with it because the majority of the fighting forces onboard hailed from Spain, which was far more powerful than Venice of course.

    • WJ ZAV
      WJ ZAV 2 жыл бұрын +1

      Weren't they also stationed on Venetian ships at Lepanto. Something, the Venetians really didn't like?

    • Podemos URSS
      Podemos URSS 3 жыл бұрын +7

      @nth a And not only that skill. They were well trained, well organised and well equipped, and the backbone of the forces were veteran NCOs. They also knew a lot about coordination in the field.
      About the Rapier and fencing, the Rapier was introduced for it's versatility, performing well in many ways, and certainly allows for a fluent technique not found in other kinds of swords.

    • Podemos URSS
      Podemos URSS 3 жыл бұрын +12

      @Nergensz Sort of. It's hard to compare them to modern times units, after all most of the naval combat those days involved boarding parties, which nowadays are uncommon.
      As a piece of trivia, the Marines are one of the two sub-branches in the Spanish military that still use the term "Tercios" for their regiments, the other is the Spanish legion.

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez  Жыл бұрын +96

    In Lepanto, the participation of Álvaro de Bazan was vital, a legend in the seas of Spain, undefeated in all his battles, he took France off the map in the battle of the Terceiras Islands, avoided a major disaster in the African adventure of Carlos V, and his instinct made him cover the gaps in the most delicate moments of the battle of Lepanto. His death before the invasion of England was a tremendous setback and left the expedition without true naval leadership.

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      William Ewart Gladstone El troll sigue aqui pero morira sin nadie recordarle. El gran Alvaro seguira imortal en nuestros recuerdos con 0 derotas.

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      He was good

  • Adrian Medeleanu
    Adrian Medeleanu 3 жыл бұрын +1572

    The Turks told the Venetians that by the victory of Lepanto, the Ottoman Empire lost its beard, but by losing Cyprus, Venice lost a hand. In time, the Ottoman beard will grow thicker, while the Venetians will not be able to recover their loss.
    And indeed, by a great effort the Ottoman fleet was rebuilt. But when the two fleets met again, off the coast of Crete, the Ottomans withdrew when they saw the Venetian galleases. The moral impact was greater than their efficiency.

    • ابو سليمان السلفي
      ابو سليمان السلفي 3 ай бұрын

      غير صحيح حينما تم إعادة بناء الاسطول العثماني
      ارسل الصدر الاعظم ( وزير الوزراء)
      إلى البندقية
      أننا مستعدون لجولة ثانيه بمعنى اننا مستعدون إلى حرب اخرى
      فخشيت البندقية ان تهزم فدفعت الجزيه السنوية مجددا للعثمانيين

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      @Cengiz Söğütlü checking after a year,i hope the inflation situation doesn't worsen, Erdogan really did you dirty. But i am confident you will soon get rid of that dead weight and get a better economy running, good luck from Italy

    • Saru Bet
      Saru Bet 9 ай бұрын

      @AriEl MiX this applies to all post empire states. Also, that palm defeated whole bodies during the independence war.

  • HGR v. SBG
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    My 8x great-grandfather was a minor commander in this battle; he was an Austro-Bavarian baron from the Sudetenland.

    • Justin Account
      Justin Account Ай бұрын

      @HGR v. SBG what was his name

    • Justin Account
      Justin Account Ай бұрын

      Jesus and i thought the farthest to trace your amcestry was back in the 1700 or 1600s

      TANJA BOMBEK 2 ай бұрын

      There is on YT croatian Battle of Lepanto ( Bitka kod Lepanta ), but without English titles. It's much more closer to US, and they talk about Austro fighters, one galia was called Munich.
      Thate Venicians were often Croat's from all costal area and Islands ( Hvar, Vis, Istria, Šibenik, Boka Kotorska, ... ).
      There was hudge revenge in Dalmata, many Dalmats and Southern Italians wewrw taken into slavery.
      But they won, even in this battle Spanish fighters, Croat's and Malta was those which have biggest contribution in this fight.
      Venice galeas was to slow comparing with Spanish. Ottomans were bad in navigation and sea battles.
      Spain of that time was only capable to lead the battle, because they have the best two strategist. Dubrovnik Republic was main supplier of food and goods, ...
      And they explains everything in diteils.
      I'm glad that today somebody knows something from their ancestors like you.
      That this battle wasn't happened, all Mediteran will be under Ottoman.
      France was unfortunately work with Ottomans, protestants from Hungary.
      At the end Venice first make separate peace with Turks, that's is what was nightmare of Alliance. Because of money, and resuli is tha Europe didn't liberate all Mediteran and so colled Balcan.
      Turks was expected that.
      So at the end this part of Europe was became free after almost 300 yeras.
      That's our nightmare on the south.

    • Bonny Reinhard Immanuel
      Bonny Reinhard Immanuel 11 ай бұрын

      @Fionn Moules its not too hard if your family comes from a nobility. The family tree is fairly easy to track

    • Radamel Falcao García
      Radamel Falcao García  Жыл бұрын

      If you are Spanish, probably one of your ancestors fought in Lepanto. It's perfectly possible.

  • Sebastian Olmsted
    Sebastian Olmsted 2 жыл бұрын +368

    In Venice we still take great pride for the part we played in Lepanto. Long live the Holy League!

    • ایک پاکستانی مجا ہد
      ایک پاکستانی مجا ہد 5 ай бұрын

      @BruhMcChaddeus pervazia was fantastic rhodes was famtastic ventia lol you forgot it

    • BruhMcChaddeus
      BruhMcChaddeus 5 ай бұрын

      @ایک پاکستانی مجا ہد ..wtf. Ottoman dont exist either? Lol what are u talking about? U mean time when ottoman collapsed? I was saying it was same crusader blood who ended them lol and mehmet 6 ran like biches begging George 4th (direct blood of third crusader Richard lionhearts brother, Jon) crusader blood to take him lol

    • ایک پاکستانی مجا ہد
      ایک پاکستانی مجا ہد 5 ай бұрын

      @BruhMcChaddeus still holy league didnt exist

    • BruhMcChaddeus
      BruhMcChaddeus 5 ай бұрын

      @ایک پاکستانی مجا ہد ..George 4th (british king) who colonized ottoman was great great great grandson of Third Crusader Richard lionhearts brother, Jon. Who you think ran the holy league lol

  • Ruben
    Ruben 3 жыл бұрын +907

    An important detail: The Ottoman navy also had to deal with a slave/POW revolt beneath the decks of their ships. Christian galley slaves, many of whom were subjected to this condition for years, filed through their chains and aided the Christian boarding parties during the battle. After the battle, the Holy League fleet liberated so many Christian galley slaves that they came back with more people than they left with. Several thousand liberated Christian POWs replaced the casualties lost, and then some

    • Crazee Lazee
      Crazee Lazee 2 ай бұрын +2

      @Markhas Dude, even by the description of the most pro-Ottoman historian, the Christians in the Ottoman empire were as oppressed as black Americans under Jim Crow. Their word was worth less than a muslim's in court, they weren't allowed to ride horses, mules, donkeys or carriages (Rosa Parks became a symbol for refusing to sit in the back of the bus, if a similar law to the """tolerant""" Ottoman empire's laws was in place she wouldn't even be allowed on the bus), they couldn't carry weapons (add to that the general abandonment by the Ottoman authorities of the Christian lands and the aforementioned advantage muslims had in court and banditry against Christians was a very serious issue).
      Yeah, sure they didn't commit genocide. But imagine how bad things have to be for "atleast we didn't commit genocide" to be considered an excuse.

  • A.S.
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    Happy Anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto! 🔱🇮🇹🔱🇪🇸🔱🇻🇦🔱 Viva Nuestra Señora Del Rosario!

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      Prevaza 💀

    • Cutie_Pie
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      @33 Kaustav Chakraborty DEUS VULT man haha

    • Tolga Avci
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      @33 Kaustav Chakraborty hey Papy

  • The History of Spain Podcast
    The History of Spain Podcast 3 жыл бұрын +244

    Don Juan de Austria, Álvaro de Bazán, Luis de Requesens and Miguel de Cervantes, among other notable men, participated in the Battle of Lepanto. An epic naval battle, thanks for covering it!

    • Uncas Unga
      Uncas Unga 11 ай бұрын +3

      Leon lionhardt Dorias nephew almost lost the battle
      This clown didnt read the history

    • A. Kavalier
      A. Kavalier 2 жыл бұрын +4

      Alejandro Farnesio to.

    • Clitoral Rosary
      Clitoral Rosary 2 жыл бұрын +5

      Forgetting Andrea Doria?

  • Safersephiroth777
    Safersephiroth777 8 ай бұрын +17

    I live in Greece myself. Last year which was 450 years after the battle I visited Lepanto. There is even a statue of Cervantes there since he fought there! Yeah!
    Also Ottomans even though they suffered heavy losses they were able to recover fast and keep pushing.
    Also I believe this was the biggest naval battle with rowing ships ever.

    • Safersephiroth777
      Safersephiroth777 6 ай бұрын

      @Sansarii Minecraft Where is the source for that?

    • Sansarii Minecraft
      Sansarii Minecraft 6 ай бұрын

      No there was a larger battle in the first Punic War

  • Aasem Ahsan
    Aasem Ahsan 6 ай бұрын +4

    0:06 Context of the battle
    3:36 Battle formation
    6:00 *Battle of Lepanto*
    11:35 Aftermath

  • jdbr 2004
    jdbr 2004  Жыл бұрын +32

    The battle was more important than many think. First, although it is true that the Ottoman fleet was rebuilt in six months, the reality was that this new fleet lacked the brilliant generation of expert sailors and admirals. The loss of the admirals was the hardest thing for the Ottomans since they were in charge of giving the instructions for the construction of the ships, consequently the arms created after Lepanto were much more deficient. The confrontation led to the disappearance of the pirates who harassed the Mediterranean coasts, allowing the Christian states to increase their economic and military resources. In addition, the Ottoman conquests on the European continent would be very few after Lepanto.

    • Kaleb Loshbough
      Kaleb Loshbough  Жыл бұрын +1

      Excuses are like assholes everyone has one

  • DiesIstNichtEinstein
    DiesIstNichtEinstein 3 жыл бұрын +187

    It is said that in the days leading up to the battle, the churches of Rome remained open for prayer day and night, that Pius V exhorted Catholics across Europe to pray the Rosary for the victory of the Holy League’s fleet, that the men on those ships had spent the night praying the Rosary and received Holy Communion before battle.
    To this day, the anniversary of Lepanto is commemorated as the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, though when Pius V first raised it to observance in 1572 it was known more bellicosely as the feast of Our Lady of Victory.

    • Christian Khoury
      Christian Khoury 5 ай бұрын +1

      @Eric Agos How many times in history have we heard of secular movements and revolution and religious revivals and so on? This is all a cycle. Christianity will never go away.

    • Eric Agos
      Eric Agos  Жыл бұрын +4

      @Shaquille Priata please, show me historical evidence of these "open debates and conferences between atheists, Christians, and pagans."
      The west was not sleeping on haystacks, that is revisionist history.
      Even in Christian Spain before Islamic invasion they were building cities like Reccopolis that had all the features of classic Roman cities with public baths, libraries, etc.
      Isodore of Seville was a Spanish bishop of this time (500's) who is compiled encyclopedias, invented comma, period, colon for grammar, and many other works.
      Lots of women too, like Hildegard of Bingen (1100s) a German polymath who even today is considered the founder of natural science in Germany.
      Anyway I never made the claim that the west is "more special" that other cultures. I'm a fan of history and culture and I greatly admire civilizations like the ancient Persians and Mayans.
      As a Christian, and as someone of European descent, I want to protect my faith and my culture of background. Presently and historically Islam is the greatest threat to my faith and my culture. I have already provided plenty of evidence in support of this.
      You yourself boasted to me that "like it or not, Islam will win".
      Islam has never been content with having and practising its own religion. It demands supremacy over other faiths-including my own- and given the chance, has and will take our holiest places and force us to either convert or live subservient to Muslims. It's in the Quran and hadiths. It's throughout global history. It's evident in current events today, with treatment of non Muslims in Islamic states and multiple attacks over a cartoons.
      Islam demands absolute respect, while giving zero respect in return. Thats the best way I can sum it up in a sentence.

    • Eric Agos
      Eric Agos  Жыл бұрын +4

      @Shaquille Priata It's not perfect because human nature is to want to enforce beliefs on other people. These freedoms and rights need constant defending even though there are laws in place for that purpose.
      Do I agree with those things you mentioned (multiple genders etc)? Of course not. Do I feel misrepresented as a Christian? Yes, which is why I use my freedom to speak out against issues I disagree with and represent myself rather than allowing others to do it.
      Pluralism and Secularism are ideals, and believe it or not, they are part of what make western civilization great. Along with democracy.
      There are always people trying to erode them.
      The price for living in a free society is being exposed to a variety of beliefs and lifestyles that you don't agree with.
      As long as each party has the same access to freedom of expression, legal and civil rights, then it works.
      It becomes a problem when one group tries to dominate another. So far, I can express my views freely, practice my faith freely, and have the same rights and legal protection as anyone else.
      Freedom of speech has been described as "the canary in the coal mine" if you are familiar with that expression. It is a sign of a healthy society. The moment social media platforms, newspapers and journalists start banning certain views in favour of others, its not a good sign.
      We are seeing that more and more in the west unfortunately, although it's a far cry from the situation in places like Pakistan. If this freedom is not defended then one day it will become as bad as Pakistan.
      The regressive left, woke crowd, SJW, call them what you will.....are reacting against Christianity which has been the dominant faith in the west and shaped the history and culture.
      To be fair, in the past the church (mostly catholic) abused its power. As I said before, Christianity is not meant to be mixed with politics and power. Jesus and His apostles did not need to the backing of government to spread the truth.
      Having said that, we do need strong secular leaders to defend the faith, and defend against injustice of people regardless of their beliefs.
      Anyway, the regressive left has tried to distance western civilization from Christianity and attack it.
      In the name of their Holy Trinity of Diversity, Tolerance and Wokeness, they promote Islam, a religion that contains everything they don't like about Christianity...times ten!
      It's almost comical to watch. This unholy alliance will not end well. Seeing the same people who advocate for multiple genders listen to Linda Sarsour and wear hijabs in the name of progression is a farce!
      This problem will eventually take care of itself.
      In the meantime: so long as I can have the same rights as everyone else and practice my faith, I am satisfied. The moment that changes I will fight.
      As humans God gave us free will. We are responsible for our choices. If people want to change genders through irreversible surgery, they will face the consequences, whatever those may be.
      It's not my right or anyone else's right to persecute or attack such people. Only if they try to force someone else to do it.

  • Nano92
    Nano92 3 жыл бұрын +876

    Fun fact: You can visit a real size replica of La Real, Juan de Austria's flagship, at the Barcelona Maritime museum.

    • Andrés Javier
      Andrés Javier 7 ай бұрын

      William Ewart Gladstone que si troll que si

    • La Pulga
      La Pulga  Жыл бұрын

      You can tell Spain was at it's Golden-Age because of the blinged-out ships in the museum 😂🚢✨

    • Xavier Real Madrid
      Xavier Real Madrid  Жыл бұрын +1

      @angel gutierrez No!!. the most powerful moment of Imperial Spain was the conquest of the whole Portuguese Empire in 1580 or the French wars of religion... France is catholic thanks to the spanish empire.

    • TheCass
      TheCass 2 жыл бұрын +3

      This is like minas tirith battle but on the sea and for real

    • Can Uluç Birgüler
      Can Uluç Birgüler 2 жыл бұрын +1

      Thank you!

  • Pau Nuns
    Pau Nuns 3 жыл бұрын +90

    "La más alta ocasión que vieron los siglos pasados, los presentes, ni esperan ver los venideros"

    • William Ewart Gladstone
      William Ewart Gladstone  Ай бұрын

      al año siguiente reconstruyeron una nueva flota arrasando y dejando practicamente sin una sola alma las islas baleares
      ya que fueron llevados a los mercados de arjel y la sublime puerta a ser vendidos

    • Esclavo del sistema
      Esclavo del sistema  Жыл бұрын +8

      Y qué razón tenía. La mayor batalla naval de la Historia, literalmente

  • FTR
    FTR 3 жыл бұрын +29

    Nice video, as usual in the channel, although I think don Álvaro de Bazan's role in the rear should had been treated with more detail.
    History tourists advice: visitors can see the stern lantern of Ali Baja's "Sultana" in the monastery of Guadalupe, in Extremadura, Spain. Don Juan dedicated it to this ancient and popular sacred place to celebrate his victory.

    • Fernando García
      Fernando García 3 жыл бұрын +1

      It does look like less than 20 minutes for this battle is a bit mean, IMO.

  • Adam Neuser
    Adam Neuser 3 жыл бұрын +278

    *Fun fact:* The Serbian grand vizier at the time (sokoloviç) quickly had the ottoman navy rebuilt. By 1572, about six months after the defeat, more than 150 galleys, 8 galleasses, and in total 250 ships had been built, including eight of the largest capital ships ever seen in the Mediterranean.
    Uluç Ali (the dude who made it back to Constantinople) later became Admiral of the entire fleet and would go onto capture Tunis in 1574.
    Apparently the grand vizier also sent an envoy to Venice:
    “You come to see how we bear our misfortune. But I would have you know the difference between your loss and ours. In wrestling Cyprus from you, we deprived you of an arm; in defeating our fleet, you have only shaved our beard. An arm when cut off cannot grow again; but a shorn beard will grow all the better for the razor”
    So in some ways the defeat actually gave him the opportunity to modernise the ottoman navy. But he had lost an array of talented naval commanders and specialists, so it would still be a while before the new fleet could engage in major battles such as Lepanto or Preveza again.

    • htf5555
      htf5555 Ай бұрын

      sounds like salt to me

    • Jack Mcnally
      Jack Mcnally  Жыл бұрын

      And in the end neutralised.

      WEAKPENGUEN  Жыл бұрын

      @Kampf Gorilla how can be a log green ?

    • IgluTV
      IgluTV 2 жыл бұрын

      @Tomislav Gjergja Why do you assume that turkish ships had no quality at all? The Ottomans not only fought in the mediterranean sea, but also in the indian ocean. The Ottomans went as far as to Indonesia/Malaysia to fight battles. We are not talking about some wood planks glued to each other, but about actual ships competing with Portugal and Spain, who had one of the best navies for their time.
      And yes a professional crew will (again) work more efficent, but that's experience you can gain quite fast, when you drill your troops for a few months/years (depending on the complexity of the task). Again: We are not talking about rocket science here, but about muscle memory.

    • Tomislav Gjergja
      Tomislav Gjergja 2 жыл бұрын

      @IgluTV You would not believe how easily those mediveal ships sink if you don't know how to control them. Mediteranean is full of shipwrecks from that age. They are easily tipped, broken, sunk. Quality was really important, crew quality even more. Payed galliots(rowers) were also always better than slaves.
      Due to motivation and food rations. They also trained together with operating crews. Therefore i cannot agree with you

  • Rodrigo A. H
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    We need a well made movie of this

    • jimsy7al
      jimsy7al 2 ай бұрын

      @Mortar Man Absolutely True!!!

    • Assyrian Crusader
      Assyrian Crusader 5 ай бұрын

      @Mortar Man how is it islamicphobic? They made a movie about fall of Constantinople 1453

    • Bryan Villafuerte
      Bryan Villafuerte 8 ай бұрын

      @Mortar Man Hahaha, good joke 😂

    • Eric Agos
      Eric Agos  Жыл бұрын

      @Mortar Man victims LOL

    • Matías Risso
      Matías Risso  Жыл бұрын +2

      Lepanto, Magellan's circumnavigation and Núñez Cabeza de Vaca.

  • dude19751
    dude19751 2 жыл бұрын

    More naval battles and engagements in the medieval to renaissance eras would be really fun to see!

  • Netanel Polak
    Netanel Polak  Жыл бұрын +2

    Thank you for the great video! When mentioning Agostino Barbarigo’s victory you only mentioned he was reinforced and made it sound like a numbers game. But even before the reinforcements the Spanish had advantage since they had higher decks, heavy armor and firepower, which effected the outcome of the “land battle” on the ships more then the reinforcements

    • Uncas Unga
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      Better fighters compared to kidnapped slaves

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    You also could’ve mentioned that Lepanto was the last major naval battle to use oarsmen, beginning the Age of Sail that would last for nearly 300 years (until Hampton Roads in 1862). Otherwise, great vid.

    • Neutron Alchemist
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      To use only oarsemen. Galleys had been used still in the Cretan War, seventy years later, with several big battles fought, but they were no more dominant.

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    In a totally different time period, what about the battle of the Aegates and the one at Mycale (Persian/Greek wars) ?

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    The Ottomans were able to refill the ranks of their fleet as fast as the Sultan could grow a beard, as he told is foes after the lost battle. Yet, it is assumed that the damage was too high because of the loss of experienced crew.

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    Side fact: The rosary, a tool for adoration for Catholics, became famous, and widespread after Pope Pius V asked followers to use the rosary for salvation from the Islamic invasion of Italy . Afterwards, the popularity of the rosary spread.

    • MrFeynmanDiagram
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      @Neutron Alchemist Agreed. Damn fucking shame. Toning down epicness is akin to a human rights violation to me. Glory should always be celebrated. I was thinking more of scenes from Attack on Titan, the captains giving a triumphant speech, eyes lighting up in determination as blood and death unleashed its genocidal vortex across the battle, thousands dying as massive explosions filled the entire expanse of the ocean, an unstoppable titanic army clashing head on against the very shield of Christendom. That would make a great anime, followed by the most epic J-Metal ost ever.

    • Neutron Alchemist
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      @Some Orc Lad It seems K&G tried to be "aseptic" avoiding the emotionally intense parts. It's kind of a shame. Just imagine the moment, in the heat of the battle on the left side, when the prisoner rowers on the Venetian ships were freed to participate to the fight (much of the rowers on the Venetian ships were paid freemen, "buonavoglia", expected to fight in a battle, but among them there were many criminals condemned to the row too), or the moment when the crews of those 16 ships on the right side saw Uluch Ali's fleet emerging from the smoke.
      What a movie would it be.

    • Some Orc Lad
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      @Neutron Alchemist Damn, now it just became even more epic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge my man. Didn't know any of that. Why did they toned it down though? Seems pretty pointless if you ask me.

    • Neutron Alchemist
      Neutron Alchemist 3 жыл бұрын +3

      And the video somewhat "toned down" a lot what happened.
      The war cry of the Venetians at Lepanto was "Famagosta!" At only two months from the fall of the city, and all knowing the horrible fate of Bragadin, no prisoner was taken.
      That included Ali Pasha.Breaching even Don Juan's orders, his head had been cut and rised on the mast of his former flagship.
      While on the left and center sectors of the Christian formation, the ships were so packed that the fight was akeen to a brutal land battle, on the right side Andrea Doria and Uluch Ali had space to manuver. There, as noted, Doria had an almost impossible task. Outnumbered 2 to 1 and with only open sea on his right, he had 3 possibilities. To stay close to the center, and be outflanked, to stretch his line thin to not be outflanked, and have it pierced, or to mirror Uluch Ali's movements, going for the open sea as he did. That way, he risked to have Ali's fleet to pass between the centre and the right flank, but he had the possibility to close on him from the open sea too. He decided for this possibility. It was the right decision, but a gamble too.
      In the end, 16 ships (12 Venetians, two Spanish, one of the Duchy of Savoy and the flagship of the Malta Knights) ignored his orders and mantained the line. At a certain point, after both the fleets of Doria and Uluch Ali sailed for the open, the smoke of the battle in the centre, carried by the wind, covered the formations. Uluch tought it was his moment, changed route unseen, and tried to pass in the gap between the centre and the right.
      There he found the 16 ships that mantained the line, and they took the brunt of his attack. They fell one afther the other (seven will be completely stormed) but their resistance gave, to Doria from the open and Bazan form the rear, time to close on the Ottomans, forcing them to flee.

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    It's important to point out the impact of Greeks in that battle. In both armadas there were a lot of Greek commanders, sailors, oarsmen. Historians state there despise was greater against Ottomans that held more of their country and oppress more severe Greek (Rum) people.

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    The Battle of Lepanto is mention in all illustrated world history books. The Battle of Lepanto was a spectacular Holy League Christian victory over the Ottoman navy.

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    Another big difference was also the firepower of the ships, if im not wrong on venetians, genoese and spanish ships there were nearly 1,8k cannons in total while on the other part ottomans had less than half of this numbers. The holy league had also a lot more ammunitions (in the chronicle there is even a mention on a particular episode of the battle where a group of jannissers on a boat began to throw fruits in desperation, at which european laughed, because they had no other ammunitions) and sincerely the role of the Galeasses were much more important than what they show on this video (they sunk not less than 70 ottoman galleys with their cannons and there were just 6 of them). Lepanto was the best example of what was becaming the naval warfare, superior firepower was becoming important as the traditional boarding tactic.

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    This was immensely informative. It seems like the Ottomans lost the pre-battle phase for two critical reasons: 1). Their commander was inexperienced at naval combat; and 2). Inadequate intelligence resulting in the Ottomans believing that they were facing a smaller fleet causing Ali to think that his deployment was sufficient to outflank the Holy League fleet.

    • Neutron Alchemist
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      And still they could have won. Their deployment, with the most number of ships, at the command of the most experienced commander, on the open flank, was right. There Andrea Doria had an almost impossible task. He could choose to remain close to the center, and being outflanked, stretch his formation in a thin line, and have it pierced, or sail for the open, risking to have Uluch Ali's fleet passing between his formation and the center, but having the possibility to close on him from the open sea. He chose the latter. It was the right decision, but it was a gamble.
      In the end, 16 of his ships (12 Venetians, two Spanish, one of the Duchy of Savoy and the flagship of the Malta Knights) refused to follow his orders and mantained position. When Uluch Ali tried to pass between the center and the right flank, those 16 ships alone took the brunt of his attack. They begun to fall one after the other (in the end, seven will be completely stormed), but their resistance gave time to Andrea Doria and Alvaro de Bazan to close on the Ottomans and force them to flee.

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    Very well explained: just a couple of comments: Don Juan de Austria, the commander in chief, supervised all the fleet before the battle and decided te reinforce all the venetian galeras (on the left wing) with Spanish TErcio soldiers (because the ships were undermanned). The Venetians fought bravely but they were helped by Spanish infantiry. Second, the Turks did not embark so many canions because the relied on the poisoned arrows of their archers. However these arrows were not that effective against the christian armours.

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      Lepanto is well known in Italy. It’s not that known because its outcome didn’t really change much in the short term and the coalition still ended up losing the war. So…

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    Nice video, but the impact of galeazzes on the battle seems ignored to say the least. According to historians (G. Parker, The Military revolution, Cambridge 1998) reviewing non-venetian sources, the impact of these six giant venetian ships has been critical to the outcome of the battle: they were massive artillery pieces that had cannons on both SIDES, differently from a regular galeas which had instead cannons on the FRONT or BACK due to the limited space offered by a 5x20m space filled with rowing slawes and soldiers. The Ottomans didn't find out about this until they were tryin to surpass them. In this stage alone, the sources claim that about 1/3 of Ottoman ships (not less than 70) got destroyed, allowing the second stage of the battle to turn in favour of the christians.

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    The Great Spanish Writer Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) faught in the battle of Leponto

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      @Alex they sent him to istanbul as a prisoner, he stayed at there for a time (maybe he inspirated from istanbul cats Puss in Boots) then a dozen of monk bought him as slave then they released him he moved to spain again.

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    Spanish continued defeating the ottomans during the next decades, for instance when the spanish Octavio de Aragon destroyed an ottoman fleet in 1613, or in 1616 when commanding a spanish fleet bombing Istambul and defeating another ottoman fleet.

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      @BruhMcChaddeus Spain won in 1613 and 1616 alone, she acts together with the holy league sometimes like in Lepanto, but it's not like she couldn't do it alone, from 1492 to 1699 Spain was the most powerful naval empire in the world, remember

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      Spain did not bombard Constantinople, it had no real reasons besides that it had more important matters.

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      @Random Guy most Muslim armies where 20k to 40k strong there was never a raid that size at all, I'm just stating that the Turks weren't that powerful they used the byzantine civil war to turkify anatolia crusadera crushed the selljuks and fatimids during the first crusades. Not really it's mostly 50 50 across most battles the problem with crusaders is that they where fighting a war far away from home the fact that a dying europe was able to hold the heartland of Islam for so long Is more impressive. Most crusades where pretty successful all of Spain was taking back, sicily was recovered, Islam was on the back foot for a number of years they problem was the stupid Western crusaders not working with byzantines which eventually caused a war between the 2.

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      @Ninjaa 695 " tours a raiding amryy good one it was made up of 25k men thats not a raiding army your clearly a Muslim"
      1. Army size is not clear
      2. This idea is not my invention, they didn't have proper siege equipment for conquering cities and there were many raiding armies which are larger than 25k
      3. You see that's the difference between you and me. Just because what I said was slightly beneficial to Muslims, you declare me a Muslim which I am not and I hate Islam. You have a mind of a fanatic, get over with it.
      "Turks got served many crushing defeats by the byzantines and crusaders if it wasn't for the 4th crusade there would be no ottoman empire."
      Thats definetly a big no no. Seljuks (rum sultanate, Zengids) and other Turkic like Mamlukes had more wins than the Crusaders overall. Seljuks in Anatolia were a nightmare to the crusaders that's why they chose the more costly sea route for holy land. Fourth crusade would probably have fail like others. Manizkert is nowhere near being overrated. It caused the crusades and the beginning of the Turkification of Anatolia. I see you are interested in history. Try to learn it from less biased resources.

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      @Marcus22 Spanish commander, venecia ship was reinforcer with Spanish soldier, and the mos importan the spanish soldier was the best infantry on this time, and in this time part of Italy was Spain, Tercios de Italia

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      @CasinosLatinos The Spanish relief force did not arrive until September 7, while fighting commenced with the Turks on May 19, the day after they arrived.
      For over 3 months, a small number of Knights and Maltese militia not only held out against 35 to 40 thousand Turks, they inflicted heavy casualties and killed some of their leaders including Dragut.
      When the Spanish arrived the job had been almost finished; the outcome was obvious. The Turks were already in retreat trying to get the hell off the island and hightail it back to Ottoman territory-the few that remained. The Spanish butchered many of them before they reached their ships, but I hardly think that credit for the defence of Malta belongs to the Spanish.
      The Knights Hospitaller and their Maltese allie's courageous defence in the face of overwhelming odds is one of the greatest feats of military history.

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      @CasinosLatinos out of 40,000 soldiers: 7,000 Spaniards and 11,000 Italians. these are the data. out of 40,000 soldiers: 7,000 Spaniards and 11,000 Italians. these are the data. The ships of the Italian states alone are 3/4 of the total number of ships.

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      @mrutre turro if I understand Venetian? No... my family used to speak it but back in the 1940s the government banned it completely... if you spoke it you went to jail. But many people still speak it here in Brazil. It’s called Talian over here

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      Eduardo Cury my great great great great grand father was a commander in the ottman empire in the same battle some books says that he killed 30 Christians with his sword and died with a gun shot at his back he's name was khalid ibn ahamd

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    When we think of naval battles in which Portuguese people were involved, the first ones that usually come to mind are the battle of Diu in 1509 or the expedition of 1588. It is a fact that the battle of Lepanto was not an expedition led by the Portuguese, but they were there, framed in the squadron of the Order of Malta, that is, right in the center of the battle! This was one of the bloodiest naval clashes ever, to the point that eyewitnesses say that the blood in the sea was so dense that it expanded for kilometers. A famous Portuguese, named Dom Luís Mendes de Vasconcellos, Knight of Malta, led one of the galleys of the Santa Liga squadron in Lepanto, this Portuguese soldier was well known for his acts of bravery, having made war with Dom João of Austria himself. , of which he was Ambassador. He was made Conservator of the Order of Malta in the year 1600, he became General of Galés in 1613. He harassed the Turks of the Ottoman Empire in several battles, from which he always emerged victorious, and distinguished himself as Captain-Major of several navies. It is not uncommon to hear about Portuguese who were never defeated in combat, such as Aires de Saldanha, André Furtado de Mendonça and, of course, Luís Mendes de Vasconcellos who, later, on September 17, 1622, was elected 55th Grand Master. of the Sovereign and Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta, being the 3rd Portuguese. As a Portuguese I say: it's time to recognize this as one of our great victories - as if we needed more.

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      @Francis Drake El único hecho es tu falta de conocimientos sobre el siglo XVI

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      @Conde Dooku I know

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    One of the bloodiest naval battles. I also invite you to see my film about Lepanto in Polish.

  • #0 008
    #0 008 2 жыл бұрын +13

    Then the Humayun fleet (220 ships), led by Occhiali
    [ Kılıç Ali /Uluç Ali Paşa], marched on a campaign towards southern Italy on June 3, 1573 and launched devastating raids on the coasts of the Andria Sea and the Tiren Sea, killing & enslaving 150-200,000 , burning & destroying hundreds of villages ,seizing great spoils in revenge for Lepanto

  • Thabo Muso
    Thabo Muso 3 жыл бұрын +7

    It is getting fun to referee the battles depicted by Kings and Generals. My assessment of the naval battle of Lepanto is this. As so often or arguably most of the time throughout history, the Ottomans lost due to poor generalship. Opposing forces always have their strengths and weakness and there are multiple examples of armies that are weaker in most or all aspects but who still carry the day due to good generalship.
    Now as for the crucial information provided about this battle:
    1. Order of Battle
    The Ottomans had a limited numerical advantage in ships and soldiers of about 2,8:2,5.
    The alliance fighting against the Ottomans had a superiority of "capital ships" of larger, better armored and armed if 4:1.
    The alliance had an overall superiority in guns of 5,0:2,8.
    The Ottomans had a numerical superiority in flat-bottomed ships suitable for amphibious landings and manouver in shallow waters, while the alliance had a numerical superiority of deep-bottomed ships suitable for deep-sea sailing.
    2. Military intelligence
    It is mentioned in the video that the Ottomans underestimated the number of enemy ships by about 20% (212 instead of some 250 ships). Such mistakes are frequent, but what is more striking to me is that the Ottomans should long ago have had a detailed knowledge about the shapes of the enemy ships, as well as the gun emplacements on them.
    If my assumption is correct, it should neither work to try to outflank the alliance by using greater numbers, nor to conduct the general infiltration tactic actually used by the Ottomans. Both the first hypothetical scenario described in the video, as well as the real scenario described in the video would result in broadside artillery combat, which the alliance were able to win at most places, since they had twice the number of guns.
    Instead, the Ottomans might have succeeded with flanking attacks but by using columns instead of battleline formation and overcome alliance ships in shallow waters one by one.
    Thirdly, since the Ottomans controlled both shorelines and had a very powerful land-based heavy artillery, they could have waited to embark with their fleet until they had positioned coastal artillery and likely destroyed several alliance ships with near impunity.
    Furthermore, an Ottoman attack an hour before the break of daylight would have greatly reduced the visibility and therefore accuracy of alliance artillery fire as the Ottomans approached them.
    Why didn't the Ottomans do this despite of the at least decent intelligence they must have had on the strengths and weaknesses of the alliance, and despite their control of the shores?
    The answer is likely what was also mentioned in the video: The Ottoman admiral was far less experienced than his enemy counterpart.
    These are my five cents on this interesting sea-battle of which I knew nothing about, although I recall having seen the painting depicting it.

    • The Rambling Booth
      The Rambling Booth  Жыл бұрын

      A phenomenal analysis, and very respectfully done too!

    • Juan Belmonte
      Juan Belmonte 3 жыл бұрын

      In this battle the big ships with great cannons had not relevance, the battle was decided at boarding, it was a earth battle over platforms. The main difference was the bet of ottomans for archers instead arquebushiers. Anyway, the turks could reach the royal navy of christians and they couldnt defeat it in numerical superiority.

    • Juan Belmonte
      Juan Belmonte 3 жыл бұрын +1

      In this battle the big ships with great cannons had not relevance, the battle was decided at boarding, it was a earth battle over platforms. The main difference was the bet of ottomans for archers instead arquebushiers. Anyway, the turks could reach the royal navy of christians and they couldnt defeat it in numerical superiority.

    • Fernando García
      Fernando García 3 жыл бұрын +2

      What a professional assesment! It seems you know how to analyze in military terms, interesting to read, thanks!

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    Congratulations! Finally !Very well explained! Do the Storie of the Biggest Battle in the Persian Gulf in 1625, Portuguese Fleet facing , English, Ducht and Persian fleet!

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      Whats the name of the battle?

  • Giorgio Viras
    Giorgio Viras 3 жыл бұрын +30

    Naval Battle of Lepanto or Naval Battle of Nafpaktos (Nafpaktos is one of the most beautiful places in Greece called a castle city)

  • Hal Crafer
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    This is the video I was waiting for! This is what the whole series was building to!

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    Love the content as always, and it's always nice to watch a video that ends with a defeat of the scourge of the ottoman empire, even if it wasn't a long term success.

    • Eric Agos
      Eric Agos  Жыл бұрын

      @clsman We should never take for granted the freedom that we have today. What we have was required the sacrifice of many lives throughout history. The fact that Christians can attend mass in St. Stephen's cathedral of Vienna-or any other church- should not be taken lightly. Complacency, ignorance and political "correctness" is the greatest enemy today, more than Erdogan. The leaders of Europe are undermining the cultural and religious legacy. If this continues Europe will rot from within.
      Look at the response of Europe last year to Turkey's latest stunt with the Hagia Sophia. Although opposed, it was just words, weak and tepid. Earlier that same year, Greece opened the first mosque in Athens, a brand new mosque, since achieving freedom from Ottoman rule. This was a watershed moment. Many churches in Greece and elsewhere had been destroyed, vandalized or turned into mosques during Turkish occupation. The Greeks had been enslaved, treated as second class people and been subjected to massacre and pogroms, for example Chios and Istanbul. The Greek Orthodox Church was against the new mosque for obvious reasons, one of them being Turkey's denial of the Greek genocide and continued appropriation of Greek churches in Anatolia. The Greek government decided to extend an olive branch and allowed the mosque to go ahead, which opened just before the pandemic in 2020. A few months later, Turkey turns the greatest Greek Orthodox Church of all the time, the Hagia Sophia, into a mosque.
      As long as Turkey acts this way there will never be peace. When you look at the history of Ottomans and Turkey, it is obvious they are not content with having their own freedom of religion and culture. Their nation is built on domination, subjugation of other people, always at the expense of other cultures.

    • clsman
      clsman 2 жыл бұрын +1

      Their navy never recovered full strength and they never dominated Mediterranean. And they never will, whatever Erdogan's desire may be.

  • Neldot
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    It has to be said that the Holy Fleet was 75% italian. In fact most of what we call the "spanish fleet" was in reality composed of neapolitan built ships with neapolitans sailors, garrisons of spanish soldiers and a mix of neapolitans and spanish officers. Naples was, at that historical moment, a spanish vicerealm, this is why those ships were fighting under the spanish flag.

    • unkownbyname
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      Italian bravery is underated in this battle

  • Stefan Peychev
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    Very well done video and cool soundtrack. As someone, who grew up in a country, who used to be ruled by the Ottomans, I have always thought the Ottoman empire was always way back militarily and technologically from thr Western States. To me is still illogical how they managed yo turn into threat towards the whole Western world(including for empires like Spain who colonised the Americas and defeated numbers of peoples). Does anyone have an answer?

    • Stefan Peychev
      Stefan Peychev 2 жыл бұрын

      @marvin silverman you English is ok, man. I m talking about the Spaniards conquering the Americas, but being several times overwhelmed by the Ottomans. It is weird to me. However, it was not only the English, who were killing Indians, the Spanish as well, but they were more willing to mix with them and to create families.

    • marvin silverman
      marvin silverman 2 жыл бұрын

      are you speaking the damage that the western conquerors did in america?
      please the spaniards they respected the Indians and coexist with them and civilized them
      at the first meeting there were deaths obviously the clash of civilizations!!
      instead the English they were killers and racists extermined to the indians and they did it with the bible in hand
      sorry for my english

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    Your videos always have brilliant video quality. How do you even make them?!

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    Great view of a great battle, that is another master piece of Kings and Generals. In did the past is far more rich than we imagine.

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    The truth is that 66 boats where brought by the spanish empire in which 14 where brought from the Iberian Peninsula, also 20000 men where brought by spain but 8000 came from the spanish peninsula. And most importantly the fleet was directed by juan de austria and for some reason people forget this person Alvaro de Bazán, who is considered the brain behind the strategy in this battle. BTW the fleet was almost completely paid by spain. IDK what is the issue of telling it was an spanish victory, it was indeed.

  • antonio torcoli
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    It is worthwhile to remind the respective contributions to the Christian fleet: Venice:109 galleys and 6 galleasses. Spanish Empire:49 galleys.Genoa :27 galleys. Papal States: 7 galleys.Grand Duchy of Tuscany:5 galleys.Duchy of Savoy: 3 galleys.Knights of Malta: 3 galleys.

    • antonio torcoli
      antonio torcoli  Жыл бұрын

      CasinosLatinos indeed, the sources are conflicting but the consensus of the historians is that the Venitians had only 6000 soldiers, plus 21000 sferrati free rowers who carried light weapons and could partecipare in the fight if needed. The others Italian galleys had about 3000 soldiers. The Spanish Empire provided 8000 Spanish troops, 3000 Germans and 4000 Italian mercenaries in Spanish pay

    • CasinosLatinos
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      Don't forget Venice galleys was reinforcing with Spanish Tercios soldier , best infatery ever

  • Nikola Mladenovic
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    Just wanted to suggest you a nice song. If anyone knows Italian find the song of Murubutu, an Italian university professor that does rap, like scholar rap. The song is La Battaglia di Lepanto 1571 (The Battle of Lepanto 1971), it's an amazingly well done historic song talking about the battle, just like you did wonderfully here, just in another format (and language).

  • Rain Man
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    The discovery of the new Americas and the Caribbean had major impact in gaining resource for importing timber, which gave unlimited resource for Europe to build so many fleets

  • ElMataBiehas
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    Thanks for this..as a spaniard i feel so proud about what we used to be..very different to what we are nowadays

    • Uncas Unga
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      The Habsburgs had them interconnected all over Europe. If they would have left France england and the Protestants alone they could have taken Constantinople back. If only Don Juan had been king instead of Philip

    • ElMataBiehas
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      yeetus fetus ok 👌

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    No word about how the league was come about and the greater goals. Indeed, the sacking of Famagusta was cruel, the other raids not more 'merciless' than that of anybody else. In fact, carrying off some booty but mostly recruits for Yanicharis would have been the goal. As for long-time consequences, I think the battle was significant. The repercussions still would only come later. Rebuilding the fleet put much pressure on the Ottomans' budget and while their expansion continued for some time, Lepanto had proven that the Ottomans could be defeated by a determined, unified force.

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    The impact of this battle was more of a long term one. It effectively left the Ottoman navy as a shell of it's former self.

  • Gilzvit
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    There was an venetian ship called San Triphone(Sveti Tripun) from Cattaro(Kotor today)...It's captian was Giorlamo Bisante(Jeronim Bizanti). It was part of the right wing of the christian fleet. The story says that the San Triphone engaged 4 Ottoman ships in an attempt to prevent the envelopment of the christian center. The galley sank and everyone died in the fight. Pity that not many people in Kotor remember that...

  • Стефановић Караџић

    We need more films about the ottomans and the spanish empire, they are so underrated

    • Kevin Lopez
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      @Alexander I yep, and their best troops the janissary was of European origins.

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      The Ottoman empire is too overrated.

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      The Battle of Toro: Portugal (supported by France), vs. Castile (with lack of armies). Spain surprisingly prevailed by their strategies. Iberia is a chess board.

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    The Ottomans: Lose Lepanto
    Also Ottomans: Somehow beat the Holy League by just waiting.

    • ironwolfF1
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      Ever the story of 'coalitions' facing off against authoritarian entities...one inherently unstable because the alliance revolves a singular individual (or group); the other, revolving around all-powerful leader with unquestioned control of resources.
      More often than not the authoritarian state wins, again and again, until a pivotal moment arrives...see the 2nd Siege of Vienna for further details, and 'high-water' mark of an great power makes itself manifest.
      Also a repeating theme in history...

    • Iceman ire
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      Too much division among the factions. Same old story.

    • Cxarhom’ell
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      @Aryan Chandel But the habsburgs were in slow decline, so really both sides failed kiddo LOL

    • Lucien Bouchard
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      They lost nearly every war for 400 years following. Then fell apart.

    • Fernando García
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      @nth a Aha, thanks for the info!

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    For its limits of time, this was a very good recreation of the Battle of LaPanto….and it’s consequences for Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Well done, KG.

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