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Amtrak Across America (We Didn't Make It)
Watch this video to see what happened when we tried to complete our journey across the United States by Rail!
Our trip began back in Seattle when we boarded Amtrak’s Empire Builder for 48 hours. We enjoyed some of America’s most breathtaking scenery along the way before arriving in Chicago, but now it’s time to complete our rail journey across the continent to get home to Greensboro, NC.
Today, we’ll leave Chicago for the 24 hour journey to Washington, DC onboard Amtrak’s Cardinal Train. The Cardinal passes through Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and DC. We’ll travel through the very heart of Appalachia and the Valley of Virginia along the way to our nation’s capital.
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Amtrak EMPIRE BUILDER Sleeper Train (Seattle to Chicago)
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Watch this video in order to experience the Amtrak Empire Builder train as it crosses some of the most dramatic land in the United States, passing through Washington State, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois Thanks to a delay, we saw more than most passengers would expect, including some of the most stunning scenery we’ve ever encountered in Northern Idaho. The ent...
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2 DAYS Across NEW ZEALAND by Train
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18 Hours NYC to New Zealand (WORLD’S LONGEST FLIGHTS)
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18 Hours NYC to New Zealand (WORLD’S LONGEST FLIGHTS)
FIRST CLASS BUS “Vonlane” from Atlanta to Nashville
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FIRST CLASS BUS “Vonlane” from Atlanta to Nashville
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FIRST CLASS on THREE Airlines in ONE DAY! (Which is best?)
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FIRST CLASS on THREE Airlines in ONE DAY! (Which is best?)
2 DAYS on Amtrak Coast Starlight Train from LA to Seattle
Рет қаралды 1,4 МЛН4 ай бұрын
2 DAYS on Amtrak Coast Starlight Train from LA to Seattle
Eurostar Train “Business Premier” from Paris to London
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Eurostar Train “Business Premier” from Paris to London
How To Fly FIRST CLASS on Spirit Airlines
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How To Fly FIRST CLASS on Spirit Airlines
This AMERICAN AIRLINES flight is actually a BUS!
Рет қаралды 1,4 МЛН5 ай бұрын
This AMERICAN AIRLINES flight is actually a BUS!
Luxury Overnight Sleeper Train in the UK - The Caledonian Sleeper
Рет қаралды 157 М.6 ай бұрын
Luxury Overnight Sleeper Train in the UK - The Caledonian Sleeper
Virgin Atlantic VS British Airways: Britain's BEST Business Class?
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Virgin Atlantic VS British Airways: Britain's BEST Business Class?
32+ Hours in a NEW Amtrak Viewliner II Bedroom
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32 Hours in a NEW Amtrak Viewliner II Bedroom
Three Days in the Faroe Islands
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Three Days in the Faroe Islands
How to Fly to the FAROE ISLANDS with Atlantic Airways!
Рет қаралды 94 М.6 ай бұрын
How to Fly to the FAROE ISLANDS with Atlantic Airways!
Inside the USA's "QUIRKIEST" Airport!
Рет қаралды 167 М.7 ай бұрын
Inside the USA's "QUIRKIEST" Airport!
Boeing 747 Business Class on the MOST ICONIC Airplane!
Рет қаралды 837 М.7 ай бұрын
Boeing 747 Business Class on the MOST ICONIC Airplane!
3 DAYS Thru NORWAY by Boat, Bus, & Train! ⛴ 🚎 🚆
Рет қаралды 340 М.7 ай бұрын
3 DAYS Thru NORWAY by Boat, Bus, & Train! ⛴ 🚎 🚆
10+ HOURS on this FIRST CLASS Bus from DC to Nashville 🇺🇸
Рет қаралды 1,7 МЛН7 ай бұрын
10 HOURS on this FIRST CLASS Bus from DC to Nashville 🇺🇸


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    Going to be driving a moving truck across the country from Seattle to Greensboro soon since my wife and I just bought a house near there. I suspect the accommodations will be a bit less luxurious.

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    U can thank our spineless Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete for this complete lack of leadership of our Transportation industry. We all know why he got his job. No big secret.

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    Big thanks to Jeb for making these videos! I feel bad for not leaving a comment, I enjoyed every single video every morning/night just love his voice and the views! Keep it up Jeb!

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    Jeb has a stellar watch collection, kudos. Great to see his wife's confidence grow in front of the camera, it is no easy task, esp if it's not something you are use to or a natural at, I'd be rubbish at it. :) Great content as usual guys. :)

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    Do the same route again!

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    I enjoy your videos!!!

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    What about taking a container ship to get from the east coast to the west coast through the Panama Canal? Thank you very much, Suzanne and Jeb, for sharing your wonderful documentary video with us.

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    We also took Amtrak but going East to West from St Cloud, MN to Montana. This was suppose to board around midnight, but as you did we got delayed by a couple of hours because our registration/tickets were not on their computer! There had to be extra cars ordered and brought in before we could leave! Thank goodness we had the proof with us! Not a great start to our trip to!!

  • Joe Limerick
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    I must give my take on the "small jet" experience. I was a flight attendant for many years. I loved flying on these aircraft.i NEVER heard any complaints from any passengers about the size of the aircraft. I served breakfast ( like cereal, toast, and maybe sausages and fresh fruot). Or, on an afternoon flight, I would serve lunch. I also had a snack cart, loaded with all kinds of soda pop, or liquor---- or coffee!.So, I am not sure if the couple in this video were just having a bad day, or if they lightened their story purposely. Oh, and, the flights I served on, were always full. 👌

  • Tan Letran
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    The drive through West Virginia & North Carolina is just scenic as the cancelled train trip . Thank you for sharing

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    Go from Miami to Seattle

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    I thought all hope was lost when the buses were canceled but at least folks were returned to thier departure point.

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    Oh, boo-hoo

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    August 2008... I had confirmed reservations on Southwest, RNO-IAD, w/a connection at LAS. Our inbound to RNO was late. Very late. So late that when the FA's were gving the revised connection info on the PA, they said "Pray" for IAD. We finally get to LAS and about a dozen of us start running to "our" gate. Problem was, we were late. It didn't matter that we were late because of Southwest. The flight to IAD was "oveebooked" and fully boarded when we got there.. Southwest's problem became our problem because that was the last IAD-bound flight of the day. So, Southwest put us on a flight to... BWI! While our flight to BWI was "early", we were still later than would've been otherwise. But, there was more to come! After we got off the plane at BWI, we all headed to baggage claim. Our bags should've followed us, right? That is a TSA rule, isn't it? (Spoiler alert!) When it was obvious that our luggage was MIA, (Maybe even there?), the dozen or so of us started after a Southwest employee to get us cabs to different places in the D.C region. Including Northern Virginia. No private cabs. Cabs would have to be shared by area. Thiink about tryiing to get a cab at BWI at almost 1 AM to go to Northern Virginia! I finally got to the house at 2:30 AM! Not the 10:30 PM I was supposed to. BTW, I live 8 miles from IAD... under the downwind for runway 19L. I did make it to my 7:30 meeting at work. But on my way to the house, afterwards, I had to stop at IAD. Southwest called me while I was at work. You see, there was room on the plane to IAD for my suitcase. Just not for me. Needless st say, I stayed away from Southwest until after I retired. October 2019 - I'm retired and decide to give Southwest another chance. This time, connections in DEN going out and at SJC and a "change of plane".at DEN coming back. At IAD, we pushed-back from the terminal on time. And... then we returned to the terminal! The captain comes on the P.A. Part of the pressurization is kaput. And, since Southwest doesn't have its own maintenance at IAD, they had to call a contractor. We were nearly three hours late leaving IAD! While we weren't allowed off the plane, the FA's brought us cups of water which they dispensed like it was Dom Perignon. Fortunately, I had enough of a "cushion" in my schedule to make my connection. I now have the same certainty with an airline ticket that one usually has for a Powerball or MegaMillions ticket.

  • Pimpslapadapa
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    Thank You for your constant efforts with taking us with your awesome adventures

  • Arjo Soekardan
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    There is a reason Chicago - DC through Indianapolis is less popular path compared to the Pittsburgh one 😊

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    Are the extra fees for one-way car rentals really high or not too bad?

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    You guys are highlighting the Amtrak Experience. Although there are delays but it is what it is and but I would never pass up an opportunity to ride Amtrak. I rode Portland to Spokane Section of Empire Builder. My trip started in Vancouver Washington to Minot ND.

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    I hope everyone is ok

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    Maybe you can try to cross Europe with the train

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    You paye for rooms and you don’t get to use it?

  • MrPilotguy2011
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    If United is the best, why do they have so many CRJ 200’s! United is not the best! #FLYDELTAJETS

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    I must know what kind of watch jeb was wearing.

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    Nice videos of the tours

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    Texas needs this!

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    I'm living in Austria, Europe and here the railway company (ÖBB or Österreichische Bundesbahn) is well known for their night train service called "Nightjet". Most of them, maybe all of them start in Wien (Vienna) and they go in all directions all over Europe. I'm planning of taking some of the services in the future.

  • Open Your NOLA
    Open Your NOLA 6 сағат бұрын

    I feel you❣️ Amtrak’s motto should be:”We will arrive there… eventually… one day… not in a hurry!” But we still love it;) in two weeks me and my 6 year old will embark on a month-long journey to cross the country counter clock-wise: from New Orleans to NYC- then to Boston- then to Chicago- then to Denver- then to Salt Lake- then to San Francisco - then to LA and San Diego- then to San Antonio - and back to New Orleans! I bought two Amtrak passes for $299 each when they were on sale this year(usually they are $500 each!).

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    Take the CA Zephyer from West to East and then take the rest to DC.

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    These aren't all of DL hubs

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    Take the Southwest Chief Jeb!

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    With Uno, you need to call “Uno” when you have just one card left, if you get called on it, you have to draw more cards! Nice Trip! It’s a shame you normally pass all that beautiful scenery at night! 😮 Maybe they should push the departure time to when you actually left!

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    Very nice beautiful vlog. Sir plesce whatsap nomper.thanks you

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    Glad you put up this video, there is times when nothing goes to plan.

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    Great content.

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    Look at those big beautiful Christmas Trees!

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    I hope it isn't too long before you two make the cross country trip by train. Love your videos. Both of you are fresh and interesting.

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    I used to park my semi right down from the south Portsmouth station at night sometimes the Amtrak would blow by and shake my truck. The derailment must’ve been the one around Hinton/sandstone mtn. Really enjoy your videos! 👊

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    ...But NOT from the ground !

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    Yeah, but does American Airlines charge around the same for the bus trip than a flight? That was like a $20 bus ride.

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    Great trip. Next time if you trying Empire Builder again, try the Portland section which has better scenery.

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    Glad you’re both safe, but you definitely should do a few road trips! Like the Oregon Trail or Lewis and Clark’s Route. Stop at things like The Corn Palace, Wall Drug or St.Louis Arch 😊

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    Well, I must say JEB looks odd driving a car!!! I'd find a road trip interesting to watch from this channel, but I guess it will take a lot of work to get that out of you🤣🤣

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    Both of your positivity is commendable, I would have been in a MOOD if this happened to me.

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    So was the refund for the Chicago to Washington DC leg and everything beyond that? Good choice on getting the rental car. I hope that was not too costly. Do you have any kind of trip insurance that covers that (via a credit card or stand alone policy)?

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    Fair to say though that Megabus is better than Greyhound?

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    The bottom line is that if you are in a hurry, don't take the train. The train is the whole purpose of the trip.

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