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Star Wars Is A Dead Franchise
So I was forcing myself to watch The Mandalorian the other day when the realisation hit me - Star Wars as a franchise is dead. Its been dying for a long time, but now there's no hiding it. Nobody cares about it anymore. It died because Disney killed it.
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The Drinker Recommends... The Whale
Рет қаралды 988 М.22 сағат бұрын
Brendan Fraser's seemingly unstoppable comeback continues with The Whale by Darren Aronofsky, which deservedly won him a Best Actor Oscar. Want to help support my work? Then check out my first comic book on Indiegogo:
The Last of Us - Season 1 Full Review
Рет қаралды 743 М.Күн бұрын
Well, we made it to the end. But was it worth it? Did HBO's Last of Us manage to stick the landing, or did it crash and burn? Find out in this full review of Season 1. Want to help support this channel? Check out my first comic on Indiegogo:
Creed III - Can It Go The Distance Without Rocky?
Рет қаралды 487 М.Күн бұрын
So Creed 3 is out, with Michael B Jordan directing for the first time, and its also the first movie in the series without Rocky Balboa to protect it. Can it get out from under Rocky's shadow, or will the franchise fall in the 3rd round? Want to help support this channel? Check out my books on Amazon: Subscribe on Patreon: w...
Peter Pan & Wendy Looks Amazing!
Рет қаралды 1,7 МЛН14 күн бұрын
Truly, we live in great days! Another classic story is being remade by Disney for Modern Audiences, and I'm all here for it. Join me as I take a look at the trailer for Peter Pan & Wendy. Want to support this channel? Then check out my novels on Amazon:
Nope - Yup (Sort Of)
Рет қаралды 647 М.14 күн бұрын
Nope, the third movie in Jordan Peele's growing horror portfolio, is a movie I hadn't gotten around to seeing until recently. But what is it really about, what's it trying to say, and most importantly, is it any good? Let's find out. Want to help support this channel? Check out my books on Amazon: Subscribe on Patreon: www....
Ant Man 3 Will Make You Hate Movies
Рет қаралды 2,5 МЛНАй бұрын
Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the first film in Phase 5 of the MCU, is out. And its terrible! Join me as I delve deep into this quantum-level disaster. Want to help support this channel? Check out my books on Amazon: Subscribe on Patreon: Subscribe on Subscribestar: www.subscribestar....
Oh No - The Marvels Delayed AGAIN!
Рет қаралды 1,2 МЛНАй бұрын
Shocking news from Disney Marvel, everyone - Captain Marvel 2... sorry, The Marvels, has been delayed for a second time. Now we won't get to see Brie Larson's latest adventure until November. Want to help support this channel? Check out my books on Amazon: Subscribe on Patreon: Subscribe o...
Picard Season 3 - Franchise Saviour, Or Too Little Too Late?
Рет қаралды 487 М.Ай бұрын
Well, I've seen Picard Season 3, and its time to give my honest opinion. Is it enough to turn Star Trek around, or too little too late? Want to help support this channel? Check out my books on Amazon: Subscribe on Patreon: Subscribe on Subscribestar:
The Flash - No Way Home For The DCU?
Рет қаралды 803 М.Ай бұрын
So the first proper trailer for The Flash, starring Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton dropped last night. What does this mean for James Gunn's DCU, and can a movie with this much baggage possibly succeed? Let's take a look. Want to help support this channel? Check out my books on Amazon: Subscribe on Patreon:
Disney - An Empire In Collapse
Рет қаралды 1,7 МЛНАй бұрын
Disney isn't looking too healthy these days, with massive financial losses, collapsing stock prices and internal power struggles threatening to tear the House of Mouse apart at the seams. How did this happen? Let's find out. Check out my first ever comic, A NEW KIND OF WAR, on Indiegogo:
The Last of Us - There May Be Trouble Ahead
Рет қаралды 1,3 МЛНАй бұрын
Well, we're three episodes into HBO's The Last Of Us TV show. What are my thoughts so far? Let's find out.
Production Hell - The Entire DCEU
Рет қаралды 1,1 МЛНАй бұрын
Its not secret that the DCEU hasn't exactly been a roaring success, and the recent reshuffle that brought in James Gunn, and shunted out Henry Cavill and almost everyone else, got me thinking about how badly this whole franchise went wrong. Want to help support my work? Then check out my new official Rambo comic, A NEW KIND OF WAR, on Indiegogo:
M3GAN - Fun And Freaky Horror Satire
Рет қаралды 1,1 МЛН2 ай бұрын
Wow, a January horror movie that's actually smart, fun and enjoyable? Sign me up. I went into M3GAN with no real expectations, and was really impressed by how good it was. Want to help support my work? Then check out my Rambo comic on Indigegogo:
Velma Is Complete And Utter Trash
Рет қаралды 4,2 МЛН2 ай бұрын
Velma Is Complete And Utter Trash
Why Modern Movies Suck - They Hate Men (Part 1)
Рет қаралды 1,6 МЛН2 ай бұрын
Why Modern Movies Suck - They Hate Men (Part 1)
Glass Onion - A Masterpiece Of Stupidity
Рет қаралды 1,5 МЛН2 ай бұрын
Glass Onion - A Masterpiece Of Stupidity
The Drinker Reflects... 2022 Edition
Рет қаралды 1 МЛН2 ай бұрын
The Drinker Reflects... 2022 Edition
The Witcher: Blood Origin - Everything Wrong With Modern Media
Рет қаралды 2 МЛН2 ай бұрын
The Witcher: Blood Origin - Everything Wrong With Modern Media
Avatar 2 - The Best And Worst Of James Cameron
Рет қаралды 1,5 МЛН3 ай бұрын
Avatar 2 - The Best And Worst Of James Cameron
Willow - It's A Total Disaster
Рет қаралды 1,7 МЛН3 ай бұрын
Willow - It's A Total Disaster
Five Reasons Marvel Phase 4 Sucked
Рет қаралды 1,5 МЛН3 ай бұрын
Five Reasons Marvel Phase 4 Sucked
Indiana Jones 5 Trailer - The Rumours Were True
Рет қаралды 2,1 МЛН3 ай бұрын
Indiana Jones 5 Trailer - The Rumours Were True
Andor - The Best Show At The Worst Time
Рет қаралды 1,1 МЛН3 ай бұрын
Andor - The Best Show At The Worst Time
Avatar 2 - Will It Flop?
Рет қаралды 1,2 МЛН3 ай бұрын
Avatar 2 - Will It Flop?
Bob Chapek Fired - Disney In Meltdown
Рет қаралды 1,3 МЛН4 ай бұрын
Bob Chapek Fired - Disney In Meltdown
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - It's A Mess
Рет қаралды 2,5 МЛН4 ай бұрын
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - It's A Mess
The Drinker Recommends... All Quiet On The Western Front
Рет қаралды 1,1 МЛН4 ай бұрын
The Drinker Recommends... All Quiet On The Western Front
Why Modern Movies Suck - The Myth Of The "Modern Audience"
Рет қаралды 2,3 МЛН4 ай бұрын
Why Modern Movies Suck - The Myth Of The "Modern Audience"


  • Asher Feltman
    Asher Feltman 10 сағат бұрын

    The prequels definitely divided fans, but there's no doubt about the level of passion and the epic scope of storytelling that went into those films.

  • J Money
    J Money 10 сағат бұрын

    It's all terrible because it is all part of a vast de-moralization campaign. The US is on step 6 of the 10 steps of genocide.

  • Grimlock Greg
    Grimlock Greg 10 сағат бұрын

    I know your probably not going to see this, but if you do, you might want to see Star Wars: the bad batch. (And also the clone war if you haven’t) there one of the last fragments of good shows, yeah it might have a bit of filler, but it there still good shows.

  • AJ Skull Animations
    AJ Skull Animations 10 сағат бұрын

    What's happening now is nothing compared to how grim things looked for the franchise after Revenge Of The Sith.

  • Smart-Monkey
    Smart-Monkey 10 сағат бұрын

    No we need a Nolan's version, where he gets to the original source and Peter - gutting the boys who decided to grow up.

  • Kisame Balusong
    Kisame Balusong 10 сағат бұрын

    I am not a sw but its quite disheartening to see your sw friend inviting you less and less to watch the movies or talk about something they used to be passionate about.

  • Officer Spooder
    Officer Spooder 10 сағат бұрын

    5:33 it’s official after seeing this image it’s the equivalent of seeing your little sister take over your franchise and play with your toys 🤦‍♂️

  • emmit brown
    emmit brown 10 сағат бұрын

    A fat man who is weak and cries. Hollywood approved. Just like Joker. Last time I saw this on the other spectrum, it was Reese Witherspoon in Wild. No wonder I haven't seen her in anything lately.

  • Stefan
    Stefan 10 сағат бұрын

    Who cares

  • Drew T
    Drew T 10 сағат бұрын

    I don't demand much from a show. Just be entertaining and MAKE SENSE. When half an episode covers how Din wants to resurrect IG-88 cuz it's the only Droid he can trust to help him find a bath on Mandalore, and not 5 minutes into his quest to get the needed parts he gives up and takes literally the first available crappy Droid instead, it doesn't make sense. When Bo Katan gets pissed cuz she sees that Din's ship is coming back to bother her again, she says "ima get rid of him for good". 30 seconds later, she is rushing off to rescue him? It makes no sense. Or maybe all this makes sense and I am just too stupid to understand...

  • ClintonxA
    ClintonxA 10 сағат бұрын

    I know that these films damaged Trek and weren't that good but I had this impression Star Trek was dull and stuffy from when I saw it as a child these films allowed me to at least get a tiny bit of familiarity with the universe that made me want to go and watch more. After a while I finally let my curiosity about TNG get the better of me and I watched the whole thing, DS9 twice and now I'm getting through Voyager slowly. I think of myself as a bit of a fan now. Ironically that has now made me dislike these films that I sort of liked before.

  • Afro
    Afro 10 сағат бұрын

    I like fenik, she is a cool new kind of bounty hunter. Hope she get better stories.

  • Z Reviews
    Z Reviews 10 сағат бұрын

    Andor was Actually Quality.. Like best show of the year from a non SW fanboy. They never ONCE said Jedi or the Force in it.. I was so happy.

  • :NOVA:
    :NOVA: 10 сағат бұрын

    How TF does Kathleen Kennedy still have a job?

  • Chris Pelletier
    Chris Pelletier 10 сағат бұрын

    Andor season 2 is our only hope

  • AJ Escobar
    AJ Escobar 10 сағат бұрын

    *Cough* Andor.

  • phoenix rising
    phoenix rising 10 сағат бұрын

    The coruscant storyline was a blunder, but dude.... the ripping on BoBF and the mandalorian is ignoring the shinning diamond encrusted platinum turd for something that the majority of people actually enjoying.... you're not doing yourself a favor throwing the melodramatic fit over the Disney plus stuff.

  • Tom A
    Tom A 10 сағат бұрын

    I'll actually be surprised if Tinker Bell DOESN'T have a live interest in Wendy.

  • David Agiel81
    David Agiel81 10 сағат бұрын

    Star Wars does with TFA for me, never watched the rest.

  • TheKPhillip
    TheKPhillip 10 сағат бұрын

    Star Wars didn’t die because Disney killed it. Star Wars died because over the past twenty years Lucasfilm has understood less and less of what made the otherwise B-level sci-fi trilogy a miracle. And this is largely because the social/cultural environment that made the film no longer exists.

  • Corion2121
    Corion2121 10 сағат бұрын

    I bet George is kicking himself in the d!ck for selling his franchise for pennies.

  • Rowan Davis
    Rowan Davis 11 сағат бұрын

    I think the reason I haven't bothered with Mando season 3 is that the end of the previous season felt like a satisfying conclusion to the series and it didn't really need a continuation

  • R.J. Amadeus
    R.J. Amadeus 11 сағат бұрын

    😂😂😂 that opining monologue is exactly what I feel.

  • Antonio B
    Antonio B 11 сағат бұрын

    I'm actually happy to see Disney continue to move in the direction of bankrupting themselves.

  • Lonely Couch Doritos
    Lonely Couch Doritos 11 сағат бұрын

    Star Wars has become like the Fast & Furious franchise but with more spinoffs. I'm glad that my favorite "Star" series, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica, have been able to stay pristine and untainted while Star Wars and Star Trek have gone tits up.

  • Harrison Walton
    Harrison Walton 11 сағат бұрын

    I think the only thing that would bring me back is if they did something like the Bane trilogy.

    • Drew T
      Drew T 10 сағат бұрын

      And that could ever happen cuz 1. They don't own that story 2. It isn't 'family friendly', so they'll never buy it 3. It doesn't mesh with "The Message". 4. It would kick too much ass... 🤣

  • JacobMcandles
    JacobMcandles 11 сағат бұрын

    Disney paid four billion dollars for this franchise... just to burn it down.. 😥 If I won the lottery, I still wouldn’t be willing to buy it from them, simply because they ruined the fan base... 🤮🤮

  • Nicky Nicks
    Nicky Nicks 11 сағат бұрын

    So many of the greatest franchises are already "dead" and that's not a bad thing. Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, they all should've been left untouched long ago so that their glorious perfection may remain frozen in time forever for all of us to look back on and enjoy...

  • scott oster
    scott oster 11 сағат бұрын

    I'll say something that I don't see spoken of about the decimation of SW. Blame Kennedy, blame Johnson, blame Abrams but you know who we should be blaming... George Lucas! He was quoted years ago saying he didn't want the large movie studios meddling with his beloved story so he wouldn't sell his rights to the films. Well, what did he do? Lucas was obviously done with making SW films so we would have ended the story with the first six films. It could have ended right there, but then Disney threw 4 Bill in front of Lucas and he turned to the dark side.

  • T.C. Bramblett
    T.C. Bramblett 11 сағат бұрын

    He was the best thing in a movie by a director who .. doesn't ,or can't, do understated. But that's okay, the same could be said about Spielberg, Aronovsky's heavy hand shouldn't detract from Fraser's great performance.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 11 сағат бұрын

    No anger or resentment that you paid for Disney Plus???

  • Psychotic Attitude
    Psychotic Attitude 11 сағат бұрын

    Can't wait for the upcoming episode where all of the Mandalorians take their helmets off in support of Mando, then say "It's Mandin' Time" and defeat the bad guy and save the day!

  • SupaFlea
    SupaFlea 11 сағат бұрын

    Well apparently some leaked info said that Favreau was gonna quit Mandalorian because Kennedy was pulling strings to change the getting Carano fired and bringing back Grogu for marketing purposes. Favreau got fed up and said fuck it she can do what she likes with the show. The head honcho asked what would it take for him to stay on and he said complete control on Mandalorian season 3 with no Kennedy involvement so according to that, all season 3 is Favreau.

  • Ricky AZ
    Ricky AZ 11 сағат бұрын

    They need Tarantino to have Carte blanche and hope for a home run

  • evhleppard
    evhleppard 11 сағат бұрын

    I really like Andor, it was great.

  • Vyviel
    Vyviel 11 сағат бұрын

    Seeing Rocky again was the only reason I watched these

  • Jeff W
    Jeff W 11 сағат бұрын

    Yeah, too bad. I enjoyed the first two seasons of TM , but lost interest halfway through Boba Fett.

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 11 сағат бұрын

    So this explains why I keep falling asleep during recent Mando' episodes. I'm practically on insomniac, but I have apparently found my cure.

  • Hill Smitty
    Hill Smitty 11 сағат бұрын


  • MrMoneyHelper
    MrMoneyHelper 11 сағат бұрын

    I started to dislike Star Wars because the Rebels were incompetent. They kept winning big battles. Yet they could never take over the government. Why? Probably because most of the galaxy didn't want them. They were pathetic in the grand scheme of things. The Force was the only reason that I continued watching anything from Star Wars.

  • Xcellance
    Xcellance 11 сағат бұрын

    They are not out of material... they just refused to ever refer too it!

  • evillink1
    evillink1 11 сағат бұрын

    Fuck! This must be the real deal then.

  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 11 сағат бұрын

    I don't know about riding into battle but The Golden Compass is pretty tight if you wanna see polar bears fighting.

  • Monkey
    Monkey 11 сағат бұрын

    Probably won't ever watch it because it looks depressing but I'm glad Fraser is doing well. George of the Jungle is still hilarious all these years later.

  • Craig D'Aurizio
    Craig D'Aurizio 11 сағат бұрын

    Bwuahaha your use of the screaming Nick Cage and laughing J. Jameson clip are always 10/10 in terms of placement

  • Joey Martinez
    Joey Martinez 11 сағат бұрын

    Fucken stupid bastards shrunk yoda and repainted Boba and called it revolutionary

  • Monkey
    Monkey 11 сағат бұрын

    It's become like Marvel where there's so much of it that It's not even worth trying to keep up. I'll give something a look if it gets a positive response (Like the Obi-Wan thing), but that's about it.

  • PavewayJDAM
    PavewayJDAM 11 сағат бұрын

    I think hollywood sabotaged the next generation, of which Brendan was one, of action/comedy stars. All of those from the era the up and coming fell off a cliff, and Sly, Bruce, even Arnold kept churning out movies. Whether intentional or not, there is a serious glut of action stars from that time. Of course that was the time political correctness was coming into its own. so...

    OMARA 11 сағат бұрын

    I like that “jedi survivor” game heard a sequel is coming out for next gen consoles